Gators in third place for Diggs

Trevon Diggs is a consensus four-star recruit. (Photo by 247Sports)

Florida is in the running for another elite wide receiver from Maryland.

Can you Diggs it?

Wide receiver Trevon Diggs, the younger brother of former five-star recruit Stefon Diggs, announced his top schools in order Friday.

Alabama and LSU lead the pack followed by the Gators at No. 3. Diggs, a Rivals250 member ranked in the top 100 nationally by 247Sports and Scout, visited UF last month with QB Dwayne Haskins, another standout prospect out of Maryland.

Tennessee, Penn State, Miami, Clemson, Auburn, North Carolina, Rutgers, Virginia Tech and — surprisingly — Maryland round out Diggs’ list of favorites. The Terrapins were thought to be near or at the top of his leaderboard, so their last-place spot is puzzling.

His brother, projected to be a third-round pick in this year’s NFL draft, played the past three seasons at Maryland after choosing his home-state school over Florida and Ohio State. The Gators had been the team to beat for the majority of his recruitment.

The younger Diggs (6-0, 183) plans to return to Florida for a visit this year.

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  1. If you recall, Stefon thought he was being all sneaky by tweeting things the day before or day of his commitment, acting as if he was sorry that the maryland fans would be disappointed, then he chose Maryland. Maryland being last on this list makes me wonder if his brother has the same idea of trying to fool everybody.

  2. Any kid that makes a ranking of his schools more than 2-3 is gonna be a drama queen. Seriously, this kid knows the difference between his 7th favorite and 9th favorite school? Not say I wouldn’t support him if he dons the Orange and Blue, and I think Mac’s and Nuss’s reputation should proceed them in developing WR’s, but sounds like he’ll be a Bammer. Or he may wind up being a momma’s boy like Stefon. Little brothers are rarely better any way, they’re gonna have stars jacked up thanks to their older brother.

  3. Diggs, UF has Mc-Nuss and Grier, you should be a Gator dude.

    I have a bone to pick with the nations media-morons.
    Washing Post: Tebow is either dauntless, or a deluded lunk. The one thing he is not is meaningless. The Philadelphia Eagles and their madman coach Chip Kelly closely inspected him in March, and apparently found him worth a shot, despite the presence of Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez and Matt Barkley on the roster. — The NFL could use a more positive distraction from its recent woes. (ya-think)

    But people will still harp on his NFL 47.9% throwing, while attempting to ignore his 2.1 to 1 TD/Int Ratio and his 9-7 W/L record in his first 16 NFL starts, 2 of them Playoff games. He went 1-1 vs the Steelers and Pats. I guess they also think that Elway trading away the Bronco’s 2 best Vet WR’s (B.Lloyd and J.Gaffney) before starting Tebow shouldn’t affect his completion %. They will also ignore the FACT that he out-performed both Elway and P.Manning in their first 16 NFL starts. Tim has never been given a #1 QB’s advantages in a pre-season or season. He’s instead been thrown in on unsuccessful teams as an under used backup every time, and still he wins.

    Idiot media-morons on Tebow’s past throwing motion (resulting in 2+ TD’s per Int). “He got away with it with the Denver Broncos in 2011, because he had such a magnificent gift for fourth-quarter leadership and >> a great cast and defense surrounded him.” <<
    Don't any of these media-morons know that the Broncos were a 4-14 team with 7-8 year Vet QB Orton, or that the Bronco defense was #22 in the NFL before Tebow became the starter??? Apparently not…. On a 1-10 scale, Tim's entire TEAM leadership (O & D) with the Broncos rated a solid 12!
    This Washington Post media-moron goes on to claim: "But when he went to Rex Ryan’s chaotic New York Jets, it was like the power was suddenly cut. His inaccuracy sapped him, like kryptonite." — Actually, Tebow threw for 75% with the Jets, and he was 2 for 2 on 4th downs, one passing and one running, both for 1st downs. Instead of playing Tebow, Stupidimus Rex played 12 TD's to 18 Ints, plus a butt-fumble Sanchize.
    With the Pats, his pre-season results were better than Ryan Mallet's, but the Pats already had Ryan under a guaranteed contract and couldn't fine a trade for him.
    Perhaps they never look at all of Tebow's passing records, from HS, to the SEC, to the NFL. Tebow left UF as the SEC's All Time QB Pass Efficiency Rating Record Holder with 88 TD's to just 16 Ints. He also led the Nation with a streak of 30 games with at least 1 TD pass. Not to bad for what some (idiots) claim is a glorified FB (with the SEC Career Rushing TD Record (56 TD's).
    * Now if he continues to succeed, as he has since PeeWee football, it will all be a credit to Chip Kelly's magical coaching…. (more bs)
    All Kelly needs to do is surround Tim with competent players and a decent game plan, then just turn him loose.
    I also remember this, his 1,700+ fellow NFL players voted him onto THEIR Top 100 Players List.
    While not all of the media are morons, many of them do, imoho, richly deserve my freely given media-moron lable…. gggrrrr

  4. Wow muddler…so explain this…you think tebow is good enough to be a qb in the nfl with a 46.5 passer rating and his 2:1 td/int ratio..but treon isn’t good enough to be the qb for the gators with his 49.5 passer rating and 2:1 td(9)/int(4) ratio going 4-2….you say treon should be an rb but he only had 3 rushing tds…tebow had 6…so what should tebow be?..I would love to hear you explain….GO GATORS!!!!

