Time to open it up


The Florida offense we saw last Saturday in the big win over Hawaii is
not the offense we will see Saturday night against Miami.

I know, I know, I’m not taking much of a gamble by saying that.

To anyone who saw the game, it had to be obvious the Gators were holding a lot of stuff back in the opener ” mainly Tim Tebow. He threw only 14 passes, carried the ball only nine times and scored only one touchdown. When you have the best player in college football, your offense is supposed to revolve around him. It did not in the opener. It will from now on.

Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen clearly took a conservative approach against the outmanned Rainbows, knowing it would be good enough to secure a victory. Tebow mainly handed off to those speedy young tailbacks and watched like the rest of us. Other than the tailbacks, there seemed to be real effort to put the ball in the hands of the playmakers ” Tebow and his wide receivers. The down-field passing game was basically left on the sideline.

This Saturday night, we’ll see the offense. Tebow will be doing his thing (including running the ball) and spreading the ball around to the playmakers, including wide receiver Percy Harvin, who returned to full speed Monday night.

UF will have to use all of its weapons because this is a talented and physical young Miami defense that is capable of creating major problems for the Gators.

We’ve been hearing for months now how explosive this Florida offense is going to be. We’ll start finding out Saturday night if it’s going to live up to all the hype.