Gardner solid, but will take visits

Chauncey Gardner was invited to 'The Opening' combine in March. (Photo by Tom Hauck)

Chauncey Gardner, Florida’s top verbal commitment, liked what he saw from the Gators in last weekend’s spring game.

The Rivals100 cornerback from Cocoa even thinks UF will have a turnaround season in 2015.

“It’s only the spring,” he said, “but it’s awesome to see the atmosphere and the team is way better than last year. They are going to do some damage this year.”

Gardner watched Florida’s corners closely during the Orange & Blue Debut.

“They did their thing,” he said. “It’s hard to judge from a spring game. They aren’t going all the way full speed because you don’t want anyone to get hurt. I can’t wait to see them in the fall.”

The Gators are stacked in the secondary but will likely lose junior Vernon Hargreaves III as well as senior Brian Poole after next season.

The defensive coaches plan on using the 5-foot-11, 190-pound Gardner as an all-around defensive back.

“They like that I can play a little bit of everything,” he said. “Safety, corner, nickel, it doesn’t matter. I can just come in and make an impact for them.”

However, Gardner does want to visit other schools this summer despite his pledge to UF.

“I plan on hitting a little SEC circuit, places like Alabama and Georgia,” he said. “I probably will go to Florida State, too. Really I have just been relaxing because I’m solid with Florida.”

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  1. You have to take “solid” with a grain of salt. Gardner is on his third commitment already, although two of them are to Florida. As fo UF being DBU, I think there are other schools that can make the same claim, like LSU and FSU. Unlike UF, the corners that left early this year at FSU will be drafted, and high as well. Winston is undefeated against Florida, he certainly didn’t turn pro because he’s worried about Florida. I think he would have rather stayed in school but was pressured into turning pro early form family and friends. I agree with his lawyer that he’s not ready for the NFL from a maturity standpoint, even is he is more than ready from a football standpoint. He still is too worried about pleasing other people. It got him in trouble with shouting a vulgar phrase and I just saw another example of it with Jon Gruden. Gruden showed him an interception against Louisville that was a perfect pass, but the receiver, Travis Rudolph, stopped on the route. Instead of standing up for himself, he told Gruden that it was his fault and that he overthrew the receiver. I worry about him when all the sharks that are a part of the NFL start surrounding him.But anyone who thinks the number one pick in the draft is worried about any college team is, well, someone to pity.

  2. uf is dbu and fsu aint even in the picture…m.elam, j.evans, j. watkins, j.haden, m.wright, l.purifoy,m.roberson,w.hill and more…next up v.hargreaves..hands down the best corner in the country.winston had his worst game against our secondary and admitted that was the best secondary he ever faced..that came straight from the horses mouth.when was the last time fsu had a db in the first round?..patrick robinson?…GO GATORS!!!

  3. i forgot reggie nelson as well…since the 07′ draft uf has had 11 first rounders…fsu has had..wait for it..a whopping 6 with only 2 being dbs..aux2 you clearly are delusional…GO GATORS!!!

  4. These FSU trolls come out of the woodwork don’t they? Where you guys been hiding for the past 15 years? You had two good seasons. This article is about recruiting and UF athletics, quit trolling. Winston threw 3 picks in the 1st qtr against DBU last year. He’s going to flop so hard in the nfl, just like the rest of the qbs jimbo has coached (Jamarcus Russell, Ponder, Manuel). They all suck!! Go Gators!!

  5. AUX, you know very little about Winston. I live up here near Tally, have known dozens of people over the last 30 years in the fsu program. Heck, Bobby Bowden’s own long-time secretary Sue Hall was good friends of my family. I was one of the people who actually exposed the Peter Warrick/Dillards Scandal that fsu and the TPD were trying to cover up.

    I’m also the one who reported in advance that a second girl who was victimized by wonston would come forward (the girl who sought crisis counseling from fsu), and I also know there are several more who’ve been victimized by that thug that will eventually come forward.

    and Winston was a two year and done athlete at fsu, despite what he said publically.

    as for “not being afraid of Florida”, who could blame him? he played two of the worst UF teams in over 30 years with the worst HBC in UF history at the helm. Heck, I wouldn’t be afraid of them either. lol

    That said, a lot of Winston’s success came on the back of playing two pitifully weak back-to-back strength of schedules too… neither of them even in the top 55.

  6. Projected 2016 Gator DB’s:

    #8 SS Marcus Maye 6-0 205 rsSr 2L **** (grad, maybe gone)

    #6 FS Keanu Neal 6-1 209 Sr 2L **** (freakazoid, maybe gone)


    #7 SS Marcell Harris 6-2 208 rsJr 1L ****

    #11 FS/Nic Nick Washington 6-1 193 rsJr 2L ****

    #15 FS/Nic Quincy Wilson 6-1 209 Jr 1L **** (#14 CB)

    #80 S Kylan Johnson 6-3 202 rsFr/So? *** 75 – Dallas Tx (HS CB/QB-DT, 36 TD’s, 0 Int’s)
    Offers: UF–Ark, KSt, UCLA, WashSt, Wis, TxTech, etc
    #3 CB/Nic Brian Poole 5-10 208 Sr 3L ***** (grad, gone for sure)
    #1 CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 198 Jr 2L ***** (Sr, maybe gone, his choice)


    #3 CB Jalen Tabor 6-1 192 Jr 1L *****

    #9 CB Duke Dawson 5-10 200 Jr 1L **** (Nic/Dime/S)

    #11 Ath/CB J.C. Jackson 5-11 196 rsSo SQ **** (CB/KR)

    #53 Ath/CB Deiondre Porter 6-0 176 rsSo SQ *** (#50 QB-PP/Ath)

    #33 CB/WR Chris Williamson 6-0 185 rsFr/So? **** 79 Gainesville, Ga – 5A All State

    Offers: UF–AU, UGA, UK, VU, Mich, ND, VaTech, Cal, NC, etc


    2016 Gator Verbal’s:
    CB/Nic/FS Chauncey Gardener 6-0 190 Fr **** Nike “Opening’
    S Spencer Perry 6-3 205 –
    Ath/RB/S? Tyrek Tisdale 6-1 199

    2016 Some other DB’s Currently Considering UF:
    CB Trayvon Mullen 6-2 170 – Coconut Creek, FL
    CB Thomas Leggett 6-0 174 – Navarre, FL
    CB Kristian Fulton 6-0 172 – Metairie, La
    CB Chad Clay 6-0 179 – Suwanee, Ga
    CB Ronnie Blackmon 5-10 174 – Atlanta, Ga
    S Romeo Finley 6-1 200 – Niceville, FL
    S Josh Dunn 6-0 195 – Lake Wales, FL
    S Joejuan Williams 6-3 194 – Nashville, Tn
    S Craig Watts 5-10 179 – St. Pete, FL
    S Nigel Warrior 6-0 184 – Atlanta, Ga

  7. If you think UF’s secondary right now is better than FSU’s, you are delusional. UF has some fine corners, and Hargreaves may be better than anyone, but then again, he may not be as good as Jalen Ramsey. As for UF’s safeties, there’s nothing great about any of them. Marcus Maye, if you recall, was picked on by FSU because he couldn’t cover the tight end, and I think East Carolina picked on him too. FSU has two safeties that are better than anything UF can throw out there, Trey Marshall and, a guy you’ll hear a lot about, Derwin James. UF is not even in the same galaxy as FSU as far as being DBU. Deion Sanders alone makes that claim ludicrous. When you see both P.J. Williams, who by the way is from Ocala to rub a little more salt in the wound, and Ronald Darby go high in the draft, unlike the two who left early from Florida, I’m sure there will be more excuse made. It’s a ridiculous notion that UF is the best secondary, how often do they choke when the game is on the line? Against an awful quarterback from LSU on fourth and forever? Winston is so bad, yet he burned UF’s secondary when it counts. FSU makes plays to win games, they actually run back an interception for a touchdown, while UF doesn’t take advantage of it’s opportunity. I know it’s important to brag about something when the team is mediocre, but the results on the field don’t match the rhetoric. FSU has had a better secondary than Florida the past two years, that’s not going to change this year, even with the loss of two high draft picks at corner. Keep dreaming and wondering when you see Derwin James, for example, why UF doesn’t have anyone like that. Vernon Hargreaves is a great corner, but he doesn’t make game changing plays like Jalen Ramsey. I agree that he’s so good that teams stay away from him, but when they go at him, he doesn’t make a momentum changing play. I recall he had a chance against Vandy, remember that loss at Homecoming? He had a chance for a pick six that could have turned the game around, but he stepped out of bounds, and the Gators went on to lose. When UF’s secondary actually makes plays that lead to wins, let me know, until then it’s just laughable that UF has the best anything.

