Change is good for Tebow


Here’s one of my early predictions for 2009: Tim Tebow is going to become a better quarterback, a more complete quarterback, a more NFL-ready quarterback under new quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler.

This is not a knock on Dan Mullen. In his three years mentoring Tebow, Tebow emerged as one of the elite players in the history of college football. But Tebow basically had absorbed everything he could from Mullen and there was not much left he could learn from the man.

Now, Loeffler comes in with a fresh perspective and some different ideas about how to play the position. He has a great track record coaching quarterbacks. Three of his former quarterbacks at Michigan – Tom Brady, Brian Griese and Chad Henne – are in the NFL, where Tebow will be headed after his senior season.

Under Mullen, Tebow learned the ins and outs of the spread, he learned how to read defenses and makes decisions, and he learned how to manage the game.

Now, he’s ready to take his game to another level.