The Tebow debate begins


Now that the 2009 NFL Draft is over, the great debate begins for the 2010 draft.

Is Tim Tebow an NFL quarterback?

talking heads have already begun batting this back and forth among
themselves, and this is an argument that will go on and on and on over
the next 12 months.

In my mind, there is no doubt, there is no
debate. Tim Tebow is going to be a very good NFL quarterback. And he’s
going to be a first-round draft pick a year from now. No question.

Mel Kiper says he doesn’t get it. He doesn’t see Tebow as an NFL quarterback. He sees him as a possible H-back. Is he blind?

the most obvious reason why Tebow makes it in the NFL as a quarterback:
He’s a great football player, a great leader, a winner, he has a strong
arm, he is driven, he’s very coachable and he seems to be able to will
himself to do special things. If he wants to be an NFL quarterback, and
he does, he will become a very good one.

With a little
tweaking, a little grooming (and he’s getting some right now from new
UF quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler), Tebow will be NFL-ready following
his senior season.

Those who question whether Tebow can make it
in the NFL as a quarterback should just take a look around the league
at some of the mediocre players playing the position right now.

you’re a Tampa Bay fan, who would you rather have as your quarterback?
Brian Griese or Tim Tebow? Byron Leftwich or Tim Tebow? Luke McCown or
Tim Tebow? Exactly. Tebow would be your guy.

In a league where
Shaun Hill and Marc Bulger and Tavaris Jackson and Chad Pennington are
starting quarterbacks, and where Brock Berlin is on a roster, don’t try
and tell me Tim Tebow isn’t good enough to play the position.

It’s absurd, this argument that Tebow won’t be an NFL quarterback.