2019 OL Eguakun flips to UF from Miami


Florida’s 2019 class flipped a three-star offensive lineman coming off an official visit.

Kingsley Eguakun, a 6-foot-3 offensive guard out of Sandalwood High in Jacksonville, flipped his commitment from Miami (Fl.) to the Gators. Eguakun took an official visit to the Gators over the weekend, and he’s long had UF on his radar.

Florida’s previous coaching staff didn’t heavily pursue Eguakun, however, leading to an initial commitment to the Hurricanes. Eguakun, whose family has strong ties to the university and the area, came back for an unofficial visit for Florida’s victory over Idaho, and the trip resulted in a resurgence between the 293-pounder and the Gators.

After an official visit, Eguakun flipped his commitment and became the 17th member of UF’ 2019 class.


  1. There are just not a lot of four and five star offensive linemen out there to be had. Its not a flashy position and most high school linemen will need one to two years to develop into good college level blockers. According to current 2019 Rival rankings there are only 54 offensive linemen ranked at four stars and five stars. The gators already have two of those four star offensive lineman signed for next year. I think the Gators oline definitely was much improved over last year which seems to indicate that Coach Hevesy is a good coach and can develop young guys. Have faith in him and Coach Mullen. If they don’t think the guys they have signed have potential I am sure they would not offer them. We are losing at least three and probably four starters on the line, so they have to get the numbers back to where they need to be. Don’t forget the mess Muschamp left them in when he left with only five or six scholarship guys on the o line.

    • Yeah there’s only 54 total and there’s 5 starting lineman on every high school team. There’s only so many stars to go around for a huge pool of players. I think o-line is the one positional group where there’s not a huge talent gap between a 3 star and a 5 star. Some players just jump from camp to camp and get more exposure.

  2. Agree with TruBlu. Big ol’ high school guys play both ways, too. It especially takes a little longer, with a few exceptions, for offensive linemen to develop at a collegiate level. They have the most complex sub-unit when it comes to mutual coordination, operating a bit like a chorus line in which each guy’s actions have to mesh with his comrades. Meantime, each has to gain strength and almost always go through a reshaping physically. Sometimes they’re still growinto into their bodies during high school and in the early years st college. So 3*s often excel beyond higher rated recruits. Hevesy has proven over many years capable of developing really productive linemen. This is one reason I’m not too worried about next year’s O-line, particularly if Jaewon Taylor returns. I do feel sorry for Martez Ivey, Tyler Jordan and Fred Johnson who never got the benefit of even a single year of post-high school development before being thrust into starting roles at Florida. That was indeed Muschamp’s fault, failing to recruit even enough 3* guys before 2015 so that McElwain has nherited a disastrously bare cupboard on the Gator offensive front.

    • Clyde. A bunch of freshman and sophomore OL were starting and playing in the SEC championship game the Saturday night, and most of them were four and five-star recruits, not three-star recruits. But I have no doubt now that a three-star recruit being coached by this coaching staff will perform as well or better as a four and five star recruit being coached by the previous coaching staff. But I sure would like to see this staff coaching up a bunch of 4 and 5-star OL recruits in the coming years.

      • And that makes all the sense in the world. 4 and 5 star OL recruits are a lot more likely to start as freshmen and sophomores since their recruit ratings meant they were college ready in the first place. 3 stars are the ones that do take longer to develop so it makes sense that they will be debuting sophomore or later seasons.

        There’s a lot going on here y’all. This dude is from Sandalwood. You will notice that a lot of the lower rated players CDM has committed are from name brand schools that the Gators need to forge relationships at. Not saying they aren’t worthy by themselves, CDM won’t be wasting scholarships just to make a connection at a high school, but this coaching staff does know what it’s doing. CDM started way behind in relationships and unfortunately the brand has taken a massive hit from two coaches that flamed out, but this staff will get it right. This recruiting class will end higher than it currently is and just take a look at how the next two classes are already shaping up.

  3. The STARS next to a players name mean very little. Almost everyone has been complaining that we haven’t been getting a lot of 4 and 5 star recruits, yet here we are playing UM in the Peach Bowl for a very prestige’s Bowl Game with a lot of 2, 3 and 4 star recruits. This speaks volumes for CDM and his staff. If I were a recruit, I would be heading to the SWAMP to try to get into the door. CDM and staff know what it takes to create a winning team and make these young men better young men and football players. GO GATORS!!!

    • Gator Ed. ????? Alabama and Georgia just played for the SEC championship in Atlanta. And their classes are mostly made up of highly-ranked 4 and 5-star recruits. The STARS mean a LOT if a college football program wants to win championships. A FACT. See all the SEC and National champions over the last 10 years and then go look at the type of recruits they have sign over a 4 to 5 year period.

  4. Gator Ed – stars next to a recruits name actually mean A LOT. Sure, there are 4 and 5 star busts and the occasional 2 star super stars but the teams that have the most “stars” routinely compete for championships. I.E. Alabama & Clemson ….

    • I agree with this Onetime….but in fairness…. Saban and Dabo are two of the best, if not the best, coaches in the college game today. I’d be willing to bet they could compete at a very high level with 3 and 4 star talent. But I’m not disagreeing with you.

      • I think the key is they didn’t start pulling in loads of 4-5 stars overnight. They recruited decently, probably like us, and then coached them up well and had success on the field, and then the 4-5 stars increased in direct relation to their success on the field. Top players want to be developed for the next level and to have success on the field. When they see a coaching team can do that, then they are much more likely to jump on board. And who could blame them? There’s no use going to a top football school when the coach sucks and the suck could last for the entire player’s college career. Things are going about as well as to be expected. We had a good year on the field and now good recruits are increasingly interested in coming to play for Mullen. An even better year on the field next year and I expect even better players to flock our way. Hopefully in another year the 4-5 stars will be flocking our way because, yes, stars do matter, but there is a lot more to the story.

  5. The potential of OL and DL high school players than that of skill position players. Most line of scrimmage players haven’t been coached up to full potential because high school coaching staffs have limited experience in coaching the trenches and limited resources. That makes it hard for the recruiting services to gauge their potential compared to the skill positions that make plays with the ball in their hands.

    Many 3* OL and DL recruits develop into stars at the college level. It just takes coaches with an eye for raw talent to find them and I believe coach Hevesy has that eye. If he saw potential in Eguakun, then the kid must have some.

    The 4* and 5* OL and DL players will come in 2020 and beyond.

    Go Gators!!!

  6. I think the point is that stars mean a lot, especially if you have good coaching. There are exceptions everywhere. Don’t forget many of our so called lesser players were recruited by Alabama and Georgia and Ohio State too. The stars have more to do with physical development at an earlier age than skill. Those are the same guys who play early and never see a senior year either. And of course there are the 5 star recruits who have 2 star careers. I agree that in the near future we will not only get the more physically advanced guys, but more importantly, ones who accept and respond to good coaching.