Oh, mercy, no Percy?


One thing that was overlooked at SEC Media Days two weeks ago was the fact that Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin was left off the preseason All-SEC team voted by the media.

Big mistake, media.

I didn’t vote Harvin on my first team, either. But after watching the speedy sophomore Sunday night in the Gators’ first preseason practice, I’d change my vote if I could.

Forget All-SEC. This kid has that All-America look about him.

As impressive as he was as a true freshman last season, he looks like a different player now. He’s trimmer, more muscular and quicker and faster, if you can believe that.

In passing drills Sunday night, no one could cover the guy. No one even came close. He put a double (or was it a triple?) move on cornerback Markus Manson that left Manson (and the crowd) dizzy.

Granted, Manson is a former tailback learning a new position, but he’s also one of UF’s best athletes and a very fast player.

If Harvin stays healthy (something he didn’t do last season), he’s going to light it up this year.


Forget about that.

How about Heisman Trophy candidate, instead.