Sign, sign, everywhere a sign


I’m really not into this kind of
stuff, but I’m starting to see signs that maybe the Gators are destined
to make it to Miami for the national championship game.

I’ve been struck by two signs. The mystical kind, I guess you could say.

The first sign:

week before the LSU game, a lot of people were asking me what my gut
was for the game. My response was that it reminded me of the build-up
to the 2006 national championship game against Ohio State. Before that
game, many were thinking that Buckeyes had all the big star players and
were simply better than UF and would win the game. But I just had a
feeling the Gators were going to be extremely focused and would play
hard and win the game.

I felt the same way about the LSU game,
even though many at the time were saying the Tigers were the most
talented team in the SEC.

Well, the morning of the game, I was
taking a walk and a car drove by flying two Ohio State flags. I thought
to myself, maybe that’s a sign. It really struck me later that night
when the score in the game reached 41-14, the same score in the victory
over Ohio State. Weird, huh?

There’s your sign.

The second sign:

my way to the Georgia game early Saturday morning, I realized I had
forgotten something at home and had to turn around and go back after
I’d gotten down the road. My brother was quick to remind me that I did
the same thing before the 1996 Florida-Georgia game, and that maybe it
was an omen.

The Gators won the 1996 game 47-7, UF’s most
lopsided win in the series. They won Saturday’s game 49-10, the
second-largest margin of victory for Florida in the rivalry.

So, there you are, two signs, two connections to Florida’s past two national championship seasons.

Weird, huh?