UF football recruiting: Commit Clement eager to enroll early


On Saturday, Iverson Clement took what might have been his final visit, and it only re-affirmed his commitment to enroll in January at the University of Florida.

Clement, a highly recruited running back in the 2018 class out of Rancocas Valley High in Mount Holly, New Jersey, committed to the Gators in April after multiple unofficial visits, so Saturday’s visit wasn’t about first impressions of his future campus.

That was my seventh or eighth time going to UF, so I felt very at home,” Clement said. “I mean, I wasn’t really looking for a lot, I’ve been there so many times I’m really starting to get cool with the players. That was my first game I’ve visited, and I just wanted to see what the crowd atmosphere was like.”

Despite the night culminating in a 19-17 Gators loss, Clement came away impressed with the environment that comes with playing for UF.

It was really loud, I’ve been to Penn State, I’ve been to Virginia Tech, I’ve been to Ohio State,” Clement said, “and they get loud, but Florida was really loud. I was really impressed, I was like ‘wow’. The atmosphere overall was amazing. I just can’t wait to get there in January.”

That’s where Clement ends any potential concerns about his recruitment. With just two months until prospects can sign as midyear enrollees, Clement isn’t looking elsewhere. And when he arrives in January, he expects to be joined by nearly half of Florida’s 2018 class so far.

“Eight guys, nine guys are coming in in January,” Clement said. “So you tell me how solid that is.”

Clement also had an opportunity to see Ja’Juan Seider’s message play out in real time. Seeing freshman running back Malik Davis rack up 97 rushing yards against the Aggies solidified the reality of possible early playing time at Florida.

He’s great, and it’s motivation. Seeing somebody who just got out of high school and is playing in the SEC with these type of caliber teams, it shows that if your mind is on right and you do what you got to do, especially if you come in January that’s an advantage, and I’m blessed to have this ability to do that. I feel like the sky is the limit,” Clement said. “My goal is to be an impact player, I’m not coming all the way from the north just to settle for less. I want to be someone that coach really sees something in and be able to dominate.”

When it came to the elephant in the room – UF’s offensive futility despite recent success on the ground – Clement expressed confidence the offense would correct itself prior his arrival, before asserting that the future is bright in Gainesville.

It’s going to get back on track this season. Next season is going to go off the wall,” Clement said. “You’ve got Ja’Marr Chase coming in, Jacob Copeland, you’ve got Matt Corral coming in, and you’ve got me coming in. And you’ve got Dameon Pierce coming also, a good running back too. That’s a lot of talent right there, top-of-the-country talent.”

For Clement, he’s focused on his senior season and the Gators rather than any other programs. He doesn’t intend to visit any other programs, and if he returns to Florida before his enrollment it will be for UF’s rivalry bout with Florida State.

That’s my only official visit, I don’t plan on going to any other college football games. I might go just to go, whatever the case may be, but I’ve been pretty much focusing on my football and taking it a day at a time,” Clement said. “I’m really pumped for December 20th, but I think I’m going to go to the FSU game. Definitely I want to get back down there again.”


  1. 8-9? That would go a long way in fixing the depth issues that will be caused if half of the Notorious 9 get ejected. But we had 23 recruits last year and 5 were EE’s so that only leaves us enough room for 7 EE’s this year if I understand the rules right. Unless someone can enroll in January but still count against next year’s class. That sounds like it should be possible although I’ve never heard of someone bringing in so many EE’s that they run out of EE room.

  2. It’s good to read the young man’s excitement of becoming a Gator. It looks like we beat out some tough competition for his services. I definitely would like to hear some commitments to to the DL,LB and OL lines as high as this class is ranked I think it has a chance to be even better if we can shore up those areas

  3. I just wish Mac would wake up and realize that his offense doesn’t work unless he has a can’t miss, 5-star QB, and we all know there aren’t many of those. Other than Spurrier, Harbaugh, and maybe a couple other names, I have not come across many coaches who can make an average, pure drop back passer special. So, when in doubt, take the Urban Meyer approach. Find the best dual-threat QB you can get and create the offense around their skill set. When the defense has to plan for more wrinkles, and respect the QB as a weapon, many holes will open up all over the field. Mac and Champ don’t get this because they still follow the Saban conservative pro offense style. Problem is…Saban is deep in 4/5 recruits that can cover up problems.

  4. Micheal it always comes down to players regardless of scheme. We have some not enough. Lamar Jackson most exciting spread guy in college football but he doesn’t have enough help. It looks like our recruiting classes are improving. The top teams play both styles. I agree that better play calling could help some but ultimatly you have to run the rock at a high level, stop the run, and play solid special teams. I believe if they play football for another 100 years that recipe will still work. Do we as fans have enough patience while recruiting is trending is yet to be determined. Go Gators

    • Can’t run the rock if the opponent’s D doesn’t respect your passing game. We have to throw the rock over the middle to keep the LBs and DBs at home. Is a seven yard curl-in or a 10 yard TE skinny post too much to expect. Oh, I forgot, our QB doesn’t have the touch or tools to make those throws w/o hitting an LB in the facemask.

  5. I’m -personally- sick of being told to ”be patient”! While we, Gator fans, have been ”patiently waiting” since Urban Meyer’s last year at U.F., back when he said, ”Florida’s program is broken.” That was in 2010; that was 84 months ago! ”Things that make you go, hhmm!”

    • Personally, I think you really do not understand football. Coach is doing a fantastic job at recruiting, and has the coaches in place to teach all these YOUNG players how to learn and be truly great in the future.This Gator team will be very good in years to come. Who cares that you are impatient. Really do not think you ARE A GATOR FAN AT ALL! All I see is your negative comments.
      Take your consistent negative attitude somewhere else!

  6. The way Meyer left and his fake health problems plus his all of a sudden recovery and HC at OSU make you go, hhmmm! The fact the Muschump only recruited highly rated defensive players and more or less hamstrung the offense makes you go, hhmmm! Getting the talent to run a high performing offense takes time. Spurrier’s offense didn’t start to take off until his 3rd year. I agree with Michael that the offense should be adapted to whomever is the QB and let him use his best skillsets to move the ball. I see Corral as our next great hope just like Fromm at uga. I also think Mac should get out of his comfort zone and put some new wrinkles in his offense. Until he gets the OL situation fixed the true drop back passers aren’t going to do well.

    • Two things ag8tor – 1) Spurrier’s offense took off the first year (1990, 9-2) when he found Shane Matthews buried in the depth chart and turned him into a 1st Team, All SEC QB. The HBC always moulded his offense around the talent he had and won from the start. In 1991 he went to the SEC Championship game. 2) Although I’m sure Mac and Nussmeier strategize during the week, Mac does not call the plays during the game. I believe the real problem with the offense is that Nuss can’t use the whole playbook yet because his QB doesn’t run through his play progressions and isn’t seeing open secondary receivers (even safety valve options). Hell he isn’t even aware enough to throw the ball out of bounds when he’s close to the sideline and about to lose 5 yards. Franks better show some significant improvement the rest of the season and be a big reason we win 3 of the last 4 games or, I believe, the Long Beach Poly kid will step in and be slinging the rock around in 2018.