  8. lol…all i can do is laugh at aux2…ramsey isnt in the same galaxy as hargreaves…fsu’s dbs have been so bad you had to go all the way back to deion…doesnt matter where you get drafted but what you do in the league and fsu’s dbs havent been seen since deion…i doubt williams goes in the first round since he has a drinking and driving problem and darby is a 2-3rd round pick…keanu neal is better than whoever derwin james is…did that kid even play last year…neal had 4picks…we had a freshman make all freshman sec as a corner…as a matter of fact who does fsu have in their secondary besides ramsey? no one with experience or a pick…q.wilson, v.hargreaves,b.poole,j.tabor,k.neal,d.dawson all had picks and are returning..i bet you cant say the same for fsu…GO GATORS!!!

  9. lol…aux2 you are hilarious…trey marshall didnt even record a stat this season…how is someone that has never played a down of college football be better than someone thats been playing and starting for over a year…fsu’s dbs are so wet behind the ears i could go fishing…GO GATORS!!!

  10. I guess we’ll see when the season arrives, but Trey Marshall is a safety from Lake City that played very little as a true freshman last year. As for Derwin James, the reason you haven’t seen him is because he was in high school last year and was the top defensive back in the country. He already looks like an NFL player, and poor Florida, if he stays healthy, will meet him at the end of season. I know about UF’s depth chart, and there are plenty of talented players, but talent doesn’t matter if you don’t execute, and UF’s secondary was burned plenty enough last year when the difference between winning and losing was on the line. Did UF even cover Amari Cooper? How about UF leading by four with six minutes to go after Jeff Driskel threw a long pass and a touchdown to Demarcus Robinson? The supposedly great defense, including the secondary let LSU’s receivers make plays after they had not caught a pass all game. LSU faced third and 25 and gained 41. Was it Keanu Neal or Brian Poole who screwed up? It doesn’t matter, the Gator defense found a way to blow the game, added on top was a personal foul against McCalister, and LSU had 56 yards on one play. Then Poole commits pass interference, but the LSU receiver still catches the ball for a touchdown. People blame the tight end and Driskel, but the real blame goes to Florida’s defense. Muschamp might still be the coach if the Gator defense, including the secondary was as great as your imagination.

  11. Dwayne Haskins Jr., a four-star quarterback in the 2016 class, has yet to commit to a school.

    He might be getting close to making a pledge, though. A number of prospects in his class verbally committed to various schools on Wednesday. Haskins hinted he might be doing the same sometime soon.

    Which school will Haskins be committing to? Florida seems to be a serious contender.

    That’s a good sign for the Gators, but recruits’ Twitter accounts are often cryptic and teasing.

    Haskins, a 6-foot-3, 198-pound prospect, is ranked the No. 5 pro-style quarterback in his class by 247 Sports’ Composite Rankings. He is reportedly also considering Maryland and Rutgers, among other programs.

  12. aux I think you get caught up in the moment sometime to say that Florida State secondary was better than ours by far the past two season is outrageous like I told you before you, you pick and choose which things to fight and ignore the others like you said our defense was any good because we didn’t stop USC after doing so back to back times. When I asked you about Seattle Seahawks who gave two touchdowns in 8 minutes in the super bowl you failed to reply. Great defense get scored on also. Florida State defense has been no where close to ours in the past years.

  13. Guys the above exchange is a perfect example of why I say it is pointless to argue or even engage an assclown in conversation.
    First auxclown says FSU has a much better secondary and throws out some names no one has heard before and no one cares about. But when 813 takes the time to look them up we find those scrubs are in coming freshmen that haven’t played a down in college yet. However he has told us before regarding our OL that if we need to count on in coming freshmen to play then we are in deep trouble. Hypocrite.
    Then he says those high schoolers are so much better than our seasoned secondary because of the things they have done in high school. But when da-mud lists Grier high school stats the assclowns tell him those are meaningless in college.
    What we have here is the typical hypocritical assclown talking out of both sides of his arse.
    The truth is we have a much better secondary, D line and overall defense than the FSU thugs. We even have not one but 2 better QBs than what they have.
    Auxclown you can’t have it both ways fool, you are getting desperate and each post of yours contradicts what you have said before. You can’t fool anyone here, we are all laughing at you.

  14. Haskins say he “loves” Florida. That would be a huge pick up for Florida since I’m sure he’s at the top of UF’s board, at least among uncommitted quarterbacks. As for UF’s “seasoned” secondary, how well did that “seasoning” help UF in crunch time? UF lost FIVE games, and the “seasoned” secondary had a lot to to do with that. I’ve watched Neal and Maye, and I’m not impressed with either of them. I am impressed with UF’s corners, but the bottom line is that UF didn’t stop people when the game was on the line. UF had four picks against FSU, but did they run one of them back for a touchdown when Poole would have probably easily scored if he had went to the sideline? When facing third and nine from the Gators 39, did Hargreaves prevent Greene from hauling in a 29 yard pass. How easy was it for O’Leary to burn Maye for two scores? You can talk about yards and interceptions all you want, but the winners talk about winning and don’t give a hoot about stats. Do you think UF’s players cared about giving up a bunch of yards to Kentucky or East Carolina? I think there are, once again, unrealistic expectation that are based on nothing, we will find out if I’m wrong when the season starts. I think you should pay attention to the Vegas line when it comes out. Vegas had UF pegged at 7.5 wins last year, a pretty accurate assessment. I think that might be lower for this year.

  15. Aux, you claim the be a football fan and pledge allegiance to no particular school. Yet, every single time you mention a player by name, they play for halfassu. You really need to admit you have a problem (being an assnole) and seek help. Remember, like halfassu, you can’t fix a problem until you admit it….lol

  16. I scan ahead before reading anyone’s comments on this board. If it’s Aux2 I do not read any of his long winded drivel. That said, I’ve lived in Cocoa and Chauncey should definitely take his visits to other schools and enjoy them. See you next year in Orange and Blue C!

  17. aux you are hilarious! FSU didn’t beat us because of our secondary and Winston isn’t undefeated against us because he played well. Last year that UF secondary destroyed Winston and he better be thanking our offense and Dalvin Cook for keeping him undefeated because those 2 are the only reasons he beat UF. You wanna talk about it matters what you do at crunch time then bring up a 3rd down conversion in the 2nd quarter?? You made it sound like the 4th quarter! Guess what, the defense didn’t allow 1 3rd down conversion through the air the whole 2nd half. It’s ONE FREAKING PLAY! Even the best will get beat on 1 play every now and then. It’s a fact of playing football. I’ll find you plays where Deion Sanders got beat. I’ll find you plays where PJ Williams got beat! I’ll find plays where Ronald Darby got beat. Heck I’ll even go back to the high school tapes to find where those little freshmen you’re talking about got beat. EVERYONE gets beat from time to time. It’s football, you moron! You wanna talk about plays that matters? How about Jabari Gorman intercepting Winston after a foolish roughing the kicker penalty put the defense on the field again? That’s HUGE! Those mistakes can haunt you and Gorman prevented that! How about Quincey Wilson intercepting a pass on 3rd and 8 on the very next possession? How about Brian Poole intercepting Winston at their 9 to set up the offense with a 1st and goal?? That’s the biggest! How about Poole intercepting Winston on 3rd and 11?? How about that secondary holding Winston to his lowest pass yardage of his career and only 50% completion percentage. If that were Driskel you’d be saying he had a terrible game, yet it’s Winston and he’s the hero?? You’re a fit. Anyone who knows an ounce about football (Not you obviously) would tell you that secondary dominated that game.

