Preparing for January


I have received numerous inquiries over the past week concerning the lack of content on the site since I started the position, and for that I would like to apologize to you all. It’s been an extremely hectic past couple of weeks, and has been made more so by being on vacation for the past week in New York City.

I know this is an inconvenient time to be absent and leave everyone without our typical content – mailbags, rumors and profiles of recruits will all return next week when I’m back in Gainesville – but I hope you can forgive me knowing that I’ve needed a quick break after this season to prepare for a frenzied build-up to National Signing Day.

I’m writing this because I care about your concerns with the lack of content and to assuage fears that this will become the norm.

A lot of you have written me about the mailbag, and I will be getting that started next week as well. Send me your questions and comments to and I will have an extended mailbag to share with you as soon as possible. I value your opinions and suggestions immensely, and if you ever have any content you’d like to see I hope you never hesitate to reach out to me.

I also enjoy simply conversing with any of you about anything you’d like – I’m eager to get to know all of you better just like you’ll soon know all about me.

Again, I apologize for leaving you without frequent content and I hope to make it up to you in January – it will be an exciting month for the Gators and fans alike.

Hope you’ve all been well and are having a blessed holiday season.