Ivie earns state medals in weightlifting, wrestling


One of the strongest players for Florida’s football team next season is not on campus at the moment.

Andrew Ivie, a UF defensive tackle signee who reports to school this summer, won a state medal Saturday at the FHSAA weightlifting finals in Kissimmee.

He placed second with a 735-pound total, benching 405 pounds and setting a school record with a 330-pound clean and jerk (video below).

Ivie, the younger brother of Gators defensive lineman Joey Ivie, added five more pounds to his bench press Monday to set the school record (410 pounds) for that as well.

The 6-foot-3, 285-pounder also won a state medal for a runner-up finish in this year’s FHSAA wrestling finals.

“It feels so good to accomplish dreams that I’ve been working on the last 4 years,” Ivie tweeted. “Crazy journey with countless hours of hard work and dedication.”

[youtube bG91rZjBhLY 580]

[youtube pmo_nPUa1a8 580]


  1. There’s nothing wrong with being strong and able to wrestle, it’s what you want on the interior of your defensive line. We’ll have to wait and see when real games are played, but his brother is supposedly ready to have a major role on the defensive line this year, and I do believe in bloodlines, even if I’m critical of Kelvin Taylor.

  2. Hey George great job putting auxclown in his place, LOL.
    Ivie looks like a beast who is not fooling around, brother is a heck of a gym rat. Wrestling, lifting and football. Whether he moves to O line or stays at DT he will be a big cog in the middle. Guy has a good work ethic to excel at all those sports something that needs to be spread around to that group of pot smoking fools still on the team that used to hang out with JC Jackson. More time in the gym and less time with the weed.
    Go Gators!

  3. i would keep him at dline for now..i think we will be solid on the interior..let him learn from big bro and watch him grow…but your right 305, I hope our players focus on strength and conditioning as well as 7 on 7 instead of getting high all day…GO GATORS!!!

  4. I don’t understand the rush to have Ivey become an offensive lineman. UF already has six offensive linemen in his class, that’s enough. You want to have some semblance of balance on your roster, and you don’t want to bunch up too many players at one position in the same year. One of the big problems UF has now is roster balance, there’s no need to compound it because of the current panic over the state of the offensive line. Uf has had a perfect storm of transfers and career ending injuries on the offensive line, there isn’t a solution to that. UF has been unlucky, when you lose a player, Nolan Kelleher, before he ever takes a snap, for example, is unfortunate. As for the comment about Kelvin Taylor, I think it’s a lot of hogwash. I knew his rookie year that he was just an average back, and it was confirmed to me against Georgia Southern. Don’t hand me any nonsense about there being no holes to run through, there were plenty, he just lacked the quickness to get to them, or when he did, he lacked the speed to exploit them. One particular play stands out. It was an outside pitch close to the Gator goal line, it was perfectly blocked and there was nothing between Taylor and over 90 yard TD. But he didn’t even make a first down. Don’t feed me nonsense about Kelvin Taylor, I have eyes. I think some of you need to see an optometrist.

  5. In other news, J.C. Jackson has been bailed out by his family, Huntley Johnson will not represent him, and he has not been suspended by UF. On the latter, I suppose it means that he has only been arrested, but not yet charged. I would assume that he would be automatically suspended if charged with a felony, that’s what happens at other schools in the state, I would assume UF does the same. McElwain is only saying that he’s not suspended, but I think the ultimate decision concerning Jackson is not up to him anyway.

  6. I keep on telling people that 4 star DT Joey Ivie’s younger brother is an underrated 4 star recruit, not the 3 star that the recruiting services have put out there. Their HS coach has also said that Andrew is the better/tougher of the two at DT, and Joey is set for an All SEC year.
    Andrew, as an incomig Fr is already as big or bigger than his brother.

    “It feels so good to accomplish dreams that I’ve been working
    on the last 4 years,” Ivie tweeted. “Crazy journey with countless
    hours of hard work and dedication.” (my kind of Gator)

  7. Amen brother muddler, years of hard work and dedication. We need as many kids as Ivie as we can get no matter what their “rating” is.
    LOL at auxclown pretending to be the voice of the Gators by bringing us “news updates” what a loser this guy is. For those of you newbies auxclown is a full blown semihole troll.
    There you go again troll with your half truths and exaggerations, no one is in a “rush” to turn Ivie into an O linemen it was just suggested by a fan on this site. And there is no “panic” about the current O line situation just a little concern. Way to go to live up to your reputation as an assclown.
    BTW, what happens at other schools in the State is that criminals like Shameus Winston are facilitated by the coaches and school administrators and aided by the local police with no consequences to face due to their criminal behavior. Not the case at UF.