  18. And now Marcus Maye, because I think this one is worthy of it’s own separate message. Did you just say ECU picked on him all game?? Did you even watch that game or are you just full out guessing now???? Because I’ll admit Maye didn’t play well last season. And he did get bullied that FSU game, he was the only weak point in that secondary. I was ready to give up on the kid. But then came the ECU game. Since I’m sure you didn’t watch it, let me tell you what happened: Marcus Maye was on FIRE! He was a man possessed! Maye was flying all over the field. Tackling, tight coverage, breaking up passes. He was everywhere. In fact you love to talk about clutch moments? How about 3rd and 15 from the Gators 25 with 49 seconds left in the half. Carden throws up a pass for the endzone and Maye beautifully breaks it up to force the field goal, which they missed. Now that’s stepping up when it matters most! (Oh and it was against their best receiver too). I only saw Maye get beat on one play and as we’ve said before, everyone gets beat once. And when it’s a safety vs a taller receiver on a fade jump ball in the endzone and the safety had good coverage, but the receiver just made a play, then you can forgive it. That’s gonna happen. The other teams have good players too and they’re bound to make a play. That was Maye’s game. That was a game Maye came out and showed all the hard work he put in over the break. That was the kind of dominationg momentum building game that carries over into becoming a great player next year. And he rode that momentum into spring to have a great spring. I was ready to give up on Maye, but that ECU game proved he’s not done yet. And I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t become one of our better players next season

  19. Oh and speaking of that ECU game. Since you want to talk about it only matters what players do when the game is on the line (and want to bring up a meaningless 3rd down conversion in the 2nd quarter against VH3 to “prove” it), did you see the end of that game? You know where we were only up by 8 and ECU was driving. Where a score could’ve sent it to overtime? What happened there, I’m having trouble remembering. Oh wait! I remember! Brian Poole caused a fumble that squirted downfield and when VH3 tried to recover it a ref got in the way allowing ECU to fall on it. Now it would’ve been easy for VH3 to be upset and pout and be done. But you know what he did? very next play, VH3 interception in the endzone to end the game. Because THAT’S how GREAT players react when they get screwed and their back’s against the wall!

  20. amari cooper is one of the top players in the draft..he wouldve did the samething to fsu maybe worst…aux2 how do you know those freshman will even play? they might get a red agree with everything azalus says..i didnt think much of m.maye and when d.dawson replaced him as a starter for a few games the secondary stepped up..d.dawson got injuried and m.maye had to return but he played a little better in the bowl game… like 305 said its pointless to go back and forth with you and i refuse to do so any more…im not responding to any fsu troll until 11/28…GO GATORS!!!

  21. this is an encouraging sign for our oline situation…”While keeping in mind that they were at times going against inferior competition, the run game was impressive, especially behind left guard Antonio Riles and left tackle David Sharpe. Those two worked very well together on combo blocks and displayed great communication along with their ability to block and seal defenders in space (see Kelvin Taylor’s 2nd touchdown). Those traits are absolutely essential in this run scheme and I thought both players jumped off the tape. Taylor showed good vision and excellent burst when he found a seam. I thought Cameron Dillard was solid as well at center, but the right side of the offensive line on both teams struggled mightily. I don’t think it would be a stretch to see at least one of the true freshmen in the starting lineup come September”…that puts a smile on my face..i know its only spring but its a great sign to see a.riles getting reps and doing well..i must take my hat off to coach summer for coaching this kid up..i have confidence in sharpe because i watched him play a few times last year and he did well also..i think once the fall hits, harkless may move to guard and if m.ivey plays up to his potential early in fall practice at tackle, then we will have a solid oline that will only continue to get better throughout the year just like last year…summers will get the best out of anyone he coaches..GO GATORS!!!

  22. I’m happy to be of service when it comes to provoking conversation.There is not much going on in recruiting right now, apparently, so it’s fun to talk about something. I don’t think you even realize that you are making my point even stronger when you crow about beating some one in the Birmingham Bowl. There was a time when it was considered a nothing bowl appearance was something to be ashamed of, but now it’s something to brag about? As for “crunch” time, any time in the game is important. The failure of the Gator secondary against Miami was critical, it gave Miami the confidence that they could win. People blame Jeff Driskel, and he certainly contributed, but the Gator defense is the reason that Miami gained the confidence that an underdog lacks. UF’s defense has been a good defense, but not anywhere close to being a great defense the past couple of years. A great defense makes the critical stops, and UF has constantly faltered. UF’s secondary, defensive line, etc. aren’t the best anything until they actually play winning football. Losing 13 games over the past couple of years is proof that the hypothesis of any part of the Gator defense being the “best” at anything is a fairy tale. For those of you that are infatuated by statistics, you might say it’s null.

  23. aux again something is wrong with you. Winston saved you guys. nc state, notre dame Oregon ect tore through fsu defense. Winston the leader that he was carried yall to victories not fsu defense. Ramsey isn’t even the best corner in acc. That goes to Mcdaniels who plays for Clemson. I follow Clemson as someone who stays in south Carolina and Clemson has produced better players over the years in nfl that fsu. and D. Watson and Clemson will beat them this year. Watkins, Hopkins, allen, ellington, spiller ect. fsu has defeated them and that’s because Boyd sucked but Watson will on acc and fsu from here on out and I think you know that.

  24. Aux…. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!Wow. Did I really just read that?? That was clearly a paragraph of reaching for anything you could find as you just got slammed with facts and have nothing else to say. Nothing to back you up! I NEVER said being in the Birmingham Bowl was good. I NEVER said beating ECU was a great achievement. What I did do was point out how Marcus Maye bounced back to play lights out that game (against a really good passing game. Shane Carden’s no joke, Justin Hardy’s right up there with Cooper and the rest of the receiving corps is good) when you said he got “picked on”. I’m sorry Aux but explain how 10 tackles and 4 passes defended with only 2 catches allowed (one in zone coverage) is in any way getting picked on?? Just admit you were wrong. I PROVED you had NO clue what you were talking about. The only other thing I used that game for was to show that clutch moments you wanted to talk about. Like Marcus Maye (the guy who most certainly didn’t get picked on) with a BEAUTIFUL pass break up in the end zone on 3rd down and VH3 with the interception in the endzone to seal the game. That’s clutch.
    I’m sorry did you just seriously say “People blame Jeff Driskel”?? YOU blamed Driskel!!! For everything!!! Heck if a running back fumbled somehow you made it Driskel’s fault. But now it’s not convenient so you don’t want to accuse him?? hahaha And you’re also bringing up 2013 now?? Tell me how many of those guys are going to be in the secondary this year?? That’s what I thought. NEXT!
    And now for “Losing 13 games over the past couple of years is proof that the hypothesis of any part of the Gator defense being the “best” at anything is a fairy tale.” This comment is by far the most ludicrous. You can be great at something but suck at everything else and lose. Just ask Kentucky. They had a great D line last year, but how many games did they win?? You wanna know why we lost?? Coaches who couldn’t take advantage of situations, inept offense and turnovers. When your defense does all the things our defense does and holds team to as few points as our defense does you expect to win. The fact that we didn’t is not on the defense. The defense had to hold UT to 9 points to win that game. had they gotten another field goal would that loss be on the defense?? Heck no! Several times the D has dominated the opposing offenses just to see all their hard work for naught as the offense literally hands the game away. Like the Missouri game. That was a championship defensive performance. Only allowing 119 TOTAL yards and 5-14 on 3rd downs? It’s incredible. It’s very rarely heard of. But 6 turnovers later and the score’s 42-13. There’s no way anyone (except someone as desperate as you) could put those 42 points or that loss on the defense. Football is a team sport. No matter how good a defense is it can’t do it on it’s own. The fact that that is your only defense and you bring no facts or proof to the table hilariously shows how weak your argument is. Just admit you’re wrong bro and let’s move on to fresh more intelligent arguments.

  25. Two-faced criminoles are in-famous for their forked-tongue claims, as they talk out of both sides of their lyin’ mouths.
    Example: What Gator QB Grier did in HS, 14,565 yds, 195 TD’s, 27 Ints means nothing.
    And Grier led the Nation as a HS Sr throwing 77 TD’s to just 11 Ints. Elite 11 #2 QB-DT.
    But what some chump criminole DB did in HS means everything and counts??? LMAO! 🙂
    Well crimi-chump, was Derwin James at least the Parade PoY or the Lemmings Defensive PoY?
    S Derwin James – Named 2014 All-USA >Second Team< by USA TODAY.
    Nope, a 2nd best Safety, for a 2nd best Clown-U 'Deion Rule' school.
    And the only reason he even started in the spring game was because Andrews was injured.
    What does a GREAT FSUcks secondary do?

    13-1 ACC-C FSUcks at home was only 5 pts better than an also-ran 7-5 UF.
    They were only 6 pts better than 7-6 OkSt.
    They were only 4 pts better at home than 8-5 ND.
    They were only 4 pts better than the 6-7 scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I.
    They were only 3 pts better than 7-6 BC.
    They were only 2 pts better than GaTech for the ACC-Chump-pion-ship.
    Only the 'media-moron' voters would put that crappy team in the playoffs. Result?
    And then they took a World Record Blow-Out 20-59 LOSS to the LAC 12 Champ.
    That's the Lack 12 Chump that then took a 22 point loss to tOSU.
    The criminole secondary held Marcus to just 59 points,,,, WoW!
    And Shameous Jameous led your crims to a whole 20 pts…. Zam-bowee!
    But FACTUAL REALITY will never set in for any delusional Clown-U Criminole…..

