Break 'em down, build 'em up


I’m starting to get the feeling that Urban Meyer really, really likes this team.

Yes, the Gators have been somewhat sporadic in practice, something young teams tend to be, especially in August.

Yes, Meyer made comments earlier in the week that the Gators aren’t very good, yet another common thing during the dog days.

But at this time of year, it’s all about effort and toughness. That’s how Meyer judges at this stage. Is the effort there, is there a toughness, does this team like to get after it in practice?

All those elements have been present with these kids. Meyer and his coaching staff have conducted a real physical and mental grind of a camp for these players and they have responded with consistent high-effort performances in absolutely brutal heat.

This team has not only held together through two weeks, it has bonded and is quickly developing a chemistry. Is it a winning chemistry, a championship chemistry? That will be answered later in the season.

For now, the players are giving Meyer and the coaches everything they’re asking for ” effort, toughness and a willingness to push through the adverse conditions to develop as a team.

Meyer said earlier this week that the Gators are not even close to being ready for the start of the season. Here’s a safe bet: they will be by the end of next week.

The breaking down process is winding down. The building up process begins next week as the Gators start closing in on game week the following week.