Calling out the coaches


HOOVER, Ala. — For the past several days there has been much speculation around the league as to who the SEC coach might be that did not vote for Tebow on the coaches’ preseason all-conference team.

Some have said it was Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin, but he denied it at a press conference Monday in Knoxville. Not only did he confirm he voted for Tebow, he then heaped praise on the Florida quarterback. South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier also said earlier this week that he had Tebow on his first-team ballot.

On the first day of SEC Media Days on Wednesday, the four coaches present were all asked who they voted for at quarterback. Bobby Petrino, Bobby Johnson, Dan Mullen and Rich Brooks all confirmed they voted for Tebow.

Here’s what the coaches had to say when they were asked to disclose who they voted for:

Petrino: “I’m not crazy. I probably did (vote for him), yeah.”

Johnson: “Tim Tebow. I don’t know if you all are going to find the culprit who didn’t vote (for Tebow). You could tell him it wasn’t me.”

Mullen: “Believe it or not, I voted for Tim Tebow. I have a lot of respect for him.”

Brooks: “You guys are going to try and narrow it down, aren’t you? How could I not for for Tim Tebow? We couldn’t stop him the past two years. I’m not the guy (who didn’t vote for Tebow). Good luck in your search. He could be the greatest player to ever play college football.”

The other coaches will have their chance to answer the Tebow question over the next two days, so maybe the mystery will be solved before we leave Alabama on Friday.


  1. Is there even a question on who did it? When I first read it I immediately said Huston Nutt picked Jevan Snead. The only current QB with enough talent to be considered for the honor, and he also beat Tim Tebow head to head last year. Do I agree? No, I think Nutt is off his rocker and then again I am a UF Alumni. However, we do not need it to unanimous, the Gator Nation already knows who the top dog is, and we know what the final verdict will be in January.

  2. Nutt can’t vote for his own player. Kiffin, Mullen, Saban, Petrino, Johnson, Brooks and Nutt have all said they voted for TT. So unless someone lied, that leaves Richt, Spurrier, Chezik and Miles. Spurrier and Chezik are both Gators so you would think they voted for Tebow. If so, That leaves Richt and Miles. We’ll see!

  3. Your right I was mistaken on not being able to vote for your own QB but after all that makes sense or everyone would pick their own. I said after first reading it I jumped to that conclusion. But that doesn’t mean you have to vote for a QB you might feel is less caliber then your own QB. I think now all have claimed they voted for Tebow which I believe is obviously false. I think it is a moot point myself, more comical to be honest. And ESPN seems to think they are going to break the story at 6pm, we shall see.