Harvin a tailback in the NFL?


Percy Harvin is one of the most intriguing athletes in the NFL draft this year. He’s a strong, physical player who’s got freaky speed and skills with the ball in his hands, which he showed so often in his three seasons at Florida.

But is he going to be a tailback or a wide receiver at the next level?

Even though Harvin dramatically improved his wide receiver skills during his time in Gainesville, he was a more consistent threat when he was lining up in the backfield and running the football.

I think there’s a good chance this is what he’ll be doing in the NFL. Maybe I’m way off on this, but I think he looks more like a tailback prospect than a wide receiver at the next level.

Can you say Reggie Bush?

Harvin has been compared to Bush quite often, and I see Harvin being a similar type player in the NFL – a tailback and a return specialist. With Brandon James at UF, Harvin never became involved in the return game. But I think he has a chance to become a big-time returner in the NFL. Get him in the open field, and watch out.

And remember this about Harvin: he was a running back first in high school and tailback is his more natural position. The team that takes Harvin in the first round might be a team looking for a breakaway tailback instead of a game-breaking wide receiver.