Sophomore CBs step up


Urban Meyer started feeling good about Florida’s situation at
cornerback toward the end of the spring. Now, two days into preseason
practice, he’s feeling even better. Much better.

Two reasons.

Markihe Anderson and Wondy Pierre-Louis.

The two true sophomores have emerged as the leading candidates to start at the two cornerback positions.

Anderson looked a little shaky at times in the spring, but he’s playing with much more confidence now manning up against Percy Harvin and Bubba Caldwell.

“We saw him do some good things, but we were very concerned in the spring,” Meyer said. “He’s doing a very good job now.”

Pierre-Louis also is making a move. He was a special teams standout last season who really didn’t get much time at cornerback in the spring due to injuries. He’s healthy now and starting to make plays. At 6-foot-1, he gives UF a rare big corner.

“Wondy is much better than he was in the spring,” Meyer said. “There are not many 6-1 corners who can play because corners are expected to be such change-of -direction guys. He’s a long guy, but his footwork is much improved. He’s a much better player than he was in the spring.”

A lot of attention now in the secondary has turned to the free safety position. Senior Kyle Jackson has been the No. 1 guy since the spring and has performed well in practice. Now, can he do it in a game? After his meltdown at Alabama two seasons ago, some questions remain.

Meyer said he’s pulling for him.

“Kyle Jackson has great experience and he’s a great person,” Meyer said. “I just hope he’s improved as a football player. If he has, he’ll be a great player because he’s a great person. He’ll be an excellent leader for us.”