    Just because it's a bit of off-season fun for me, the 'Commutative Property' of college football:
    UF 28 – 20 ECa (-8)
    ECa 28 – 21 @ VaTech (-7)
    VaTech 35 – 21 @ tOSU (-14)
    tOSU 42 – 20 Oregon (-22)
    Oregon 59 – 20 FSUcks (-39)

    How far behind is UF?
    They missed the SEC-C game by 6 pts, and an 11-2 season by 11 pts and a rain-out.
    3 pt losses to LSU and SCa, but an 18 pt win over 10-3 UGA. (UGA 37-14 UL)

    But notice that I'm not over on some FSUcks board attempting to convince them of anything…. :p

  26. thats right bud..and i wouldnt even put ramsey over mackensie alexander, that kid can ball too…”The secondary is the antithesis of the offensive line — deep, talented, experienced, the strength of this football team. The Gators may have the best collection of cornerback talent in the nation with Vernon Hargreaves III, Quincy Wilson, Brian Poole, Jalen Tabor and J.C. Jackson. The coaches are also high on redshirt freshman cornerback Deiondre Porter. The Gators also look really deep and talented at safety with Keanu Neal, Marcus Maye, Duke Dawson and Marcell Harris, who really came on this spring. Overall, this secondary has a chance to be the best in school history…GO GATORS!!!

  27. I’m amazed at how delusional some folks continue to be. Bringing up Missouri is a great example. Missouri didn’t have to do anything on offense to win and the coach was smart enough to now that. Unlike the year before when Missouri torched the Gators. UF scored enough points that day, but the defense could never stop Missouri. Once again, you fail to see the forest for the trees. The point is to win the game. LSU didn’t do anything passing the ball until they had to to win the game. The great Gator defense is a myth. It’s a new year, maybe the Gator defense will be great, but based on their performance the past two years, it’s not something to be confident about.
    As for the chirping about Clemson, FSU has already beat Deshaun Watson, been there and done that. As for McKenzie being the ACC’s best corner, I think Fuller from Virginia Tech and Ramsey will both contest that statement. As for FSU losing to Clemson, can you be serious? FSU owns Clemson, and now that Fisher has taken over, the domination will return to where it was when FSU joined the ACC. Fisher is 4-1 against Clemson and the game is late in the season, which is not good for Clemson because all the newcomers at FSU will be veterans by then. Clemson is very talented, and their skill position players are among the best in the country, but not better than FSU’s. Keep dreaming, you should have figured out that if you can’t beat FSU with a quarterback who had a day to prepare, and Clemson with perhaps their best quarterback ever, FSU just might own Clemson again. Clemson is like Florida, they talk big, but the new sheriff, Jimbo Fisher, is in town. Get used to winning only once every five years or so, that’s the record now and, if you are following recruiting, it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon.

  28. from nfl films matt Hamilton
    The secondary continues to look as good as any in the country. Vernon Hargreaves III and Jalen Tabor make a dynamic pair at the corners and having a 3rd cornerback with the talent and physicality of Brian Poole is a luxury few teams have. Keanu Neal has tremendous range and made a number of superb plays on the ball. I was also impressed with the physical play of Nick Washington and Duke Dawson, who did excellent work in run support. Overall, what impresses me most about this unit is not their speed and playmaking ability, but their physical play. Each individual has the willingness to come up and make tackles around the line of scrimmage, make big hits after completions, and they rarely give up much after the catch. If the offense can continue to build upon the progress they showed, Florida can be a legitimate contender to take the SEC East with such a formidable defense.

  29. I follow recruiting and Clemson keeps getting stronger and stronger and for you trying to bash Watson be real. Clemson lost that game on a fumble. And Alexander came in as the number two corner behind Hardgraves and last year played it, he shut your boy Greene down the entire game until he fell down on that on play other that Greene was shut out and he followed him all over the field. You’re happy that you beat Clemson last year and you saw that freshman qb and you know he’s going to get better and better. I give you credit for keeping it real some be truthful. Clemson defense which will also be young will get chance to get their feet better which make game in later part of the season better for them to. Not even going to worry about their offense against that paper fsu defense. As for my Gators you defense versus fsu you talking about players for fsu who haven’t even played yet, but when we mention Grier you say he hadn’t done anything yet, that’s very messed up , you used freshman who haven’t played yet to benefit you’re argument. You have no idea what they are going do until they play a down.

  30. 813gatorboi No one is bragging about a three star lineman. But it is a little strange to be denigrating the commitment when five of the six offensive linemen UF signed this past class are three stars, according to Rivals. I’m sure that someone will come up with some other rating, like when they pulled out that Brian Poole was a five star according to Scout. It’d be nice if the guy who touts high school accolades would just pick one service, ESPN, Rivals, 247. etc., instead of cherry picking the most favorable for each individual player. What goes over your head is that picking up someone like Boselli is great for a program even if he doesn’t pan out. it’s not very often you see an NFL club, the Jaguars, congratulating someone on a college commitment. The same type of thing occurs when you take Snoop Dog’s son, regardless of whether or not he catches a pass. Who knows if Tony Boselli’s son will be a good player? The number of stars for an offensive lineman, of any position, is not an indicator of their success. The only four star offensive lineman at FSU the past two years, Bobby Hart, may be the only one not drafted. A two star, Bryan Stork, is the starting center for the Patriots. It seems a little strange to me that Florida didn’t even offer Boselli, especially since the need for offensive linemen is so acute. So, yes, my friend, keep on laughing. I won’t laugh, but I will scratch my head a little, it’s just another thing that makes me wonder what’s going on down in Gainesville, and how the more things change, the more they remain the same.

  31. screw talk so much about uf getting 3star players but when fsu gets one that we dont care about and didnt offer its a great sign..your full of sh$t…by the way…why was fsu ranked 3rd in playoff seeding?…GO GATORS!!!

  32. Enough from the delusional Clown-U twits, back to the Gators.

    The Mc-Nuss offense likes to have a FB available in their offense, but none are on the current Gator roster.
    There are possibilities that seem to be available imo:
    DL Dakota Wilson 6-0 261 rsSr SQ – best hammer blocker for K.Taylor
    OL Matthew Fuchs 6-2 239 rsJr SQ
    LB LeAndre Rembert 5-8 244 rsSo SQ – put him in front of 5-7 215 A.Lane
    OL Nick Davis 6-3 256 rsSo SQ
    TE Moral Stephens 6-3 249 rsFr SQ – best FB receiver
    And thoughts Gator fans?

  33. Forget a fullback. UF’s fullback is at Auburn, Martez Ivey’s friend, Chandler Cox. If you are looking for another player, you normally look at a linebacker, but UF doesn’t have any extra linebackers, especially since it’s a longshot that Morrison plays this year. Forget a walk on or a tight end. UF is also thin at running back, so don’t look for help there. McElwain will have to adjust to not having a fullback until h can recruit one. It’s not a big deal, UF can run a one back set with an H back on the side. The offensive set doesn’t really matter, UF will struggle mightily because of the low talent level on offense. It’s going to take a couple of years for McElwain to recruit the players he wants.

  34. Ox-Tu’ – first off, I addressed my post to Gator fans, and you’re not a Gator fan. However, it’s quite obvious that you’re nothing more than a flaming criminole troll with no life. Blind and/or a bad liar too….
    ~ 3rd yr SQ teamer: LB LeAndre Rembert 5-8 244 rsSo SQ
    ~ One of 7 TE’s: TE Moral Stephens 6-3 249 rsFr SQ
    The Five that I listed were all under used scout teamers in 2014.
    Can we just FORGET a twit like you instead? :p

    813, I hesitated to even list Stephens because he’s a young favorite of mine for TE, but as I said, he’d be the best hands at FB. He reminds me of Kirk Kirkpatrick.

