Torrey on a tight rope


Florida defensive tackle Torrey Davis is in limbo. Based on what we’re hearing, he’s not officially off the team at this point, and he’s not officially on it, either. If he were one or the other, we’d be hearing it from the folks over at UF. But at this point, there’s nothing official on his status.

What it comes down to is Davis is in the same kind of limbo as defensive tackle Steven Harris after the 2005 season. In other words, he’s on his own now. The only one who can help Davis is Davis.

Harris responded to a similar situation by sticking it out and turning his personal life around. He went to class, he worked toward his degree and took care of some concerns in his personal life. He didn’t play, not at first, but by the middle of the 2006 season he had earned his way back into the coaches’ good graces and he started to get on the field. He ended playing a key role late in the season in UF’s 2006 national championship run – and he graduated, a real success story.

Can Davis do something similar? It’s all up to him now. He has to want to go to class, he has to want to please the coaches, he has to want to play. Some guys simply aren’t cut out for college. They don’t like the work, they don’t like school, they don’t care about getting a degree. If his heart isn’t in it – and apparently some believe it is not at this point – he’s going to fall to the wayside.