The take on Timmy


Sitting here at JFK, waiting to catch the flight back to Florida, the thought that keeps crossing my mind is: will we be coming to New York for next year’s Heisman ceremony?

If anyone is capable of a rare back-to-back, it’s Tebow. A lot of it has to do with his talent and his versatility. Some of it has to do with the offense he’s in, the playmakers that are around him and the coaches he is working with, mainly Urban Meyer and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen.

But most of it has to do with the person, the mental make-up that he has.

Tebow is the kind of grounded athlete who seems to cope just fine with success. After Ohio State quarterback Troy Smith won the Heisman a year ago, he hit the banquet circuit and it seemed to hit back. He gained some weight and seemed to lose the edge he had during the regular season. I don’t see that happening to Tebow, whose response to success has always been to just keep pushing harder to keep getting better.

A few minutes after he picked up the trophy Saturday night, Tebow was asked a bunch of questions about possibly repeating (not once, but twice) and having a chance to become the most decorated player in the history of college football. His response was to talk about getting back to practice this week and getting ready for Michigan.

Typical Tebow.

Because there are so many variables, it’s hard to predict whether he wins another Heisman or the run ends with one. What is easy to predict is how Tebow will approach the rest of his Florida career. He’ll stay on the path that got him here to New York. He’ll work and grind and study and lead and keep striving for perfection.

Tebow is a special athlete and a special guy. The fact his teammates were so happy for him Saturday night says a lot about the kid.

Even the ESPN boys were gushing at the end of Saturday’s ceremony, saying he is one of the most ideal Heisman winners they can remember. Because he has his priorities in order and he does the right thing.

That’s why Tebow will have a chance to make a run at another Heisman. It all starts this week, when he returns to the practice field and his life gets back to normal.

Whether he makes it back to New York or not, his place in Florida football history is secure. He’s one of the greatest Gators ever.

By all accounts, he’s even a better person.