2018 WR Corey Gammage de-commits from Florida


Delray Beach (Fl.) Atlantic wide receiver Corey Gammage has re-opened his recruitment.

Gammage, a 6-foot-3 prospect ranked the No. 101 wide receiver in the 2018 class by 247Sports, announced his de-commitment on his Twitter account.

Gammage committed to the Gators following the 2017 Orange and Blue Debut game, but speculation about his commitment began to arise when the three-star prospect didn’t sign with UF during the early signing period.

With Gammage’s de-commitment, the Gators have just one commitment who remains unsigned: 6-foot-5 offensive lineman Richard Gouraige.


  1. We always seem to want to criticize a student when they change their mind (We don’t know why and many do not care why), we tend to not care about the individual and what is best for them. But we don’t care when they they change their minds to come to Florida, they are the BEST, SMARTEST and MOST TALENTED kid we are recruiting. Because he changed his mind because of whatever reason, doesn’t mean Mullen didn’t want him. He appears to be Mullens type WR, Tall with decent speed, 3*.

      • Your Opinion, The real truth remains to be seen. I know we will get better recruits also but don’t trash kids that change their mind about the UF regardless of the number of “stars” behind their name. Look at the “TOP 300” players Just the ones from Florida, 70% are headed out of state, the ones staying mostly went to Miami. We have our work cut out for us in the next couple years. This is just MY opinion, I know some people think everything will change in one year, NOT!

        • Lose a commit here, lose a commit there….gain a flip, don’t gain a flip….it’s all part of the process every where. But Creek, that 70% you mentioned, now THAT really is worthy of some teeth grinding because that IS the big picture we need to focus on. And how. And so are those Florida kids who select FSU or Miami over the Gators, some or many of which do not even consider the Gators. The nexus between establishing a highly ranked, championship caliber program and recruiting success is so fundamental that even Stevie Wonder could see it! Hence, Mullen. Good call, buddy.

  2. What’s with all of these kids saying, “respect my decision” as they decommit. If you want us to respect your decision, own up to the commitment you made. With that said, I suspect the 101st ranked WR in the class may have been told we’re going in another direction.

    • Oh please, and if and when we flip another few players you’ll be on here touting how fantastic they are. This is an teenager looking at a mostly new coaching staff; give him a break and wish him well.

      • Great point Arnold, about the Flips from other teams, do you hear about integrity, love, respect from the recipient fan base then? No, its all about how great the Coaching staff was to pull it off. I LOVE have great players come here , if initially committing here or flipping. BUT I don’t be-little a 17 -18 year old student when they decide, looking at the big picture now and under these circumstances, I don’t think the UF is my BEST option. Some of you I’m sure never returned anything to the store that you thought at some point you wanted but after getting it home you decide this is not what I want. You just keep it over in the corner until it is waded, RIGHT!!

  3. The only time i’ve ever criticized an 18-year-old kid, is when they’ve said they’re a Gator and then decide they’re not on signing day. Just shows a lack of integrity to me in that case, and also shows something about who’s raising him.

    Gammage wasn’t a big surprise. It had been long suspected that he wouldn’t stay in this class even before he didn’t sign in the early period. With the transfers, Mullen is able to be pretty selective on who he wants this year.

  4. I guess he heard about how hard the guys are working in the weight room now and didn’t want any part of it. He must be looking for a coach like MacnCheease who will show up in the training room with boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts shouting, “Dont work too hard, guys! The most important thing is that you’re fun to be around!”

    No problem. There are plenty of places he can go to learn how to catch one yard hitch passes and sit in the weight room eating donuts and taking selfies.

  5. Rational is fine. Empathy is okay too. And when all is said and done, it’s only about sports, and yes, sportsmanship.
    But rooting for a team, is just a harmless form of fanaticism. But fanaticism none the less. It makes no sense, if looked at rationally, but isn’t that the point? It’s a damn near religious feeling to love your team and hate your opponents. To feel that over worked phrase about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.
    So, to experience total bewilderment and anger towards a kid who doesn’t want to be a Gator and run out onto the field that is Florida Field and hear the crazed cheers of 90,000 over heated maniacs, is only natural…or unnatural–it’s probably both. So what?
    But a surprise flip on signing day to become a Florida Gator is about someone finally seeing the light. My God, what good judgment they finally show. Some may remember how casual THBC was about recruiting; it was because as far as he was concerned, if you didn’t want to play for the Gators it was your problem. The weather, hunting, fishing, the beach, the academics, the women. The truly awesome environment of North Florida in the fall.
    I had a fairly long term business relationship with a Notre Dame fan. From him I learned that the South Bend residents are not really a part of the fan base. Those deplorables didn’t go to Notre Dame, they’re not alumnae. Every gas station attendant, farmer, hairdresser, and even Phd who wants to root for the Gators are as much a fan as any Ole Grad Bull Gator sippin’ old bourbon out of a chrystal glass sitting is his air conditioned lux box.
    Born and raised in Gainesville nearly in the shadow of Florida Field, we were Gator fans to the core at first breath. When the doctor slapped our behinds we didn’t shed tears, we cried Go Gators! It was always about where we were from and that’s the way it still is today. I graduated from a school where I spent all six years. (don’t judge me, I’m slow) It was a great place, with a storied athletic tradition, and I loved it, but I can’t tell you their record within four games–I think they were somewhere around 500.
    When I pointed out to my Domer friend that the Irish didn’t even have a decent rivalry he thought I had lost my mind. What about Michigan and SC? Those aren’t rivalries–SC would rather beat UCLA any time. The players and fans don’t even cross paths. And the Wolverines only really cared about whipping their Little Brothers and the hated Buckeyes. It went relatively unnoticed when Michigan and Notre Dame quit playing.

    So, go ahead and hate the kid who betrays the Gators. He’ll get over it if he even notices. Of course he may have had any number of good reasons for going somewhere else. So what? Full contact sports ain’t about caring about some snowflake who would melt in the early-fall mid-day sun at the temple and shrine refered to loosely as Florida Field.