Some first day observations


* Tim Tebow is clearly becoming the leader of this team. He’s vocal, he’s emotional and his teammates seem to embrace him. He also appears to be running the offense with much more confidence than last season.

* Early enrollee quarterbacks Cameron Newton and Brayn Waggener are a little lost. That’s to be expected. Newton should still be in high school and Waggener is coming from the J.C. ranks. Both will be fine. Urban Meyer is high on both of them and they’ll improve over the course of the spring. UF’s other QB signee, John Brantley, was at practice and talked to Meyer afterward. He looks like he’s gained some good weight and is in great shape. He’ll definitely be in the thick of the battle for the No. 2 spot in the fall.

* Mon Williams has a great burst and hits the hole much quicker than No. 1 tailback Kestahn Moore. If Williams picks up the offense, watch out.

* True freshman wide receiver Paul Wilson appears to be a much better prospect than many of us gave him credit for. He can fly — and catch.

* If you get a chance, check out practice from atop the baseball stadium. It’s a great view and you can actually see how the offensive plays are designed and how they unfold.

* The No. 1 offensive line consisted of Phil Trautwein at left tackle, Jim Tartt at left guard, Drew Miller at center, Ronnie Wilson at right guard and Carlton Medder at right tackle.

Also on the OL, redshirt freshman Carl Johnson is playing right tackle after working at guard last season.

* Redshirt freshman linebacker A.J. Jones is a player. He’s very fast and instinctive. It’s easy to see why the coaches planned to play him last season before he injured his knee.