I've seen this before


It’s starting to look like 2006 all over again. Not for Florida, but for Alabama.

This Florida team really isn’t all that similar to the 2006 team that won the national title. The defense is very good, not quite as dominant up front, but this year’s offense is much better.

What does remind me of the 2006 team is this 2008 Alabama team. The Tide seems to be on the same track the Gators were on two years ago on their ride to the national title.

Nick Saban is in his second season at Alabama, and the Tide is getting the same kind of second-year bounce that UF experienced with Meyer. And this Alabama team is winning games the same way the 2006 UF team did. The blueprint looks very familiar.

They’re managing the game on offense with a senior quarterback, they’re stifling teams with a strong, sound defense, and they’re winning the close games.

Given all that, the buildup to Saturday’s SEC title game reminds me of the 2006 national championship game. The Gators were heavy underdogs in that game and were not given much of a chance to win. It’s the same scenario Alabama finds itself in right now. The Tide is a 10-point underdog and the talking heads are projecting a big Florida win Saturday.

All I’m saying is watch out for the Tide. This might be destiny’s team. Just like that 2006 Florida team.