Come back, Tony


Boy, that Tony Joiner sure can run. We’re not exactly sure how fast he is because we didn’t have a stopwatch on him when he was running away from Sun staff writer Brandon Zimmerman after Wednesday’s afternoon practice.

But he was fast — and determined to get away.

It was kind of funny watching Joiner ducking behind a trailer near the practice field exit and then high-tailing it for a van carrying the defensive backs back to the football complex. There was Florida’s starting strong safety, running away from the 150-pound Zimmerman, whose only weapon was a tape recorder.

Why was Joiner running from Zimmerman? Because that’s what most of the Florida players have been doing these dog days — fleeing the media like there’s something wrong with us (I know, I know, there probably is, but that’s not the point).

Access to players after practice has been abysmal at the Village South practice field. The players don’t want to stop and talk and the UF sports information staff apparently doesn’t feel the need to stop them. This has become a daily aggravation, but it doesn’t hurt us. Who it does hurt is the readers, who would really like to know what the players have to say as the season approaches.

So, if you don’t see many (or any) quotes from players over the next week or so. … all we can say is we’re trying and we’ll keep chasing.

For now, here’s how it goes: We request players to be interviewed. The SID staff writes down the names. Practice ends. The players walk (or run) by, the SID staff looks the other way and we go back to the office with a blank tape.

But, who knows. This Zimmerman kid is pretty young, pretty fit (for a hack). Maybe one day he’ll catch Joiner. Wouldn’t that be something?