No comment says everything


The Florida players are taking the
no-comment approach this week to anyone trying to find out how they
really feel about last year’s touchdown celebration by the Georgia

By not talking, they’re saying everything.

saying it does matter, that they are highly motivated, that it has been
with them through the offseason, that they do want to pay back the
‘Dogs in a big way Saturday in Jacksonville.

Quarterback Tim
Tebow mentioned after Sunday night’s practice that there is a picture
of the end zone celebration hanging in prominent place in the locker
room. I’ve been told it has been there for many months. So, obviously,
the celebration thing is a big deal this week.

Many are
speculating that Florida has something big planned for Saturday.
Knowing Urban Meyer, I don’t think you’ll see anything crazy from the
Gators when they score their first touchdown.

I think the only plan is to play hard, play with passion, play clean and win the game.

all hyped up and angry and talking about revenge all week is not the
way to go. That stuff has a way of blowing up in your face.

think what you’ll see Saturday is a very focused, very determined
Florida team playing as hard as any Gator team has since Meyer’s been
here, including in the 2006 national championship game against Ohio

I think UF’s goal is to have a celebration after the game, not during it.