As Percy's World Turns


Some associated with the NFL have said that Percy Harvin seems to live
in his own little world. Percy World. Based on recent reports, that
world is spinning off in the wrong direction where the draft is

Let’s see, some have questioned his durability, two
Internet sites have reported (through anonymous sources) he failed a
drug test for marijuana at the NFL Combine, and others have speculated
that he might have an attitude problem.

Now, the latest. The
Newark Star-Ledger reported Wednesday that Harvin mysteriously canceled
a visit with the New York Giants. This comes out only a few days after
it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys have removed Harvin’s name from
their draft board. Boy, when a team like Dallas, a team that would sign
the likes of Pacman Jones, won’t touch you, something is seriously

Some mock drafts have Harvin not being drafted until the
second round. In Mel Kiper’s latest projection, he has Harvin going at
the bottom of the first round, to Tennessee with the 30th pick.

I think he’ll go higher than that.

this pre-draft negative stuff swirling around Harvin is interesting, and has everyone speculating how far he will fall on draft day.
But the bottom line is this: Harvin is a special talent who has shown
he can play through injuries and pain. My take is that if he does
somehow slip into the second round, he’ll be the steal of the draft for
the team that gets him there.