Bruce sees fit in Florida’s offense

Sam Bruce watches Florida's spring game. (Photo by Chris Hays/Orlando Sentinel)

Florida unveiled a new passing offense in Saturday’s spring game, and it caught the eye of one of the nation’s top wide receivers.

Consensus four-star recruit Sam Bruce attended the Orange & Blue Debut with his former high school teammate and UF running back signee, Jordan Scarlett.

“It was a good game,” said Bruce, who is ranked a top-50 overall recruit by Rivals and ESPN. “They definitely spread the ball around a lot more than I thought.”

Quarterbacks Will Grier and Treon Harris threw for more than 200 yards combined. However, the Gators are still in need of playmakers at Bruce’s position.

“They made big plays today,” Bruce said of Florida’s receivers. “I’m just going to talk to the coaches and see what’s up. I can see myself in this offense.

“I can definitely make a great impact in the offense, I believe.”

The 5-foot-8, 185-pounder from Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas is currently a Miami pledge, but he has called himself 60-70 percent committed to the Hurricanes and will visit other schools.

That includes a return trip to UF.

“Most likely, Bruce said. “I’m going to Florida State sometime during the summer also.”

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  1. Sam Bruce is a big deal, and would be a tremendous pick up for Florida. It will be interesting to see how both Miami and Florida perform on the field this year, and how that affects his decision. I can’t imagine FSU, who many think Nate Craig-Meyers will flip to, getting Bruce. They can’t possibly continue to get most of the best receivers in the state, like they have the past couple of years

  2. I think Bruce would be as much of a matchup problem as a tall receiver. The current trend is to have big defensive backs, which is fine for big receivers, but how will they handle a quick short receiver? It hink that’s also the reason McElwain is turning Powell in to a receiver, he’ll be a matchup problem. Bruce, unlike Powell, is already a receiver, he’s not a project at the position. Football is becoming a game of matchups, another reason an emphasis is more on tight ends now. I think Bruce will be nightmare to an opposing defense if he pans out like he appears to in high school.

  3. Bruce is the latest offensive playmaker to like what he sees in Gainesville and likes what he hears from BigMac and company. The more recruits come talk to BigMac and see what he can do the more they like what they see. It is only a matter of time when we will have the pick of the litter again. Miami has no shot with those mediocre clowns that pretend to be a coaching staff and playing in a half empty stadium miles away from campus. FSU is going down now that The Shameful One is gone.
    Time for The Flagship University in The Great State of Florida to rule football again.

  4. yeah green wasnt tall and he had a great career at uf but didnt last long in the nfl..he looks like tavon austin..he had a solid career at uwv but he’s still trying to find his place in the league…tall wr can still be a mismatch for tall corners with good route running and ball skills (high pointing the ball)…last years top wrs (watkins,evans,benjiman) were all taller wrs that were problems for any db to cover short or tall..but if mac likes him then i love him…GO GATORS!!!

  5. Dwayne Haskins Jr., a four-star quarterback in the 2016 class, has yet to commit to a school.

    He might be getting close to making a pledge, though. A number of prospects in his class verbally committed to various schools on Wednesday. Haskins hinted he might be doing the same sometime soon.

    Which school will Haskins be committing to? Florida seems to be a serious contender.

    That’s a good sign for the Gators, but recruits’ Twitter accounts are often cryptic and teasing.

    Haskins, a 6-foot-3, 198-pound prospect, is ranked the No. 5 pro-style quarterback in his class by 247 Sports’ Composite Rankings. He is reportedly also considering Maryland and Rutgers, among other programs.

  6. While I wish my Gator players well in their future careers, in the NFL or otherwise (UF degrees), I’m a lot more interested in their college (UF) playing careers and in them learning citizenship and graduating from UF. Football is temporary for the few across the nation that ever make it there, but a UF degree lasts and pays off for a good citizen for a lifetime.

  7. #7 QB-DT Treon Harris 5-11 193 So 1L **** (49.5% – 4.5 ypc)
    P – 55 of 111, 49.5%, 1,019 yds, 9 TD’s, 4 Ints — R – 75, 338 yds, 4.5 ypc 3 TD’s.

    Last 4 2014 games = 40% passing, (33% vs EKy).