  35. Another nail or two in this criminole troll’s casket:
    It seems unlikely to me that 2nd Team All SEC MLB Morrison would have chosen to return for his Sr season if there was little chance that he could play. BTW, some scouts have him on the Top 5 College LB list. He tore his ACL in the 2nd quarter of the Bowl game on Jan 3rd. Shortly after that he had reconstructive surgery. With the excellent Gator rehab process, he is expected to be back sometime in August. Since he’s a top rated Sr, he won’t need much contact action in the Fall. I fully expect that he will be ready to go by the 1st or 2nd game.
    Your own claim that he won’t play is just that, your OWN flaming crimi-troll claim, and nothing more….

    TE Jake McGee BROKE HIS LEG Sept 6th and he’s back ready to go. McElwain chose to keep him out of Spring contact as a ‘pre-cautionary’ measure, but he could have played if needed. If a player can come back from a broken leg in 7 months, I don’t see why one can’t come back from a simple ACL in that amount of time. Had you watched the Booger McFarland interview with him on the SEC Network at Gator rehab, then you wouldn’t be saying such stupid crap, (“it’s a longshot that Morrison plays this year”). But wait! Since you’re a lying crimi-troll, you prolly would have spred the same dumb crap anyway….
    But wait; what if he can’t play afterall?

    10 LB’s, 5 are lettermen, 7 are ranked, 1 FNG and 2 Scout teamers.

    #17 MLB Antonio Morrison 6-1 225 Sr 3L **** (rehabbing ACL)

    #26 OLB Jeremi Powell 6-0 214 rsJr 2L ****

    #47 OLB Jarrad Davis 6-2 229 Jr 2L **** (rehabbing ACL)

    #1 MLB Alex Anzalone 6-3 234 Jr 2L ***** (#11 Ath)

    #4 OLB Daniel McMillian 6-1 221 Jr 2L ****

    #5 OLB Matt Rolin 6-2 217 rsSo SQ **** (2 past ACL’s, now 100%)

    LB R.J. Raymond 6-2 236 rsFr SQ *** (legacy from an 80’s Gator kicker)

    #62 OLB Rayshad Jackson 6-2 215 4.5/40 *** Miami



    LB LeAndre Rembert 5-8 244 rsSo SQ **

    LB Stebven Stipe 5-11 214 rsSo SQ *

    UF also has 2-3 Top Quality Safeties that could easily move to LB.

    And #15 TE C’yontai Lewis 6-4 229 rsFr also played both S & LB in HS.

    So No Worries Mates….

  36. Aux and yet again you prove to have NO CLUE what you’re talking about. Talking about the Missouri game in 2013: “UF scored enough points that day, but the defense could never stop Missouri”. Um really?? Because UF only scored 17 points. One of those was a kickoff return. The offense did terrible! 17 points is not enough to win most games. See Aux how do you expect us to take you seriously when everything you bring up to try to prove your point I EASILY prove wrong. I think it’s clear who the delusional one is here. Seriously I’m beginning to wonder if you’ve watched a Florida football game in your life or if you’re just making this stuff up on the fly. Sit down son. Come back when you actually know what you’re talking about! DBU! Go Gators!

  37. Is there any way to block this aux2 clown from this site? He is clearly a free shoes u fan who tries to pretend objectivity to make his points. If this site is indeed moderated, then get rid of him.

  38. There are severasl amazing, but wrong points made that I will address. First of all, if you know anything about injuries, an ACL, or whatever knee injury Morrison has, takes much longer to recover from than a broken leg. Almost always it takes at least a full year to recover, unlike the much faster recovery from a broken bone. I’m sure Morrison would have turned pro early if he hadn’t had a devastating injury. The injury is the reason he came back because he knows his draft marketability would have been close to nil if he made himself available without an opportunity to show what he can do after an injury, that we don’t know the severity of, but the NFL would certainly know. Dominique Easley was a great player, someone like him the NFL would take a chance on. Morrison is not even close to being a great player. As for the Missouri game a couple of years ago, it doesn’t make any difference how the gators scored, the point is that when they did, the Gator defense would lay down on the ensuing possession and destroy any momentum the Gators had. It’s very discouraging to an offense that’s struggling to have success and then see it become meaningless because the defense can’t make a stop. As for the poster who wants to doesn’t want me to voice my opinion, why not deal with facts and say something to counter them? The Florida football team is not all ponies and ice cream, as evidenced by their record and the firing of the coach. It’s not the offense that is the only problem with the team, it’s the defense and special teams as well. To think UF’s defense is great and doesn’t deserve blame is one of the reasons that the Gators are mediocre right now. It’s rumored that this type of mindset was even on the team itself, with comments like “If only the we could score twenty…” But we have seen that happen and the Gators still lose. It’s the whole team that lacks something, and hopefully that’s something that McElwain puts an emphasis on and we won’t hear anymore nonsense about there being a divided team. It’s nice to make predictions, but it has to be based on something concrete, not a Spring game or a game against a directional team. The truth is that the only win UF can truly puff their chest out over the past two years is the victory over Georgia. That’s just reality, the rest is ponies and ice cream.

  39. Hahaha. Do you still think anyone still takes you seriously aux? Serious every bit of “proof” you’ve brought up I’ve destroyed with the real facts! Your best argument is 1 game 2 years ago during and injury ridden team that fielded mostly back ups and walk ons. Seriously it was just impressive our defense was able to hold up as good as they did. But guess what aux. This isn’t 2 years ago. And we likely won’t see that kind of rash of injuries again for decades. Every fact, every stat, every bit of logic points to the Gators having a great defense. And every expert (and anyone unlike you who actually knows the game) agrees. I might take you more seriously if you actually come back with something to support your argument that is actually true. Because as of now I’ve exposed everything you’ve brought up as absolutely false. And don’t act like you know anything about injuries either. You were the one saying there was no way Easley would play that season. And he recovered in time for fall practice. So again until you actually bring something legitimate and true, sit down son

  40. Azalus I never said anything about Easley returning. I’ve given you proof, now you make the excuses of injuries, which is so typical. There’s always an excuse, isn’t there? How about UF giving up the most yards in program history To Alabama this year? Alabama mauled Florida’s defense. The most memorable play was when they had a third and long and just ran the ball and easily scored. It looked like the gators were either afraid to tackle or had forgotten how to do it. How about the defensive collapses against LSU and South Carolina this year? A great defense would have made the stops necessary to win both games. That really happened, and you can’t use the injury excuse. The injury excuse won’t work for the year before either. Miami had no problem scoring on the “great” Gator defense, and that was with Easley. Missouri had no trouble torching Hargreaves, they did so on the first play of the game. Imagination is one thing, but I’ve seen the Gator defense fold time and time again. How about Georgia a couple of years ago, when the offense had plenty of momentum? The Gators punted the ball to Georgia with over half of the fourth quarter remaining and never saw the ball again? You keep ignoring actual games and instead refer to statistics? I thought the point of playing was to win?

  41. Oh now he “conveniently” forgets telling us all how Easley would never be back in time to play that season. I wonder how quickly you’ll forget what you’re saying about Morrison. And I already talked about the Bama game. yes that was a terrible defensive outing. there were 2 reasons for this. 1. as I have already pointed out the secondary was still young and growing so they were not ready for a team like Bama yet, and 2. the coaches were too dumb and stubborn to match VH3 up with Cooper, so all day Cooper had mismatches and ate us alive. You realize Cooper had 10 catches for 201 yards and 3 TDs right? But as I also pointed out our secondary grew up as the season went along and they became a team strength. Just look at the FSU game. And next year they’ll only be better as we only lost Jabari Gorman (not a big loss) and we add JC Jackson from injury. And you also have a very selective memory about the LSU and SC games. You realize the defense kept us in both games but in LSU a drop in the endzone could’ve won the game, not the defense’s fault, and LSU’s game winning field goal came off an interception where they started the drive in field goal range. Nothing the defense can do about starting in field goal range. In South Carolina, the defense did enough to win the game but special teams blunders messed it up. A blocked field goal prevented us from adding 3 more points in regulation (would’ve won the game), then a blocked kick gave SC the ball in UF territory for their game winning drive. You can’t keep putting the defense in terrible situations, and leave them on the field all day, and expect them to play flawless. Even the best defenses won’t be able to do much in those situations. I also love how you cherry pick a handful of games instead of looking at the whole body of work. How about a shut out against EMU. They may suck but shutting out an opponent is never easy. Then there’s only allowing EKU 3 points. We kept Georgia’s offense to 20, Vandy to 10, and FSU to 24, 7 of those being a pick six (obviously the defense can’t do anything about that) which had it not happened simple math tells us UF wins 19-17. Wanna talk about great defenses doing what it takes to win? How about UT? That was all defense for keeping UT to 9 points just enough to pull out the game in the end. How about Kentucky where a Keanu Neal interception prevented Kentucky from getting the game winning TD in overtime and gave the offense a chance to win (a chance which as the offense had all year, screwed up). How about doing what they had to in the 3rd OT of that game to prevent UK from scoring at all and give the offense the chance to end it in the 3rd OT? How about ECU where when the offense was struggling and needed momentum, Brian Poole intercepted Shane Carden and took it to the house to jump start the team? Or just when it looked like ECU was putting together a drive to come back, VH3 intercepted a pass in the endzone to win the game. No the defense wasn’t perfect last season. In fact early in the year the secondary was downright scary and therefore the whole defense wasn’t great. But the whole body of work and especially what the defense showed late in the season was a great defense that will only be better next year. And everything you say against it has been all to easy to slam as false.