  8. kt will be fine…matt jones deserved to be the starter and proved why in several games…this is considered a dead period..the only staff members that can talk and interact with players are the strength and conditioning coaches..had this happened during spring practices I think he would’ve been dismissed…hopefully this is all a big misunderstanding and charges as well as the case gets dropped and he can continue his career here at uf but it doesn’t look or sound good for jc…our oline is not in that bad of shape to switch Andrew to oline..we really only need a guard and a tackle…dillard(center) riles(guard) and sharpe(tackle) played well and summers says he really likes the way that side of the line works together..i would try harkless at guard and try martez ivey at rt…we still have Andrew mike who can play guard as well and summers also said he liked the way Dorsey stepped up,dropped some weight and improved his technique…if martez ivey 6’6 270 or Fredrick Johnson 6’7 300 can come in and show they have what it takes to compete in the sec early, that oline could be nasty..GO GATORS!!!

  9. Kelvin Taylor had a 4.9 ypc average against a Top SoS that includled 8 SEC defenses. His best game was 197 yds on 25 carries, 7.9 ypc with 2 TD’s vs 10-3 UGA on neutral ground. And he rarely, if ever, puts the ball on the ground like your criminole ‘short order Cook’ does.
    Ox-Tu’ you’re the same village idiot criminole troll today, that you were yesterday, and forever. The main reason that the ‘short order Cook’ flipped to FSUcks was because he knew that he’d probably have been 4th or 5th string at UF last year. That, and the lack of any discipline for acts against society in tallycrappy…. (how many run-ins has Cook had already at FSUcks, or have they all been covered up already?)

  10. As another school year draws to a close with graduation around the corner I ask the typical high school senior:
    Why did you decide to go to FSU?

    I couldn’t get into UF.

    Those are the facts of life.

  11. im a little curious to know why summers isn’t training riles or at least Dorsey as a center…usually centers are the shortest and heaviest of the oline position and I don’t know who the backup center is… Dorsey is 6’3 320 and riles is 6’4 300…obviously they know something I don’t but it would be interesting if we had one stout gut in the middle riles or Dorsey and have dillard and harkless at guard both 6’5 and ivey and sharpe at tackle both 6’6…they all have the talent,potential and coach(summers) to succeed…just some food for thought…
    I would also like to know how are the lbs progressing..rolin and alex have been hurt up until this point but I would like to know if they will be full go once fall hits? do they struggle dropping back in coverage?do they diagnose plays fast? play with good leverage? shed a block at the point of attack? guess i’ll have to wait and see unless 305,muddler,863 or any other gator fans know anything…GO GATORS!!!

  12. UF’s offensive line is a disaster right now. Sharpe? I have already said that he looked horrible in the Spring game, he transformed from a promising prospect into a tub of lard. I know the coaches wanted him to gain some weight, but he didn’t need to eat an elephant every day. I’m sure they were shocked to see what he had become, hence the urgent advice for him to lose weight. As for Cook, it’s ludicrous to even compare him and Taylor. UF might have not had to fire it’s coach if Cook had not flipped to FSU. He’s a game changing playmaker, Taylor is just another guy that you don’t need to worry about. No one has covered up anything at FSU, it’s just the fervent imagination of folks who aren’t even in touch with reality, as the comment about Cook being fourth or fifth string so clearly demonstrates. I predict UF to finish no better than .500 this year, I just don’t see the talent. Yes, the offensive line could be “nasty,” but I think the meaning will be that it’s offensive to look at.

  13. jameis Winston admitted to a possible NCAA violation — albeit minor — stating during an ESPN interview he received free food from a Tallahassee grocery store.
    While Winston is moving on to the NFL and hopes clarifying the crab leg incident helps him prove he can be trusted to serve as the No. 1 overall pick, it could cause problems for FSU.
    Winston’s account of the crab legs incident differs significantly from the remarks he made earlier this year.
    The Publix, located near FSU’s campus, has been accused of having a history of giving free food to FSU athletes.

    “no one has covered up anything at FSU……………”

    So says the blog assclown
    That is another reason why no one takes auxclown seriously

  14. “Winston’s account of the crab legs incident differs significantly from the remarks he made earlier this year.”

    Remarks given to the Tallycrappy police department

    So Shameus now admits lying to the local cops.

    Jumbo looks like a fool after he bent over to defend Shameous
    Cover up?

  15. Maybe Ivey will help UF win the SEC in wrestling and weightlifting next year.Their men’s sports team needs something to win in. Gator fan can always hide behind the skirts of their women’s programs. Have you won an SEC IN ANYTHING This year for men?

