Strong case for Charlie


My vote for Florida’s assistant coach of the year goes to defensive coordinator Charlie Strong, who has done a remarkable job bringing this defense along and making it one of the best in the nation.

Urban Meyer has recognized Strong’s work in recent weeks, saying what a great job he has done developing players and calling games. Last Saturday’s game was huge for Strong, the way he kept mixing things up and kept Steve Spurrier’s offense off balance and out of whack. He outcoached the Spur Dog, which is a big deal for any defensive coordinator.

I have a feeling people around the country also are noticing what Strong is doing. With all the head coaching jobs that might be coming open, Strong’s name is going to come up as a serious candidate.

Over the past few years, Strong sort of disappeared in terms of being considered a hot head coaching prospect. He’s back now.

I think the time is right for Strong to become a head coach. Here’s why: he’s a great recruiter, he relates well to young athletes, he’s an excellent game-planner and play-caller. And then there’s his background. He’s soaked up all kind of things from three head coaches who have won national championships ” Spurrier, Lou Holtz and Meyer.

Strong is ready. He’s ready to be a head coach, he’s ready to go off and build a program somewhere.

Over the years, Strong has shown great patience as schools have passed him up. I think there’s a good chance that patience will be rewarded very soon, and Strong will achieve his goal of becoming a head coach.