  42. And I love how I’m smacking you around so hard in this argument that you keep bringing up “a couple of years ago”. Please tell me what a couple of years ago really has to do with this year? The starters from that team are mostly gone and the guys who are still here were back ups and not ready for SEC play. And still that defense, despite everything going against it, was able to hold most teams to beatable scores. But a couple of years ago isn’t relevant. Most of the starters on this defense weren’t playing then. VH3, Marcus Maye, Antonio Morrison, and Jon Bullard might be the only ones that were playing then. This is not the same defense as “a couple years ago” So let’s stay on topic and talk about THIS DEFENSE. Ok pumpkin?

  43. “Before Adrian Peterson, taking a year to come back from ACL surgery was OK. Needing an extra year to return to normal off an ACL injury was standard. Again, that was before Peterson.

    Now people just figure Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III will be back by the regular season. Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose becomes a punchline when he’s not back on the basketball court in less than a year.

    Look at Adrian Peterson – he’s the best running back in the NFL, and he was back in nine months.”
    I am posting this to show that the expectation for Antonio Morrison to be ready to play this season is unrealistic. I saw the biyt on him with McFarland. There was nothing from a person with a medical background that said Morrison would be ready. Morrison saying he’ll be ready is meaningless. What else do you expect him to say? I also believe there’s more to Morrison’s injury than just an ACL tear, otherwise there wouldn’t be the effort to not disclose the injury.
    As for talikng about this year’s defense, that’s exactly what I try to do. It’s not me that brings up the fairy tale of UF’s defense being great since 2012, and using that as proof that this year’s defense will be great. Look at the teams you brag about? Eastern Kentucky? Kentucky? Tennessee? A clue for you is that LSU would have never had a chance to kick a winning field goal if UF’s defense had not given up a 41 yard pass on third and 25, had a personal foul penalty on the same play, and then gave up a touchdown pass a couple of plays later when Brian “pass interference” Poole was again involved in coverage. The Gators played good enough defense to get them beat. Maybe the Gators will have a great defense this year, but they have to get a whole lot better than last year, when the defense faltered when it came time to seal a win. Hargreaves is a great player, but I don’t think anyone else has shown they are great on UF’s defense yet.
    I think UF’s defense has a chance to be better this year. The secondary can be as good as anyone’s, they just need to not give up 3rd and 25 when the game is on the line. The linebackers can be better. The starters last year, Taylor, Morrison, Davis,and Ball were nothing special. It’s not hard to picture Anzalone, McMillian, Rolin, etc. being better. The same with the defensive line, it could be better even without Dante Fowler. Fowler is the only sure fire draft choice among the starters that are gone from that group. So I see the possibility, but that’s all it is right now. It’s not based on anything that has actually happened in a game against someone, and games like Eastern Kentucky don’t count. We will have to wait and see. Tennessee may be the first test against a good team, at least that’s what they are projected to be. I don’t think UF will be a good team this year, but that’s based on the performance I have seen on the field, that could change. I just hope the Tennessee game is better than the garbage that’s been called a game the past two years. They were both about the worst exhibitions of football, put on by both teams at the same time, that I can recall. Another year of that garbage and they need to cancel the series.

  44. Yeah yeah yeah. As I said I heard the same about Dom Easley and he proved you wrong, so again let’s see what you forget come the fall.
    As far as the teams I talked about, I already admitted EKU and EMU sucked, but shutting out an opponent or holding them to only 3 points is not easy no matter who you’re playing. I think we can both agree the 08 defense was truly great and even they didn’t shut out anyone, and that includes games against the Citadel, Kentucky, and Hawaii. And I brought up Kentucky to show one of many examples of the defense stepping up when it matters most which you conveniently ignore them ever doing. All the stats point in favor of them being a great defense. So to get around this you try to blame them for all the losses, then I bring in examples where they did what they had to to win and now all of a sudden winning isn’t enough? Admit it Aux, even you’re having trouble keeping up with all your flip flopping, desperate to try to sound smart. And are you really gonna talk crap about that UT game?? We held them to 9 points!! No TDs. You realize they averaged 29 points per game right? And we held them to 9. That’s a darn good defensive outing. And you conveniently forget about teams like Georgia and FSU that I mentioned. I’m noticing a pattern. When something is detrimental to your argument (which is a LOT) you just completely ignore it. Interesting strategy. not fooling anyone, but interesting. There is one thing that I will give you. On 3rd and long our D was terrible. However, my assessment of that is a coaching error rather than our D being bad. If you watched the 3rd and longs converted against us it was a lot of the same thing and Muschamp just never learned. It was really sad. I was especially tired of seeing screen passes go for first downs on 3rd and long. But again Muschamp isn’t here anymore. Your ignorance about our defensive players is showing. VH3 is not our only great player. Just based on what you saw last year I can tell Antonio Morrison, Jarrad Davis, Jon Bullard are all great. Then there’s other players who weren’t great last year (but definitely good) who are a good bet to be great (or at the very least very good). Alex McCalister is already a great pass rusher (possibly even better than Fowler was) and he’s only adding size to his body and getting better. If he’s not an all around great linemen, he’ll at least be a great pass rusher. Bryan Cox Jr became one of our most consistent D linemen last year and he’s only getting better. Taven Bryan has been destroying as of late and has a chance to be great in the fall, as well as Justus Reed. Alex Anzalone has been a good player for us that seems to be taking advantage of his increased reps and is ready to break out as a great player. Keanu Neal is on the verge, no we just have to see if he can do it. Marcus Maye is a great athlete that hasn’t been performing to that great level yet, but he had a GREAT game against ECU and has taken that momentum through spring. he’s ready to break out this fall. All of our young DBs are vastly talented and developed into really good players last year. In their second year they could all be great. At least 1 or 2 will definitely be.

  45. I wouldn’t brag about the defense against FSU. UF lost, when you lose there’s nothing to brag about. FSU, and by the same token, Missouri, both did what they needed to do to win the game, and that’s all that matters, winning. If it wasn’t, UF would not have a new coach.
    Regarding the latest news about Jackson, it just shows how silly it is to denigrate another school for alleged transgressions off the field. Karma is a funny thing, it can bite you in the rear. Those that live in glass houses shouldn’t be hurling stones, especially when a former player is a murderer and possible serial killer. I don’t think it reflects badly on Florida, though. You can’t control another person’s actions. If you recall, Jackson was a player that FSU wanted very badly, but UF beat them and Miami for Jackson’s services. But I’m not one to criticize UF for Jackson’s alleged crime. But I wonder how some Gator fans would react if Jackson had gone to FSU and been accused of the crime he’s currently charged with? How many of you would crow that FSU is where the “thugs” go and other such tommyrot. As my priest would say, that’s something to think about, an activity that many of you wouldn’t be familiar with.

  46. Losing jc isn’t a big deal…kick him off the team until the situation is resolved…the secondary is the deepest position on the team so players like n.washington and d.porter will have no problem taken his reps…this is his third time being in the news in a negative manner…if he is innocent then reinstate him but if not then he has to go…not only is he hurting himself but also his teammates and program…GO GATORS!!!

  47. I agree that losing Jackson is mot something o worry about, UF has plenty of corners. His career at UF may not be over. Alabama had a player, D.J. Petway, who was also involved in a serious crime, who was given the boot, enrolled in a junior college, and is now back on the team. The difference is that Saban makes the decisions at Alabama, he doesn’t really have a boss, the President and A.D. are his superiors in title only. That’s not the case at UF, McElwain doesn’t have that kind of clout, so it’s probable that we will never see Jackson put on a Gator uniform again. It’s never a good sign when your lawyer at your bond hearing is unsure of whether he wants to represent you. Now if tabor bets involved in weed again, there will be cause for concern. Tabor has been busted once for weed and was in the car with Harris and Jackson that had weed in it, but it’s ownership could not be determined. This is the time of year when coaches are very nervous, it’s just sad that there was only a week elapsed since the Spring game before a player showed up on the police blotter.