  16. Aux2 WE all know the reason why cook and lane are wearing clown colors
    it’s called ‘THE BAGMAN’ every post you put on this board smells of one thing besides poop ‘FEAR’ every clown is scared to death that monster is gonna wake up and start pounding Clown U on regular basis again

  17. # 1 in what. men’s debate and chess clubs? # 1 in the most arrogant , obnoxious group of fans in the history of man? UF MEN ARE NOTHING . baseball gives you a chance but you can’t even take a series from the worst FSU. Baseball team in 40 years.

  18. A rating by “Stack?” What the hell is that? Anyway, the only sport that matters is football, no one cares about the other sports, that’s why football pays all the bills. Does anyone care who wins the softball game between FSU and Florida tonight? UF is way, way behind FSU in football right now, accept and embrace it. UF will probably finish the 2015 season unranked again. Look at where the top players want to go, they are choosing FSU over Florida, in fact they are choosing a lot of schools over Florida. The only thing that can change it is to win some big games, along with not looking pathetic when losing. UF is not going to turn it around in one year, or even two, probably. We don’t have any idea if UF will even win a division title within the next five years, to go along with the previous five years of not winning the division. Does a full decade of futility mean anything? That’s what Florida may be looking at.

  19. I have to agree with aux.. Again. He speakes with a sense of objectivity. What in the world does UF fans have to hold on here. Yes the new coach appears to be a good guy. I even like him but really UF is no more than 7/8 in the SEC and that is being very generous. Am I not being a truth teller like my friend Rick Ballou.?

  20. FEAR you can smell it, that’s why you two whiny fools stay on this board trying to debate and run your mouths, we’ll see after your beloved noles start getting whipped this year if these so called top kids wanna commit to clown college, fisher can’t keep lying to recruits his boy jboo is headed to the nfl

  21. funny how you are the only one complaining about sharpe’s weight…no one on the staff has told him to lose weight…the only one that needs to drop a few was Dorsey and he shed 15lbs…boy aux2 you sound scarier and scarier by the day…GO GATORS!!!

  22. Andrew Ivie 6-3 285 fast — Clean & Jerk 330 lbs, Bench 410.
    That’s a DT that also has a FL HS Wrestling Medal.
    Andrew is the kind of DT that can snatch your OL’man off his feet and slam him into the truf. Then be free to either maul your RB or slam your QB. I look forward to seeing him do so.

    Possible Gator OL — (with their HS Sr playing weights)
    RT Fredrick Johnson 6-7 303
    RG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 348
    #3 OC Tyler Jordan 6-4 270
    LG Richerd Disir-Jones 6-4 315 or Nick Buchanan 6-4 285
    #1 LT Martez Ivey 6-6 290 *****
    I’d not be surprised to see Ivey and Jordan as starters, with the others seeing some playing time.

    RB K.Taylor averaged 4.9 ypc vs real defenses, short order Cook 5.9 + fumbles vs Cupcakes. (but he looked great vs Oregon. 😉
    And unlike your short order Cook, Kelvin has been in ZERO trouble while at UF. What’s the over/under on ole Dalvin being arrested or becoming academically ineligible first? Oh, that’s right, at FSUcks they don’t monitor the academic progress of guys that are unlikely to ever graduate anyway….

    And the one’s (football factorys) that don’t care about other sports, also don’t care about academics, hence the Clown-U ‘Deion Rule’ jokes for student/athletes.
    S.I. has called UF ‘The Mountain Top of College Sports’ but they’ll never put that label on FSUcks.
    UF is also the ONLY school in the Nation to finish in the Top 10 for the Director’s Cup for 30 consecutive years. You twits may not care about other sports, but it’s obvious that UF does.

  23. 813gatorboi Sharpe has said that Summers has told him to lose weight. But, it’s apparent you didn’t see him in the Spring game. It was not a secret that he had turned into a blimp, how far north of 350 is anyone’s guess. But he looked like a fat tub of goo, and anyone with eyes could see that. He will be very easy to get around at that size, that was quite easy to see. The reports of Ivey, Bryan, etc. looking great has to taken with a grain of salt, look what they are going up against. Now I see someone predicting Ivey will be All-SEC. Based on what, going against UF’s offensive line? As for Cook vs Taylor, here are the facts. Cook ran for 144 yards and six yards per carry in one game against an SEC defense, Florida. Taylor has run for 62 yards and 3.2 yards per carry in TWO games against an ACC defense, FSU. The facts show that Cook’s yards per carry actually increase against an SEC defense, while Taylor’s decrease. Maybe if Taylor plays four games against FSU, he might get as many yards as Cook has in a single game against Florida. Once again, someone brings up a stat to try to prove a point and it turns out that the stat is more proof of how ridiculously wrong they are.

