Gators get full Monte


 Give a legendary defensive coordinator months to prepare for an offense and he’s going to come up with one gem of a game plan. We saw an example of that in The Swamp on Saturday.

 Monte Kiffin slowed down Urban Meyer’s spread offense probably more effectively than anyone has in the past two seasons. Tennessee suffocated the UF wide receivers with zone coverages and the Vols put steady heat on quarterback Tim Tebow. The result was a sporadic offensive performance by the Gators, who were held to 23 points.

 This really shouldn’t have come as a surprise to anyone who knows anything about Kiffin. He’s a mastermind. And his No. 1 priority since joining his son’s staff at UT has been breaking down the UF offense. He spent months watching tape of the Gators’ spread attack to get a feel for how to defend it. He came up with a great game plan and his players did a nice job executing it.

 Florida has clearly been UT’s No. 1 target throughout the offseason. Kiffin didn’t spend all that time in the film room studying the Western Kentucky offense or the UCLA offense. It was all about Florida.

 It was the same for Troy. The Trojans offseason was geared toward finding a way to slow Florida’s offense.

 Troy and Tennessee both gave UF a lot of different looks.

 The good news for the Gators is the rest of the teams on the schedule probably did not make Florida a priority in the offseason because the Gators are coming deeper in their schedule.

 “(Tennessee) worked hard. That happens early in the season,” Meyer said Sunday. “I know coach Monte Kiffin did study and worked on that thing basically since last winter and did a good job. There were a lot of yards to be made if we just execute a little better.

 “It starts to thin out once you get going. I can’t imagine as you get down in the schedule guys spent the whole offseason (working on UF offense). Last year’s offense in the SEC, that was the one to study and go get. We just have to keep moving forward.”
 Meyer said Sunday he’s more concerned about his own offensive personnel than the defensive schemes UF will see the rest of the season. The biggest concern is at wide receiver, where the Gators are depleted by injuries. If Deonte Thompson returns and the three redshirt freshmen (Frankie Hammond, T.J. Lawrence and Omarius Hines) start making a contribution, Meyer’s offense has a chance to get going again.


  1. The Emmanuel Moody story is even more perplexing after the UT game. He only got three touches and averaged over 11 yards a carry, this when Demps had the flu and Rainey ran hard but often got knocked around by UT’s big front. The “we have three running backs at tailback that are equal” story that Meyer ascribed to earlier seems doubtful now. What does he have to do to get some real opportunity? It seems almost punitive, but from everything I hear, Moody is a class act. What gives?

  2. I just would like to know if there defensive game plan was really that great or that UF does have a serious problem at wide receiver,if we would have played a team with an offense we proably would be talking about how we are going to try to beat Tennessee next year.I know there was a lot illnesses and injuries but,we are suppose to be better than played yesterday and,I knew that UT wasn’t going to come in and just rollover I knew that UT would play hard and that would be a much hard fought game than the media was saying it was going to be.I just they learn from this.It still was a great win over a great school.I hope the flu and injury bug leaves town.Great gameand Go Gators!

  3. Agreed about Moody – he’s a needed weapon in the offense. But he does need some improvement in his peripheral vision. On his second run up the middle, the left side was open while he pounded straight ahead into the Utn defender. Meyer describes him often as “slasher” – which implies that at full speed he’ll take an indirect hit and cut through a gap. It also means he’s fast enough to slice through the narrowest gaps. But if he leans too far forward (which he does when he is surprised to find himself in the open) then he becomes a straight ahead back – unable to make sharp cuts.

    As regards Monte Kiffen’s study of the Gator “O” – maybe he wishes he’d spent more time on the UCLA scheme now.

  4. I think this nonsense about how great Tennessee was is ridiculous. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but our offense actually scored the same number of points against Tennessee this year as they did last year. Last year Brandon James returned a punt for a touchdown which means 7 of the 30 points were from special teams. Also, we had 4 more first downs than last year, 80 more yards of offense than last year, 0.6 more yards per play than last year, the same 3rd down efficiency as last year, and better 4th down efficiency than last year. So Timmy makes a couple of uncharacteristic mistakes which Tennessee turns into 10 points and now the Kiffins are geniuses. Did you notice that they didn’t even try to win?

  5. I feel bad for Emmanuel Moody not being appreciated as the strong running back that he is. It seems as if Meyer punishes him for every little mistake he does or simply he plain doesn’t trust Moody period. Against Troy, Moody fumble once and so did Tebow, yet Tebow had many more chances of course to run the ball while Moody was benched the rest of the game. I hope Meyer won’t make the same mistake he did in 2007 when he did not trust anybody except for Tebow and Harvin. I think he needs to trust Moody and give him more chances. The same goes to the WR’s and that should include the freshmen. Sooner or later all school have to play their most talented freshmen players. I think Hammond, Lawrence and Hines should turn good once they feel the team needs them to step up and get a chance to play. These guys are football players and catching a ball shoulod not being so difficult when you like to play a sport. It all becomes second nature. Tebow as goods as he is, he cannot win all the rest of the games taking a beating from opposite defenses every single Saturday. It is time to share the ball and play like we did after the loss to Ole Miss last year. Hopefully after the Tennessee game, we can all start seeing more of the talented team Florida really is. Trust in your players Coach Meyer, please!

  6. i agree about moody. He did great. He’ll improve as he plays. Thats why, in my opinion he should’ve gotton more touches in the previous games playing easy opponants.As far as the freahman wr, i dont think i would,ve played them much in such a hard battle game if they havent quite broken thru to game level efficiency.[although i believe Frankie got on for a play or two] Again, the fans love Moody and want to see more of him. Still need to give Urban some space.there might be factors we dont see or know about.Urban might be cautious for Moody not to get injured.