Harvin in free fall?


Just a few weeks ago, Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin
seemed to have everything going for him. He’d just had a killer workout
in front of the NFL coaches and scouts in The Swamp and his draft stock
seemed to be soaring. There was talk he was moving up into the top 15
in the draft.

Now, there is growing speculation that Harvin could actually fall to the second round.

Harvin took his first hit shortly after UF’s Pro Day, when it leaked out that he scored a 12 on the Wonderlic
intelligence test at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis in February. A 12
is considered almost embarrassingly low, and it probably had some teams
thinking twice aboutHarvin.

The second, and even bigger, hit came earlier this week, when the word started leaking out that Harvin had tested positive for marijuana at the Combine. Citing sources in the NFL, NFLDraftBible.com reported that Harvin was one of at least four prospects to test positive in Indianapolis. The others, the Site said, were Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis, UTEP kicker Jose Martinez, Boston College defensive tackle B.J. Raji. Sports Illustrated also reported Thursday that Raji had tested positive.

If Harvin
did indeed fail his drug test two months ago, chances are good he’s
going to slip out of the first round. There were questions aboutHarvin even before this news started leaking. The biggest being his history of missing time with injuries during his UF career.

Add it all up – the durability concerns, the Wonderlic score and the possible failed drug test – and it could turn out to be a disappointing draft day for Harvin. Not only is his reputation getting hammered, he could take a huge financial hit if he falls into the second round.