Hire learning


Tim Tebow seems to have a way of popping up everywhere. So, maybe it won’t come as a surprise to learn that Tebow sat in on Urban Meyer’s interview with Vanderbilt running backs coach and recruiting coordinator Kenny Carter a couple of weeks ago (Carter, of course, ended up getting hired by Meyer).

“Tim sat in on the interview a little bit,” Carter said Thursday. “It’s the kind of guy he is. You sit there and say, ‘Wow, if you want someone to win the Heisman as a sophomore, this is the guy.’ What a great young man. That’s the kind of guy you want to lead your program.”

Carter said Tebow did not try to recruit him to UF (like he has done with many high school prospects over the past few years).

“He was pretty awesome, just sitting there talking to him,” Carter said. “I would ask him some questions and he would ask me some questions. It was fun.”

Carter said Tebow’s presence during his interview is an example of Meyer’s determination to have players involved in the program and for the coaches to develop personal relationships with the players.

It’s that kind of involvement, Carter said, that attracted him to the Florida job.

“In big-time programs, you want to have good relationships with your players,” he said. “That’s one thing when I transitioned in that’s a lot different from the other places I’ve been in the sense that Coach Meyer really stresses assistant coaches being around the players.

“I think that’s really good. It’s a great, great deal. It’s one thing to see your players come up to your office and see them on the practice field. But it’s another thing when you go down there and work out with them or spend time with them or go to lunch with them or walk over to Chris Rainey’s dorm room with him to make sure he understands that you care about him more than just what he does on the field.

“That is probably the biggest thing that has stood out to me in my transition here.”

Carter said he’s already started building relationships with the tailbacks. He said he’s talked to each one every day since he took the job two weeks ago.