  48. “Almost always it takes at least a full year to recover.” Sorry Ox-Tu’ but you’re FoS yet again.
    I blew my ACL, had a 20% tissue removal, rehabbed for 6 weeks and was back to ‘limited’ work in 2 weeks. That’s not D1 football, but I wasn’t in a wheelchair either. It would twinge on me under pressure for about 6 months but then I didn’t get the kind of rehab that Gator players get either. Morrison has been running on the
    treadmill for a while now already and he should be fine by August.
    ” I’m sure Morrison would have turned pro early if he hadn’t had a devastating injury.” That another FoS for you, twit. He said that a UF degree was what both he and his parents wanted for him. He would have likely looked, but he intended to get his degree all along. Clueless twit fo-sho!
    ” Morrison is not even close to being a great player.” He only led the #15 team in Total Defense in tackles with 100+ in 2014, and some of the NFL scouts have him on their Top 5 College LB List, so that’s FoS #3 already.
    The Greatest team, with the Greatest QB in the history of the world only put up 24 pts on an also ran mediocre 7-5 UF.
    While the worst QB and team in the last 30 years at UF put up 19 pts on your criminole defense. That tells anyone with eyes and a functioning brain that FSUcks was exactly 5 points better than a 7-5 UF. That tells you how good the Gator D was in 2014, and that’s with our Fr backup QB going 13 of 32 with zero TD’s and 2 Ints. FoS should be tattooed across your forehead…. :p
    I got your Ponies and Ice-cream >>> FSUcks 20 – 59 Oregon. Now, no excuses from FSUcks Clown-U….

    The scUM thugs or the criminoles are where some kids belong,,, where they would fit right in, not at UF. Shameous, Lane and the short order Cook all made the correct choice imo, some others did not…. JMOHO of course. 😉

  49. Da-muddler Once again you show how far from reality you are. When Morrison doesn’t play this year, you’ll once again be wrong. As for saying he wants his degree, what player doesn’t say that? Morrison is not even in the same galaxy as a great player. Once again you let your imagination run wild. As for someone saying something, maybe it’s the same one who said Jeff Driskel is a first round draft choice. It’s amazing that you listen to all the quotes but don’t actually watch games, if you had, you’d know that Morrison is not anything close to a great player. Once again we will see that when the real games are played, all we’ll hear from you is how dumb the coaches are for not playing guys on the bench, like Adam “I pooped my pants” Lane. Lane didn’t play last year because he’s lazy, but the coaches didn’t say anything. McElwain has actually called him out. There’s a reason some players don’t play, and coaches are not dumb enough to keep on the bench players that are better. I’m just amazed at how gullible you remain, you hear a player or coach say something and actually believe it. That is truly amazing. You still trot out your tommyrot about FSU, even if the face of two UF players being arrested in the past couple of weeks, one for a very serious crime. But, as usual, you don’t let facts get in the way, do you?

  50. Dear Ox-Tu’ – When Morrison doesn’t play? FoS
    I’m wrong >when< that happens, which means that I'm correct for now, right?
    You're correct but the NFL draft analysts are wrong? FoS
    Jeff Driskel is your straw man for more of your FoS speculations.
    Real Games have been played at UF for years with Morrison already and the stats are there.
    Adam Lane 7.5 ypc and Bowl MVP. You're more FoS than Adam's pants were btw….
    Let me see, I can believe the coaches, or I can just take your 'village idiot' word for things? LMAO!
    At UF, they get arrested. At FSUcks, the criminoles walk away unmolested, unlike their victims.
    And at UF, AFTER due process, IF they are found guilty they are gone. If charges are dropped or they are found innocent, then they are reinstated.
    Anyone can be arrested, bark-bark, just ask Morrison. Let's wait and see if anyone is convicted of a crime.
    IF there was a coach on this board, you'd have been benched long ago, just for being so FoS.

  51. It’s not going well for UF right now, Three projected starters, Thompson, Jackson, and Johnson have had problems. Johnson will definitely never see another snap in a gator uniform and it’s very probable the same goes for Jackson. Thompson is probably fine, but we will have to wait and see, the last news was that he was “excused’ from the football team. In recruiting, UF has still not secured a commitment from a quarterback, and they seem to be going like hotcakes. It’s nearly May, there’s not much you can do about Johnson and Jackson, but the failure to get a quarterback is becoming more dire with each passing day. Who is UF going to get to for a quarterback? UF can’t afford to whiff again like they did last year, when McElwain didn’t even bother to contact Sheirron Jones who was committed to UF when he was hired.

  52. Sheriron Jones wanted to play as a tFr. At UF he would have been 3-4th string at best. At tennis-sea, he has a real chance to be the starter, (they suck at QB). He chose to be a rubber-dollie, and that’s just fine with me.

    nuttcase is again singing doom & gloom about 2016 recruiting 9+ months before any recruit can even sign a LOI.
    Until that LOI is in at the school, they are ALL STILL AVAILABLE to anybody. Flips happen in every class, i.e. Harris.

    Besides, UF has 6 QB’s available right now. It’s good to get a decent QB every year, and a really good one every 2-3 years, but it’s really not a big deal. Tell me genius, when was the last time that UF had to forfeit a game due to a lack of a QB to play? (ans- never, your constant bs not-with-standing)

    WR and DB are UF’s most loaded positions numbers wise, so they are the least vulnerable to losing a player.
    R.Johnson was a shame for him individually, but not catastrophic for the Gators. #1 OT Ivey should be able to step right in and replace a 3 star tackle.

    QB Anderson Proctor 6-3 209 rsSo WO – Vero Beach, FL
    QB Brian Fallace 6-4 189 rsFr WO – Satellite Beach, FL
    Never know, might be another WO Kerwin Bell, or a 5th string Shane Matthews in there….

    The Mc-Nuss combo are two of the best QB coaches in the Nation, so I reckon that they can get by with their current 6 QB’s.

    I watched a little bit of the criminole spring game when UF’s softball game got a rain-out cancel, you better worry about your chumps instead of the Gator players. Of course with an All Cupcake schedule, you should be okay except for the usual 2-3 decent games you play each year….

  53. da-uddler UF has only two quarterbacks. WE still don’t have a clue if either of them will be any good. Morninhweg is not physically capable and the walk-ons, well there’s a reason they are walk-ons. Kerwin Bell was over thirty years ago, time to join the present, not live in the past. Of the wtwo quarterbacks UF has, we’ve seen one, and his passing skills need major improvement, but maybe he will do that. The other one, we have not a clue about since he has yet to take a snap. So, yes, UF needs to get a quarterback, and soon. As for Ivey just stepping in to replace Johnson, I’d wait until he actually steps on campus to find out if he’s capable. Johnson was, by a wide margin, UF’s best offensive lineman. Losing him is a huge blow. Maybe Ivey can play right away, like Robinson at Alabama or Tunsil at Ole Miss. But, then again, he may not be ready, like the last consensus top tackle, D.J. Humphries. You could say that Humphries was never ready to play his entire career, he never came close to the hype. Maybe he’ll be ready by the tenth game, like the other Roderick Johnson at FSU. But even he would have redshirted if FSU didn’t need to get a competent center so Winston would quit getting mauled. You are in serious trouble if you are depending on a true freshman offensive linemen, it doesn’t matter how many stars they have. As for watching FSU’s Spring game, it’s about as meaningless as UF’s, we’ll only know how strong either team is when they play someone that’s not a paid victim. Preseason practices don’t mean anything as well. I just watched a report from 8-15-2014 that gushed about how awesome Jeff Driskel and the receivers looked…what a load of B.S!

  54. “It’s interesting that Florida is in the top 30, but that’s because of Florida State’s success. The Gators have long been knocked for having a very soft nonconference schedule, but Florida’s 2017 matchup with Michigan at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will mark the first time the Gators have left their home state to play a regular-season nonconference game since going to Syracuse in 1991. Other than that, Colorado State and East Carolina are currently the biggest nonconference draws not named FSU. Seriously, North Texas, UMass and New Mexico State? Yawn.” About says it all for the Gators lack of courage, doesn’t it?

