Game 2 prediction time


Last week we didn’t even bother to predict a score because the game with Charleston Southern was not going to be the least bit competitive, and it wasn’t. Florida basically lined up in simple sets offensively and defensively and overwhelmed the Buccaneers with superior talent and depth.

Troy, of course, also comes into The Swamp on Saturday as a huge underdog. But this will be a much different game than a week ago. For one, the Trojans have played well against elite competition in the past and will compete against Florida. They almost upsetLSU last season and made Ohio State sweat out a 28-10 game in Columbus a year ago, so the Gators will be physically tested in this game.

Urban Meyer said earlier this week that Troy has more NFL prospects than some of the SEC teams UF will face this season. The Trojans’ defensive front seven is fast and physical, and the secondary has lots of speed. Troy’s wide-open passing offense will challenge the Florida secondary.

Troy lost at Bowling Green a week ago, giving up more than 330 yards passing in a 31-14 game. Clearly, the Trojans were looking ahead to their date in The Swamp. This is the game they’ve been planning for and looking forward to all summer, soUF will get Troy’s best shot.

It won’t be good enough. But at least the Gators will get tested in this one, and we will start seeing what this Florida team is going to look like because the simple approach will not be in place this week. Charlie Strong’s defense will get back to blitzing and stunting, and the offense will break out all those formations they didn’t show in the opener.

This is a game that will start getting the Gators ready for SEC next week against Tennessee.

Prediction: Florida 45, Troy 10.


  1. Troy- 12
    Florida- 49
    Lou Holtz predicts a scare and thinks were goin to be overlooking Troy. Sure we have Lane Kiffin and Tennessee in the back of our minds, but our eyes are always on the team we play that week. We’ve learned that we have to show up every saturday, especially after what happened against Ole Miss last season.
    Our option attack will slow down a bit from last game, but in the end Tebow will account for at least 300 yards passing and 3 TDs. Oh yeah and by the way, our defense will get its first TD of the season.

  2. Wow, Just read some of the Tennessee Vol fans forums and you would not believe what most of them are saying. Forget about UCLA, that game is already well in the bag according to them. A blowout, no contest. Guess that WKU win must have been pretty impressive because now it looks like UT is gonna come into the Swamp and humble the National Champs with their suddenly “all world” QB Crompton. Two weeks ago, you could hardly find a Vol that thought they had a snow balls chance on a hot Florida Field but now they are gonna bring all their fabulous freshmen in here and show the Gators how football should be played. Amazing….