Tebow stands alone


It’s probably too early to say this, but I’m going to go ahead and do it anyhow.

Tim Tebow is the greatest Florida football player I’ve ever seen, and the greatest in the history of the program.

I’ve covered the Gators for many years (dating to the late 1970s) and I’ve been been going to games since the early 1960s (yes, I’m old), and I’ve never seen a player like Tebow. He’s a true freak of nature.

Here’s kind of the way I describe him: He’s two players in one, really. He’s Larry Smith and John Reaves rolled into one player. He’s a big, fast, physical and natural runner and he’s a great passer. Throw in the It factor (and boy, does he have it) and you’ve got the greatest player in the history of Florida football.

Will he win the Heisman Trophy? I don’t know. I think he will. He’s produced 51 touchdowns this season and he’s done something no one else in history of college football has ever done ” he’s thrown for more than 20 touchdowns and run for more than 20 in a season, a remarkable achievement.

Some will say Tebow is only a sophomore and he’s too young to win the Heisman, too young to be dubbed the greatest player in school history. I say, no, he’s not.

There have been many great players in the history of Florida football, including two Heisman winners (Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel), but no one has done the things that this kid can do. He is a great passer and a great runner, which sets him apart.

It’s amazing, really. He’s only a sophomore, but it’s already time to start thinking about reserving his spot on the stadium wall next to Spurrier, Wuerffel and the others in the school’s Ring of Honor.