Georgia's Bobby Bowden


HOOVER, Ala. — Georgia coach Mark Richt is going into his ninth season in Athens, making him the dean of SEC football coaches.

Listening to Richt at SEC Media Days, it’s obvious he would like to remain at Georgia for many more years. Kind of like his mentor, Bobby Bowden, has done at Florida State, where Richt was an assistant for 15 years.

“Every decision I ever made since I’ve been at Georgia has been to try to make a decision that would help us in the long run,” he said. “I didn’t try to do anything in a quick-fix fashion.

“I was used to working for a man, named Bobby Bowden, he had so much success at one place. That was attractive to me. I wanted to provide that same kind of stability for our players and our program and our staff and their wives and children, as Coach Bowden did for me and my family.

“So everything I’ve done is to try and make sure we will be here for the long haul.”

Richt said he’s pretty amazed that he’s going on his ninth year at UGA, given the overall lack of job security in college coaching, and especially in a conference as tough as this one.

“It’s humbling, no doubt,” he said. “I don’t know what that means other than we’re doing a little something right here.”

The way Richt is going, with his success on the field and in recruiting, he’s going to be the Head ‘Dog for many years to come.


  1. Robbie,

    Evidently, I’m the only person who’s captivated by the fact that Booby Bowden now has a losing record against our Gators. I’ve lost a few bets over the last three years based on my erroneous and presumptious assumption that Bowden would never risk ending his career with a losing career record against UF — the primary reason he was hired at FSU in the first place. I bet that he would retire three years ago, two years ago, and at the end of last season. Two national titles (one tainted), ACC championships, Charlie Ward and what’s-his-name’s Heismans, and that incredible consecutive bowl winning record and top five finish aside, I just find it almost unbelievable that he is willing to risk his legacy to all of the Gator faithful who will always be able to say, “Yeah. He was pretty good for FSU, but he had a losing record against the Gators.” Or…is it just me? Dr. Football and Marty C at Gator Bait are indifferent to this. You?