Gators show strength


Now that two-a-days are over (they officially ended with Monday’s
afternoon practice), it’s time to name our MVP of the preseason camp.

No, it’s not Tim Tebow.

Not Percy Harvin or Tony Joiner, either.

It’s Mickey Marotti, Florida’s director of strength and conditioning.

Ever since Urban Meyer arrived in Gainesville, he has been high
in his praise of Marotti, calling him the best strength and
conditioning coach in America. Meyer has a strong argument.

Especially after this preseason camp. Despite a brutally tough
camp, conducted during the hottest August in memory, the Gators escaped
two-a-days without any major injuries. Even more remarkable is the fact
there were not a lot of players missing practice time with the usual
strains and sprains of two-a-days. From what we hear, the injury pit
has been pretty vacant most of the camp.

Obviously, Marotti has this team is in great physical
condition. It started shortly after the BCS Championship Game with mat
drills, lifting and running and carried on through the summer with
another physically and mentally demanding offseason conditioning

Meyer has told Marotti the goal is to make UF the fastest team
in a America. The Gators are definitely fast, and apparently pretty
tough, too, based on the way they pushed themselves through two-a-days.

There are still some tough practices remaining between now and
Sept. 1, but to get this far with so few injuries is pretty incredible.

This is a very young team and Meyer and his assistants have had
to put them through some real toughness test to get the Gators ready
for the season. To hold up this well, the credit goes to Mickey Marotti.

He’s the camp MVP, in a landslide.