  5. 813, with that kind of thinking, are you sure you’re not an FSU cum-loudly grad?
    You want to compare Tebow’s NFL numbers with a 4-14 team, to Treon’s college numbers?
    How about we just compare what they did as backup Fr QB’s at UF?
    Tebow Passing – 22 of 33, 67%, for 358 yds, 5 TD’s, 1 Int. PER = 201.73
    Tebow Rushing – 89 for 469 yds, 5.3 ypc, 8 TD’s, Long 55 yds.
    * His 5.3 average yards per carry was 2nd Nationally among QB’s behind WVa’s Pat White.
    ** In the 2006 NC game he ran for a TD and passed for a TD, that’s 2 TD’s better than tOSU Heisman QB Troy Smith did.
    * Freshman All-America honorable mention by The Sporting News
    * The Sporting News SEC All-Freshman Team selection
    * Member of the 2006 UF Football Leadership Committee
    * And a 4.0 on citizenship and community service, NOT arrested or accused of Rape or suspended.

    Harris Passing – 55 of 111, 49.5%, for 1,019 yds, 9 TD’s, 4 Ints. PER = 146.2
    Harris Rushing – 75 for 338 yds, 4.5 ypc, 3 TD’s, Long 33 yds.
    ~ Speeding on Campus
    ~ Driving without a License
    ~ 2 bags of weed in the car (cops unable to prove ownership)
    ~ Accused of Rape, arrested, suspended, (eventually drop by the victim with an order to stay away from her)
    Yep, real close aren’t they….. lmao!!!!

  6. Now just let me set you straight on Tebow’s NFL passing numbers:
    192 of 408, 47.1% for 2,874 yards, 20 TD’s, 9 Ints, PER 77.8
    Yards per completion = 15.97, not 6 yard dink and dunk junk.
    P.Manning set a new NFL Rookie record for Ints with 28, going 3-13.
    J.Elway’s threw 7 TD’s to 14 Ints with a 50-something QB Rating.
    Maybe you should go back and get an adult to explain my above post on Tebow to you…. 😉

  7. Back to the subject of this article.
    I would not spend a lot of time on this kid since he is probably playing us just like his brother.
    I know we have been an offensive joke during the last few years but brother Stefon did not exactly choose Oregon over us. Any kid that thinks Maryland is a better choice than Florida under any circumstances is a moron. His brother probably is as well.
    We can get all we need in Florida without messing with these Maryland clowns

  8. its clear to see that cant answer a question without posting irrelevant stats…why would you compare their freshman year? tebow played with a far better team on both sides of the ball with a far better coach…you have yet to answer the question..all you did was post stats that have no meaning regarding the question I asked…its a simple question that requires a simple answer…why do you feel a qb with a 46.5 passer rating and his 2:1 td/int ratio (12/6) with 9rushing tds over a qb with a 49.5 passer rating and 2:1 td(9)/int(4) ratio going 4-2 rushing for always say treon should be a rb with his yards per carry(4.5)..why don’t you suggest tebow do the same with his 5.2 yards per carry…remember tebows first year as a starter we went 7-5..treon went 4-2 which would’ve resulted in 8-4 by your accounts…here i’ll make it very easy for you since im making it too hard…which qb would you prefer…a qb with a 46.5 passer rating or a qb with a 49.5 passer rating…simple answer no stats needed…GO GATORS!!!

  9. muddler by the way if you really want to compare their freshman stats simply divide tebows stats by 2 or multiple treons stats by 2 since he only played in 6 games..but you wouldn’t do that now would you…if you do either one of the 2 you will find that treon had a better stats…GO GATORS!!!

  10. Tebow Passing – 22 of 33, 67%, for 358 yds, 5 TD’s, 1 Int. PER = 201.73
    Tebow Rushing – 89 for 469 yds, 5.3 ypc, 8 TD’s, Long 55 yds…is he a qb or rb? his stats would suggest a better runner than passer…more rushing yards than passing..more rushing tds than passing…GO GATORS!!!

