Just one bad loss


But don’t try to make too much of that one miserable day on the diamond – or the fact Florida was swept in the three-game series. This team is better than that.

Even in the Friday and Saturday losses, the Gators played sound, fundamental baseball and had a chance to win both games. The performance on Sunday is one that stunned UF coach Kevin O’Sullivan, who was shaking his head after the game and wondering where that mess had come to.

Through the first five games of the season (and even in those first two Miami losses), Florida showed it is a much better overall team than a year ago in O’Sullivan’s first season. He has upgraded the talent level and this is a young team that is going to get better over the course of the season.

O’Sullivan said before the opening series against Louisville that there would be some losses and adversity along the way, but that the key was to steadily improve and peak coming down the stretch.

One ugly loss to Miami is what it is – just one loss in a 56-game season. It does not undermine what O’Sullivan is building or reveal that bad things lie ahead for this team.

What it does is give these young players a better idea of what it takes to succeed at this level. Yes, the Gators have some obvious problems. They aren’t very intimidating at the plate and the bullpen appears shaky at best.

But, basically, the entire season is still in front of this team. So don’t judge the Gators on that one bad loss Sunday. This team has a great deal of potential – and I know O’Sullivan has a good feeling about this group.