Gators commit DaQuon Green plans on turning heads at Under Armour All-American game


You can’t blame DaQuon Green for feeling slept on.

Despite the four-star ranking from Rivals, the Tampa Bay Tech wide receiver hasn’t received the love his talent deserves.

But for Gator fans, the lack of courting for Green’s services may be a good thing, as he believes it’s due to being committed to Florida since July 2015.img_4606

“I think that’s pretty much what it is, cause a lot of coaches stopped talking to me cause they knew I was 100% committed,” Green said at Monday’s Under Armour All-American Media Day.

“I told them like, ‘I need you to still recruit me and stuff’, but now I’m solid to (the Gators).”

Green plans on joining the Gators in June, but first he has an official visit lined up for Jan. 20.

No stranger to UF’s facilities, Green hopes to see what else the university has to offer.

“The plan for the official is see more of the academic,” Green said.

“Cause I’ve only seen the tutoring building and stuff like that, but I need to see everything else and plus the dorm rooms. I’ve already seen all the football stuff, so I don’t need to see any of that.”

While it would make sense for Green to early enroll at Florida, considering the advantage of early playing time and Spring practice, he said that’s not in the cards. “I’m going in summer,” Green said. “I don’t feel no pressure. Just be humble and do you.”

Just because he’s humble doesn’t mean Green doesn’t exude confidence, however. He believes early playing time won’t be a question of if, but rather when.

“Soon as I get there,” Green said of when he sees himself playing. “Once I get those first couple plays down and get a role with that, I’m good to go.”

And Green is so confident in his future success that he plans on spending the week leading up to the game recruiting a fellow wide receiver to Florida.

“I’m trying to get James Robinson,” Green said. “I’ll see what I can do.”

With Florida’s quarterback situation still up in the air for next season, it’s natural for Green to question the direction of the team’s offense.

But he said UF wide receivers coach Kerry Dixon has provided nothing but positive encouragement concerning quarterbacks Feleipe Franks and Kyle Trask.

“The two young quarterbacks, you know, it’s going to be a lot better,” Green said. “Plus coming in with more talent that my class is bringing in. It’s going to be good, you can tell there’s going to be a lot of rotations and a lot of chances to show off your skills and just try and win a championship.”

As for his message to defensive backs trying to expose him and Team Armour’s offense on New Year’s Day?

“Don’t sleep on me,” Green said. “And just to let you know, don’t line nobody up in front of me.”