The legend grows


He’s only a sophomore, he’s only started seven games, but Tim Tebow may be the most recognizable player in college football at the moment. He certainly is in the SEC, where opposing players want to knock him out and opposing fans are venting so hard against him they’re turning blue in the face.

Several Florida players the other day were talking about the obvious dislike the opposing fans are showing for their quarterback. It’s not surprising. Like Steve Spurrier used to say, if your opponents like you or don’t have anything bad to say about, you must not be very good. Tebow has been scary good at times ” therefore the negative reaction from agitated fans.

But there is one surprising aspect to the treatment Tebow has received on the road so far this season ” and it only adds to his growing legend around the SEC. Some opposing fans have actually embraced Tebow ” only moments after he beat their favorite team.

It happened at Ole Miss early in the season and again at Kentucky last Saturday.

In Oxford, several hundred Ole Miss fans waited around after the game to watch Tebow exit the field. And they weren’t booing or taunting or flashing anti-Tebow signs. They were clapping and asking him for his wrists bands. Several fans actually came up to Tebow on the field seeking his autograph and Tebow needed an escort to the locker room.

Last Saturday in Lexington, many Kentucky fans gathered around the UF tunnel to catch a glimpse of Tebow, who had just accounted for five touchdowns in the Gators’ 45-37 conquest of the Wildcats. They were calling out Tebow’s name, asking for him his autograph and urging him to throw his sweatbands into the stands.

It’s been an amazing thing to watch. But then this is an amazing kid who obviously has some incredible star power.

And he’s only a sophomore.