Tebow vs. Tiger?


Look out, Tiger, there might be a Timmy on your tail.

Because no one on the PGA Tour seems to want to take on Tiger Woods, we’ve come up with a candidate who we know won’t back down.

We’re talking about the powerful left-hander (obviously not Lefty himself) we saw launching 370-yard drives into the twilight sky Friday after the Pro-Am event at the Urban Meyer Scramble for Kids at the Mark Bostick Golf Course.

Yes, that left-hander – Florida quarterback Tim Tebow.

Even though Tebow said he only plays golf once or twice a year, he can hit a golf ball as far as anyone I’ve ever seen (and, yes, I’ve seen Tiger Woods).

After Friday’s round, Tebow went to the first tee with a driver, a tee and some balls and was getting some basic pointers from former UF golfer Matt Every and current Gator Manuel Villegas. Once they got him lined up right and advised him to relax and hit the ball on the upswing, Tebow started crushing drives that literally went out of sight.

He was pretty wild, with some of his whistling missiles sailing over the ninth fairway and straight into a neighborhood. But the power display was pretty remarkable and left a handful of spectators in awe. And when he kept it in play, his shots were ending up near the green on the 376-yard par 4.

UF football coach Urban Meyer watched Tebow blast a few and just shook his head. “He looks like a gorilla on ice skates,” Meyer said.

And Tebow wasn’t doing this with Pro VI’s. He was hitting those yellow rock-like range balls.

Earlier in the day, Tebow drove the par-4 17th hole. Villegas said Tebow also has driven the green on No. 1 during a round.

Obviously, Tebow is no threat to Tiger in Tiger’s sport. But he might lose a long-drive contest against the Heisman Trophy winner.