Come back, Shane


I find it quite amusing listening to a former Florida quarterback talk about the Gators offense on his local radio show.

latest from Shane Matthews is this: the Gators don’t have very good
timing in their passing game because they spend more time working on
their running game in practice, and that Tim Tebow is a great player
but not a real good passer.

Shane, you need to take a day off
from playing golf and go out to practice. Former players are welcome.
If you go, you’ll see that Tebow and the other quarterbacks spend a
majority of the practice working on the passing game with the wide
receivers. I went to every practice in the spring (when we were all
invited to watch), and that’s the way it went. The Gators work
extensively on their passing game every day, spring and fall.

if there’s a timing problem, it’s not because the Gators spend more
time working on the running game than the passing game. By the way, the
timing didn’t look all that bad when Tebow completed 4-of-4 passes for
76 yards in that crucial fourth-quarter drive against Arkansas. And,
yes, all the throws were down field.

As for the Tebow
statement, I just don’t get it. I know, his mechanics can be unorthodox
at times, but the threw for 3,286 yards and 32 touchdowns last season.

Is there some jealousy at play here, Shane?

see, a quick check of the record book reveals this, Shane: Tebow’s
passing numbers from last year were better than your best season at

This just in, by the way: STEVE SPURRIER IS NO LONGER
HERE! And his offense isn’t working all that well these days at South
Carolina, either. The 1990s are gone, never to return.

Shane, we love you, man, but these negative swipes you keep taking at your school have a sour sound on the radio.