Hines healthy and fast again


While sitting out spring practice, there was plenty of speculation surrounding redshirt freshman wide receiver Omarius Hines and his health. On some message boards, there were “reports” that Hines may have had a rare muscular disorder in both his legs and his career could be in jeopardy.

Not quite.

Hines said earlier this week that he injured his thigh muscles trying to push up too much weight on the leg press. Simple as that.

“I was working out too hard with my legs,” he said. “I overdid it on the leg press. I don’t know how much (weight) I was doing. Adrenalin just took over. I hurt my thigh muscles.”

Hines was out of action for two to three months, he said. “It was real tough. I hated not being able to practice with the team,” he said.

Hines showed Saturday night that his legs are 100 percent and he’s as fast as ever. After getting little attention in the preseason, Hines came out of nowhere to catch three passes. He looks like one of the young receivers most likely to emerge now. He definitely has a chance.

He earned his playing time in the opener by busting his tail in practice, especially during a kickoff coverage drill in Thursday’s practice that caught the coaches’ attention.

“I was just going hard in practice, going hard for four to six seconds on every play,” Hines said. “The wide receiver position is really short (on depth) right now. We’ve all got to step up and make plays. I’m excited about the opportunity.”


  1. Watching the game, I couldn’t help but notice #7. Justin Williams made plays on special teams two or three times and then caught a TD from Brantley late in the game. I haven’t read or heard much talk about him this week though. Maybe he’ll contibute a good bit this season.


  2. Have you ever noticed that each year, following a great class of receivers moving-on, there always has been 2-3 new receievers emerge and become the next Gator superstars?
    Prediction: Once these young, talented receivers get acclimated to CM’s system and they no longer are thinking about what they are doing then their natural abilities will take-over. Their confidence will soar and along with that their production will exponentially increase. GO AIR-GATORS!!!

  3. Omarius Hines had another nice game today vs. Troy, catching four balls for 60+ yards. This kid looks really good out there, definitely like he belongs. He’s big, he’s fast and he has good hands, despite the drop today. I suspect we’ll be hearing quite a bit more about Mr. Hines in the coming weeks.