  55. 813gatorboi It remains to be seen if Humphries is a first round pick. Fowler will be, there’s no doubt about that, but you might have egg on your face in regards to Humphries. Regardless, He didn’t set any bar at UF, he wasn’t even a good college player. It seems his role as a matador as a matador is suddnly forgotten. If you want an example, look at the Missouri game last season, and then tell me how great Humphries was. As for FSU’s seeding, does it matter? If you make it to the playoff, you’ve done well. When Florida makes it there, the gators will definetly be relevant again, but right now, that’s not the case. As for recruiting, it’s a lull right now for Florida, unless anyone has an inkling of someone who is ready to commit to UF. I don’t see anyone on the verge of doing so.

  56. aux2…The Gators have long been knocked for having a very soft nonconference schedule,…so you want uf who plays in the toughest conference in the nation to not only face our conference but then go out and face teams like texas,usc,notre dame, and osu…wow…we play 4 out of conference games with one of them being fsu…i brought up the playoffs because it just goes to show how weak your conference is compared to the sec…fsu was the undefeated national champion and they were ranked behind 2 1loss team…that just goes to show how bad the acc is…fsu and the acc better schedule better out of conference games because you were a hair away from being the undefeated champs not playing in the playoffs..the only one that will have something on their face will be you once humphries goes in the first round…the question is will fsu get invited back after the season and results they had in the playoffs…i can easily see 4 1loss teams going ahead of an undefeated acc almost happened this year…GO GATORS!!!

  57. 813gatorboi It’s telling that You, and others, are now getting more pleasure from the imagined downfall of FSU and the imagined greatness of other teams in the SEC. It just shows how poor Florida is when there is not even a prayer of them going to the playoff, so the talk about the SEC and FSU is understandable. I doubt FSU is going to become a mediocre team like UF this year, or anytime soon. I don’t see UF being a good team this year. UF has the victory over Georgia, so that’s something to take pride in, but not much else. It’s been five years since UF went to Atlanta, do you think that will change this year? There are degrees of how to gauge a team’s success. Georgia won ten games this past season, on the surface that’s successful by any measure. But I’m sure there are some in Athens who will wince at that since they lost to both of their most bitter rivals, Florida and Georgia Tech. When UF has something to crow about, maybe then we’ll stop heaing about the SEC and FSU, but right now that’s the state of affairs because if you talk about Florida, there’s not much you can say that’s good.

  58. Lil’ auxclown and his boyfriend nutcase can’t stop talking about the Gators. Problem is all they talk is crap.
    There is nothing imagined about the greatness of the SEC, 6 NCs in a row with 4 different teams is a feat that cannot be matched by any other conference.
    There is nothing imagined about the downfall of FSU, now that The Shameful one is gone their downfall is inevitable.
    It is very amusing having 2 FSU assclowns talking about 2016 recruiting in the spring of 2015, making up doomsday
    scenarios about the supposedly lack of a QB recruit. Only morons worry about recruiting 9 months in advance.
    Keep talking crap assclowns once the season starts it will be all over for you.

  59. aux2…i prefer 2 natty championship in 3years,be mediocre for 5 years and see the light at the end of the tunnel(uf) vs. being mediocre for 15years, win 1 natty and see your program on the down slide once again(fsu)..until you win 2 titles in 3years like uf you should stay on fsu’s blog…we (sec) won 8 straight titles with uf win 2 in that span…can you say the acc has done the same? Can you say fsu has won 2 titles in 3years? Until the answer is yes, keep out of gatornation…GO GATORS!!!

  60. Ox-Tu’ – Just as I said you would….
    Before the Spring game, you said that we wouldn’t know about Grier until we saw him play in the Spring game.
    I said that if he was bad, you would hold that as proof positive, but if he was lights out, then you’d claim that a Spring game means nothing.
    Correct yet again about a two-faced idiot flamin’ criminole troll, but nothing personal intended…. 🙂

    Grier was 8 of 11 (73%) for 136 yds, 17 yds/rec, with 3 TD drives. His 3 incompletes were 2 drops by backup TE and a rsFr TE, with 1 drop by a Sr SQ WR, making Grier’s accuracy 100%. IF you’d had a criminole QB do that in YOUR Spring game, you’d be GUSHING about him. But since your’s sucked, spring and practice no longer matter. In that case, you’ve GOT NOTHING TO SAY until the 1st week in Sept, see-ya.

    Kerwin and Louis Oliver were around 30 years ago, Chris Doering was 20 years ago, Jacob Kurtz is now.
    UF has a long history of 1-2 star WO’s succeeding in the men’s big 3 sports. One of those Gator Baseball guys was told that he was to small to even play in College. He was not only a Great Gator, but he went on to start at 2B for 2 different World Series winning teams. — Gainsville is the ‘Land of Opportunity,’ on many levels.

    As to true Fr starting at a top D1 like UF, it actually happens fairly often. And true Fr play some nearly every year, that’s how you get Soph’s with some playing experience. A letter (L) on a Soph means that he played as a true freshman, just in case you hadn’t picked up on that yet.
    #2 LT David Sharpe 6-6 350 So 1L — Played as a true Fr *****
    RT Rod Johnson rsSo 1L — Career Over
    OG/C Cam Dillard rsSo 1L — Played as a rsFr
    OG/DT Antonio Riles rsSo 1L — Played as a rsFr
    RT Kavaris Harkless rsFr — SQ
    LT Andrew Mike rsFr — SQ
    OG Zach Shinn rsFr SQ
    OG Vincent Dimenna rsFr — SQ
    #1 LT Martez Ivey 6-6 290 ***** Apopka, FL
    #3 OC Tyler Jordan 6-4 270 **** Jacksonville, FL
    #36 OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 348 *** Warner Robins, Ga
    #75 OG (79-DT) Richerd Desir-Jones 6-4 315 *** Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    #105 OG Nick Buchanan 6-4 285 *** Dunwoody, Ga
    #155 RT Fredrick Johnson 6-7 303 *** Royal Palm Bch, FL
    Freshmen: 1-2 could start, a total of anywhere from 3 to all 6 could play.
    > Humphries played hurt much of last year, and was eventually replaced by t-Fr Sharpe when the nagging injury worsened.
    And 1985 1/6 Browns LT Lomas Brown set the Gator’s lineman standard a long time ago.
    7 Time Pro Bowler, 263 games played, SB Ring with the Bucs and a current ESPN analyst .
    Most recent were the Pouncey Twins, both 1st rounders and both already Pro Bowlers. They all played as true freshmen BTW….

    What’s interesting is how big of a village idiot you can be. That, or you’re a fully cognizant LIAR.
    You’re telling me that playing FSUcks and scUM both in the same season doesn’t count, BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OUT OF STATE, OoC TEAMS??? LMAO at you yet again.
    VaTech went into Playoff-NC tOSU and beat them.
    ECa the very next week went into VaTech and beat them, then went on to a bowl game.
    UF’s 2nd game in 2015 is vs ECa. They have demonstrated that they don’t care where the game is played.

    But who do your crim’s play in 2015 that are OoC and Out of State games? <<<

    @ 11-2 GaTech
    @ 10-3 Clemps'son
    9-4 UL (lost to UGA/SEC)
    8-5 NCSt
    @ 7-5 UF <<<
    @ 7-6 BC
    7-5 TxSt Sun Belt (lost to 6-7 S.Ala, no bowl) <<<
    6-7 Mia (lost to 7-6 SCa/SEC)
    4-8 USF AAC <<<
    @ 3-9 WF
    3-9 Syr
    D-2 Chatta-nooo-ga <<<

    That would be NO FREAKIN' Body, and your clowns are still playing a D2.

    As to RT R.Johnson, he was just the best/most experienced available in the Spring, not the best on the entire team. He might not have even been the starter by Sept, although he would certainly have been in the playing rotation. Troll Bait – IF he is here (at UF), then he's chopped liver, but IF he's gone, he was All World.

    305, that was 7 consecutive with 4 teams, and 9 of the 15 BCS-NC's awarded.
    2004 USCw was voided, and AU was 13-0 and should have at least been in that game, not Tx.
    Also, 13-1 UGA should have been in the BCS-NC game in 2002.
    IF not screwed by the 'voting' media-morons, the SEC would likely have had 11 of 16 BCS-NC's by 5 teams.
    Is the ACC catching up? The SEC had 5 of the Top 10 2015 recruiting classes, the ACC had 2.
    The SEC had 12 teams in the Top 22 classes. Their lowest 2, 42 UK and 43 VU were still ahead of 5 ACC teams. Ox-Tu' FoS yet again.