UF-UGA prediction time


There’s a good chance the Gators will experience a ‘Dog day afternoon in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Here’s how it can happen:

First of all, anyone who’s watched Florida this season knows exactly what the Georgia offense will try to do in this game. They’ll try to pick apart the susceptible UF defense with the short passing game mixed in with draw plays. This has worked for everyone else, so it probably will be successful for the Bulldogs.

Everyone who has followed UF this season has been waiting for the young defense to come together and start improving. It simply hasn’t happened. The defense showed positive signs in the win over Tennessee, but the Gators have pretty much been shredded by everyone since.

It’s time to accept that significant improvement is not going to come this season. With that in mind, the Bulldogs are going to go up and down the field today and control the ball and the clock and keep the Florida offense frustrated and on the sideline. This will be nothing new. It’s happened every week.

It’s a given that Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford is going to have a huge game. Every opposing quarterback does, the latest being Andre’ Woodson, who ripped UF for 415 yards passing a week ago.

What it all means is this game will be very much in doubt deep into the fourth quarter and the Bulldogs are going to have the chance to spring the upset.

The avoid it, Tim Tebow and the UF offense are going to have to take advantage of every scoring opportunity they get. This is where Florida football is right now. The Gators are going to have to outscore opponents.

That’s what they’ll do today. Barely.

Prediction: Florida 31, Georgia 30