Pro Day sights – Current Gators


Outside linebacker Lerentee McCray, who saw playing time on special
teams as a true freshman last season, looks like he’s added
considerable muscle and weight since the fall.

* Matt Patchan,
who is making the move back to offensive tackle from defensive tackle,
looks strong and fit, but he still needs a gain a bunch of weight
before August. He looks to be in the 260-range right now, too light for
an OT in the SEC.

* Offensive guard Maurice Hurt has lost
weight and looks almost like a different person. He’s been plagued by
injuries and appeared way too heavy last season. He looks like he’s
ready to challenge for the starting role at left guard.

* Senior wide receiver David Nelson looks like he’s added some muscle.

True freshman tight end Desmond Parks certainly looks the part ” big
and athletic. We’ll start finding out in the spring if he can play. He
was hanging out with defensive end Carlos Dunlap, who also is from
South Carolina. He appears to be fitting in well with his coaches and
teammates already.

* Dorian Munroe, who underwent ACL surgery
last summer, looks in shape and ready to play. It will be interesting
to see where he fits in at one of the safety positions.

* Offensive lineman Marcus Gilbert appears to be in the best shape of his career. Definitely stronger.