  11. What’s clear Mrs 813 harris is that you can’t stand the light of day shined on your bias boys performance, on or off the field.
    And 813, you seem to have zero ability to read and comprehend, while blindly touting Treon.
    Tebow’s NFL QB Rating is 77.8, not 46.5. Are you to dumb to understand the difference between a QB passer rating and their completion percentage? (rhetorical) And in case you don’t know this either, the way they compute the Pro and College QB Ratings is different.
    What’s really funny is that you don’t want to compare Tebow’s and Harris’ Fr college numbers at UF, but you want to compare their Pro to College numbers. That’s just freakin’ hysterical to me. Comparing NFL numbers to college numbers is fair, while comparing college freshman numbers is not??? That’s moronic dude. And make up your mind, first you don’t want to compare them, then you turn right around and give your own comparisons, while asking non-comparable questions.
    Tebow, from PeeWee to the NFL could run and PASS.
    Tebow owns passing records; HS, UF, SEC, NCAA, and NFL.
    Harris can run,,, and run,,, cause his passing sucks.
    IF you don’t see that I have answered your moronic question in full, then get some adult help to explain it to you.
    Treon’s last 4 games as the starter, he should have been getting better, but instead he threw for 40%.
    Vs FSU, 13 of 32, 40%, 0 TD’s, 2 Ints. — Vs EKy 4 of 12, 33% (jus-damn!)
    Do you think that receivers are going to want to come to UF for that kind of passing? Will Mc-Nuss find it acceptable?
    I didn’t bring Harris up, you did, yet again. You may think that you’re helping him, but to me it seems like you’re just digging his/your hole deeper by the post. You might want to just let it go…..
    I’ll talk about Grier and you can talk about Harris, but do your boy a favor and stop with any comparisons.
    Fr Tebow Passing 66.7%, 5 TD’s, 1 Int, QB Rating 201 — 5.3 ypc 13 TD’s
    Fr Harris Passing 49.5%, 9 TD’s, 4 Int’s, QB Rating 146 — 4.5 ypc 3 TD’s
    If Harris ever makes it to the NFL as a QB, (highly unlikely) then we can try to compare their first 16 NFL starts numbers, if Harris is playing for a 4-14 team.
    As I read your next post, you really do need some help with your comprehension. Tebow started ZERO games as a Fr, while taking about 18% of the game snaps. He never had a chance to get into a starters rhythm, but was thrown in for a few plays here and there. Harris was given the starters roll for 6 games, Advantage Harris.
    And as a Soph 1st year starter, Tim went 9-4 in 2007, not 7-5.
    He is the ONLY QB in NCAA History to break the 20/20 TD Barrier, P-32 + R-23 = 55 TD’s.
    He was also the first underclassman to ever win the Heisman Trophy. Now that’s a QB!
    And sorry little (under 15) brother, for calling you Mrs Harris…. 😉 I apologize…. 🙂

  12. muddler why so sensitive….im just a gator fan supporting the players..real mature with the name calling but im an adult so I can handle it unlike you…once again you failed to make a point only stating that tebow has a bunch of records and treon sucks..which is only your bias opinion.. and now your saying what I knew you were going to say which is tebow didn’t play enough..its not fair to compare their freshman year stats because tebow played in all 14games that year..treon only played in 6..7 if you count tenn…if you take tebows 6game stats compared to treons 6game stats treon has the better of the 2…if treon took 18% of the snaps in a 12 games season his passing stats would be better than the math…but you wont do that because it will show treon is a lot better than you think… you failed to mention what treons stats would be if he were to play a full just kills you to know that your boy grier isn’t what your hyping him up to be…for someone that cant throw harris sure does have 2 state titles and beat your boy grier out in the summer even though grier enrolled in the spring…tim went 9-4…treon would’ve went 8-4 as a true freshman and you could say 9 with him coming in and saving the day vs tenn…tebow was out of the league for a while because he couldn’t throw…his contract with the eagles has no guarantee money meaning he has to show he can throw accurately and consistently during training camp in order to make the team…jus keep running your mud mouth…time will tell and prove you wrong…GO GATORS!!!

  13. by the way muddler..treon making it to the league is very possible..his brother is currently playing in the nfl and qbs with treons size and ability make it to the league and have success…r.wilson ,m.vick ,s.king, d.flutie j.garcia…GO GATORS!!!

  14. muddler your making it worst on yourself by trying to compare stats of someone that played in 14 games vs someone that played in 6…also posting someones hs season stats vs someone who only played 6games…jus admit it you don’t like the kid because of who he is..its ok..most of America has the same type of mindset as you and its sad…you criticize everything treon doesn’t but I have yet to see you post anything negative about grier…that’s your good ole boy huh?…jus keep proving me right mud mouth..your doing a fantastic job…GO GATORS!!!