Resistance disappears


Urban Meyer brought a lot of new things with him to Florida in 2005, including some buzz words and phrases that now are a big part of the UF football language.

Words like “resistance”. Phases like “buying in.”

In his first two months in Gainesville, Meyer met plenty of resistance from some players who were reluctant to buy into his tough way of doing things. As a result, numerous players he inherited from the Ron Zook staff quickly fell to the wayside.

Heading into the 2006 season, there were still some small pockets of resistance. But they quickly faded over the course of the national championship season.

Now, as the Gators prepare dive into the 2007 season, Meyer says there is absolutely no resistance on his third UF team. The players have bought into everything he and the coaches have been stressing for almost three years now and it has been evident on the practice field and the classroom, Meyer says.

This is clearly Meyer’s team now. There are some key veteran holdovers from the Zook era, but the bulk of this team now consists of Meyer’s recruits. The fact this team is woefully lacking in juniors and seniors is, in part, a reflection of the resistance Meyer faced when he first arrived.

What will really interesting to see is how this team looks a year from now, two years from now, when the Gators consist entirely of Meyer’s players, guys he has scouted so closely and whose families he has gotten to know.

This young 2007 team could turn out to be very good. The 2008 team (and teams beyond) has a chance to be special.