Defining the Heisman


The Heisman Trophy is supposed to go to the best college football player in America.

It’s really that simple.

It’s not supposed to go to the best player on the best team. It’s not supposed to go to the guy with the most yards and touchdowns. It’s not supposed to go to a senior or a junior.

It’s supposed to go to the best player in America.


That’s why it drives me nuts that voters (and all those talking heads out there) can’t seem to get it straight.

When I sit down every year to fill out my Heisman ballot, here’s how I do it. I look at the top candidates and then pretend like I’m picking sides for a football game and I’ve got the first pick. I take the best player, the guy I’d want to start my football team with.


Right now, I’m thinking Tim Tebow is the guy I’d pick because I think he’s the best football player in America. If he finishes with a big game and the Gators beat arch-rival Florida State on Saturday, I’m writing his name first on my ballot.

It’s obvious some (maybe many) voters aren’t going to do that for one stupid reason: Tebow is a sophomore and some voters don’t think a sophomore should win the Heisman. In fact, no sophomore (or freshman) ever has.

You watch, that’s going to be a big deal to some of those talking heads over the next few weeks. It’s already starting. When ESPN analyst (and former Note Dame coach) Bob Davie was going over his top Heisman candidates late Saturday night, he didn’t even mention Tebow. When he was asked why not, Davie said, “Tebow is only a sophomore. He’ll have his day somewhere down the road.”


It’s that kind of thinking that cost Rex Grossman the Heisman in 2001. He clearly was a better player than Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch, but Grossman was a sophomore and Crouch was a senior and the best player on one of the nation’s best teams. So guess what, Crouch won the Heisman and Grossman finished second.

And Grossman did not have his day somewhere down the road. Steve Spurrier left Florida about a month later and Grossman never had another whiff of the Heisman in a tough first year under Ron Zook.

Grossman was screwed because he was a sophomore.

I’m warning you, the same thing could happen to Tebow in three weeks. Some voters won’t vote for Tebow because he’s a sophomore, which is absurd.

The trophy is supposed to go to the best player in America.

So, whether he’s a sophomore or a senior or a freshman ” VOTE FOR HIM!