  24. Both were FL HS RB.
    Which RB broke E.Smiths FL HS Career Total Rushing Yards record when he was a still a Jr in HS?
    What is tougher, playing an entire season against a Top SoS, (wear and tear) or playing around against a pack of cupcakes with a SoS not even in the Top 25?
    I notice that you don’t address their academics or arrests either.
    You have your short order Cook, while we have a complete man.
    I’m happy to have Kelvin, and I’m also happy that you have a future short order Cook. :p
    And in your world, clown-U azzclowns rule, so everything is as it should be as far as I’m concerned….

  25. UF doesn’t, and hasn’t had a decent OL in years, but KT still has a 4.9 ypc vs a Top SoS.
    FSUcks has and had an All World OL for years, but DC can only put up 5.9 ypc vs total cupcakes.
    In an azzclown’s clown-U educated opinion, that makes the short order Cook the superior RB. ROTF 🙂 LMAO!!!

  26. da-muddler Once again you hjave lost the argument, just as the football team lost to FSU. You again bring up Taylor’s high school accomplishments. Have you yet figured out that college isn’t high school and none of what happened in high school does a single thing for you on a college field? Now we hear a new excuse, “wear and tear.” How ridiculous is that? Taylor wasn’t even the starter and you are now saying he suffers from “wear and tear?” By the way, Cook has never been arrested, it’s just another fantasy of yours. He was named as an associate of two men involved in an aggravated assault. I hate to do it, but I’ve learned by now hat your level of comprehension is not very high, but an associate is someone that knows someone else. He was never a suspect. As for academics, Cook enrolled early and Florida wanted him badly, so that’s another area where you try to besmirch his character without the slightest basis in a fact. I know why you, and many other Gator fans hate Cook so much. It’s because he scorned UF. It wouldn’t be so bad if he was just an average player, but he’s a great player and that rises your fury even higher. Hell hath no fury… This hated of Cook will subside when Florida gets a great back, maybe one of the two incoming freshmen will palliate the deep pain you now have. I do feel kind of sorry for you, this irrational venom that spews forth from you can’t be very healthy. But you’ll continue to amuse me…”wear and tear”, that’s a good one, you have a future in comedy.

  27. Sorry, Clown-U and their on and off bandwagon fans already have that comedy title all sown up.
    You’re good with stats and facts, so give me a hand here:
    Which of our schools has the W/L record over the last 10 years?
    But that’s not fair, so how about the overall all time W/L record?
    Academics huh?
    Which school has the ONLY 2 Heisman winners that also won what is considered the Academic Heisman (Draddy/Campbell) Trophy?
    Gator fans care about ALL of our student/athletes and sports.
    What we don’t care about is what some Clown-U azzclown thinks or posts here on a Gator recruiting blog.
    Cook or K.Taylor is like asking me if I’d rather have Tebow or Shameous. Not even a second to decide about either.

  28. da-muddler As Colombo would say; “Just one more thing…” Do you even realize that Taylor played 2A football and Dalvin Cook played in 6A with another top running back, Joseph Yearby? There is a considerable difference in the level of football between 2A and 6A. The level of competition does matter, that’s the reason Grier was beaten out by Harris and why the jury is still out on Grier’s ability to play college football. Everything is relative, but I think that is a concept that’s foreign to you.

  29. I don’t believe summers told him that aux2…summers has said all spring that sharpe has improved his strength and technique…besides he’s better than any olinemen at fsu right now…GO GATORS!!!

  30. Never believe what an assclown like aux says.
    Stack.com is a site devoted to athletics, check it out. They rank the Gators #1 for male athletics and Stanford #2.
    FSU is nowhere to be found and that is why the dumb assclown puts the site down or doesn’t even know what it is.
    Just like the AAU is a prestigious academic organization. Of course the FSU assclowns don’t know about it because membership
    is by invitation only and UF is the only school in the State that is a member.
    Dumb FSU assclowns are behind in athletics and academics. They only have a 2 year window of success in football and now they act as if
    they are all that. Problem for them is that window is closing fast.
    On top of that they achieved that 2 year success by facilitating and accomodating criminal behavior from their “super star” QB.
    That criminal QB is now gone and all FSU has is egg on his face as the truth about his lies and deceit become public.
    Yet we have a few FSU morons that post here daily putting down the Gators.
    Auxclown and nutcase are the worst offenders. Nothing to contribut only the same tired lies half truths and exaggeartions.
    Where will they run to once UF is back to the normal position of being the top dog in the State?
    That is coming soon assclowns, get your last digs while you can.

