The latest on Janoris


What we’re hearing about cornerback
Janoris Jenkins is that there is a good chance the State Attorney’s
Office will drop the charges against him. This could all come down in
the next week or two.

Jenkins was arrested last week on
misdemeanor charges of affray and resisting arrest without violence
stemming from his involvement in a fight downtown. Jenkins was Tasered
by police during the incident.

After initially trying to run
from police, police said Jenkins was cooperative during the arrest.
Jenkins claims he was fighting in self-defense against someone who was
trying to steal his necklace. Jenkins was the only one arrested.

In a similar case involving UF linebacker Dustin Doe two years ago, the charges were dropped.

the charges against Jenkins are dropped, it is doubtful he would be
suspended from any games. But that decision would rest with the
university and UF coach Urban Meyer.