Attack of the woo-woos


Wide receiver Percy Harvin isn’t injured. He has a woo-woo.

What’s a woo-woo? Let wide receivers coach Billy Gonzales explain.

“An injury is a blown knee or a broken leg, where you can’t run,” Gonzales said after Wednesday morning’s steamy practice. “A woo-woo is a sprained ankle or a broken finger. That’s a woo-woo, you practice and you get through it. We’ve got a bunch of guys with some woo-woos right now that we just need to fight through.”

Gonzales said Harvin’s injury classifies as a woo-woo, even though the official diagnosis from team trainers is he’s suffering from tendonitis in his Achilles. The official term may sound serious, but Gonzales said Harvin should be able to play through it.

“At the same time, I need to be smart as a position coach to say when I need him and when I don’t,” Gonzales said. “I need him to get better right now, but I ultimately need him for 12 games.”

So, look for Harvin to be brought along at a nice doable pace for the next two weeks, and look for him to be ready to be full-go for the start of the season.

Speaking of woo-woos, true freshman wide receiver Deonte Thompson let one get the better of him Wednesday morning. He told Gonzales he dropped three or four passes because he had a sore groin.

“He dropped three or four balls that should have been catches,” Gonzales said. “Why, because my groin hurts. That’s a woo-woo. But guess what, you get better when you’re tired. The way you improve is by being able to make the play when you’re tired.”

Gonzales said adapting to the speed of the game has a tough adjustment for Thompson in the first two weeks of practice, but that Thompson has a boatload of promise and will have a chance to play this season.