  31. 305, UF is, has been, and will always be the Top University in Florida.
    And we’ll soon be back to the Top spot in football too. I’m sure that’s what you meant to say bro… 😉

    Ox-Tu’ I’m glad you brought up that 2A to 6A comparison.
    However, you’d like to ignore the current comparison.
    Taylor plays a Top SoS and against SEC defenses, 4.9 ypc.
    The short order Cook plays SoS’s in the 44 to 69 range, and the in the All Cupcake Conference excuse for defense, 5.9 ypc.
    IF 2A to 6A in HS (which you claim doesn’t matter anyway) matters, then it’s even more reasonable to compare their competition levels in college, right? (as the Ox ducks back under mommies bed)
    And now back to your lie about Harris beating out Grier to be Driskel’s backup.
    Just like you said we’d know after the Spring game, then changed your lies to Spring don’t matter when Grier lit-it-up and your QB’s sucked.
    Grier was 8 of 11, 72.7% with 3 drops (100%) while leading 3 TD drives.
    And tell me, what was Grier’s competition level at the ‘Opening’ Elite 11 QB competition? (crickets)
    I’m betting that your eyes are dark brown, and I also know the cause for it…. 😉
    And I’ve got your ‘foreign’ swingin’ bubba…
    As to the future short order Cook off the field ‘stuff,’ nice cover job by FSUcks yet again…

  32. well never thought id say this but aux2 is right about 1 thing…harris did beat grier out in the summer for the backup job…harris proved to be more ready than grier coming into the summer…grier suffered a back injury well after the depth chart was made…muddler knows this but he wont admit it..he sees grier as a savior…and to take it one step further once grier committed to uf, he his dad and the coaching staff agreed he would take a redshirt because he wasn’t ready mentally or physically…the injury only cemented the redshirt..I do feel that the level of competition a player played in coming out of hs matters more than a players star rating..the elite 11,summer and spring camps are a good way to compete against others and gain exposure but its slightly over rated…no pads, no real pass rush, to home field advantage, no crowd noise, no real adversity…I love our current qb situation…we have 2qbs that can go out and win the east…GO GATORS!!!

  33. Harris threw for 40% in his last 4 games as the starter.
    You’ve got no way around that Fact/Stat.
    What Top HS WR wants to play with that QB?
    You claim to like simple facts and questions, so address those….
    And don’t try to dodge by yappin’ about what someone else did, just stick to what your chosen one did in front of everyone.

  34. “UF is, has been, and will always be the Top University in Florida.
    And we’ll soon be back to the Top spot in football too. ”

    That is exactly what I’m saying.

    813 I have to disagree with you about last year and the ‘competition” for back up QB. As you said Grier was headed for a red shirt season even before he set foot on campus. Nothing wrong with that.
    Harris was Roper’s boy from day one and it is true he seemed more ready to go due to better high school competition. He was always going to be the backup.
    Not that any of that matters now. Both of them have more experience and development now. Both of them have real offensive minded coaches for the first time in college.
    Both of them may very well prove to be better than anything the assclowns out west have.

  35. Glad you asked Little Jimmy Wisher. UF leads the SEC All Time in Total SEC Championships.
    Something the chickenchit criminoles will never have even one of is an SEC-C, in anything.
    Why, because Blobby Bowdown knew that they could play for more phootball championships if they joined the All Cupcake Conference instead of the SEC.
    That’s your own Saint Blobby telling you that you’re not good enough to compete in the SEC.

    UF’s current SEC All Sports Standings:
    SEC-C’s in M-Swimming & Diving and M-Indoor Track
    * 2014 NC UF Softball just took a 5-0 win over FSUcks for another season sweep. I’m starting to see why you claim to not care about any other sport than phootball. It’s cause you SUCK at them… 😉
    Mens and Womens Sports, UF has had Top 3 finishes in 7 sports already, Top 5 in 2 more.
    Unlike FSUcks, there is no ‘Off Season’ at UF.
    Florida plays in 8A college sports, while FSUcks plays in 2-3A sports. To bad that D1 NCAA doesn’t break their 124 teams down the way FL HS’s do. And little jimmy, if I posted the kind of chit that you post here on an FSUcks board, they’d ban me in a NY second.

    As to where UF finished the 2014 Season in the SEC Football standings. UF was #3 in the SECe (4-4) and tied with AU and LSU for #6 overall. With 14 SEC teams, that’s in the upper half of the SEC Standings.
    I’m sure that you’re very proud that FSUcks was the Top ACC Cupcake, by 2 pts.
    PS — GaSo finished 9-3, 8-0, which was better than where 9 of the All Cupcake’s finished. :p