    #2 QB-DT Will Grier 6-2 197 rsFr SQ ***** (Parade HS PoY, #2 QB-DT at Elite 11)

    Passing – 14,565 yds, 195 TD’s, 27 Ints.
    Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, 7 LPF’s.
    3 Year HS Career Offense: 17,520 yards, 226 TD’s, 34 Turnovers.
    Spring Game: 8 of 11, 72.7% (3 drops – 100%) for 136 yds, 17.0 yds/rec, 3 TD drives.

    Robbie Andreu disagrees with the other sports writers that all saw that Grier was the better QB.
    Grier was 8 of 11 with 3 drops. That means that he was 100% accurate.
    Grier also led the team on 3 TD drives.
    Grier was CLEARLY the better passing QB in the Spring game.
    Next, he claims that (2014 4.5 ypc) Harris is the better runner (that takes ignoring their HS stats).
    Grier 3 Yr HS Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, only 7 LPF’s. <—<<<
    He also claims that Harris is more elusive in the backfield, (but Grier never got sacked).
    He ignores that Grier has a better 3 step drop and gets the ball out almost (Marino) instantly.
    While Harris (per McElwain) holds on to the ball to long (will create weak OL sacks).
    Next Robbie claims that: Grier is only ahead because Harris missed 4 practices???
    While he ignores that Harris played last year while Grier was (behind) redshirted.
    "Grier is also a good athlete who can buy some time with his ability to scramble,
    but he can’t do the same things Harris can running the football." — Andreu
    Exactly Robbie, so Harris is the backup QB, the wildcat QB, and/or moves to RB.
    Harris will never be an NFL QB, so a move to RB would be in his best NFL interest imo.

    Grier is a much better fit for the Mc-Nuss offense. Lightening quick release, very accurate, and primarily a passer, but he can run when it's necessary, while knowing the difference between those two options.

    IMOHO, the sooner the receivers accept Grier as the starting QB, the quicker that they can work together full time to improve the Gator's passing game. Lastly, I trust Grier 'off the field' and 'in the classroom,' to remain eligible all season/career.

    So other that those things, I agree completely with Robbie…. 😉
    PS — Nothing stops an underweight freshman OL'man or two from playing FB for a season….
    Nor an upperclassman scout team 6-3 255 OL'man, or a 4-5 string TE. They would likely jump at a chance to get on the field during a game for a few plays.

    The consensus among the sports writers in the press box Saturday was that redshirt freshman Will Grier was the better of the two quarterbacks in the spring game and likely will be the starter for the Gators this fall. I don’t agree. Not yet. To me, there was very little difference in the play of Grier and Treon Harris. They looked about the same and put up similar numbers. What helped Grier is the fact he got to open the game with the No. 1 offense, while Harris was saddled with the No. 2 group and that cast of walk-ons on the line in the first quarter. No quarterback was going to look good with that second-team offense, and Harris didn’t. But once he had a chance to get with the No. 1 group, he played much better and threw some really nice balls. Grier is slightly ahead at the moment, mainly due to the four practices Harris missed. These two will carry over their competition to August. One big thing in Harris’ favor is the fact that he’s faster and more elusive than Grier. Grier is also a good athlete who can buy some time with his ability to scramble, but he can’t do the same things Harris can running the football. With the line so suspect, the Gators may need to go with the QB who can do more with his legs. That would be Harris. We’ll see how it plays out. I don’t see Jim McElwain naming a starter until deep into camp in August, maybe even as late as the Monday before the opener…GO GATORS!!!

  9. wow muddler… your stats are incomplete and you failed to mention treon having 2 drops as well.. further evidence that you have it out for harris..treon went 7-11 with 2drops..he had 2 great deep ball throws and the only td pass. …grier led them to 2tds not 3 and both of those were run in by taylor, treon threw a td and one was ran in by a walkout.if you read what Robbie said in the article you will notice he states that treons’ struggles came when he was with the 2nd oline unit..once he played with the ones he looked a lot better…unlike you, I give credit where credit is due..grier did look good and I was very impressed with his poise in the pocket but it was clear to see that treon is the better playmaker with the things he can do with his legs…as for treon never making it in the league..i guess you never heard of r.wilson, m.vick, shaun king, doug flutie, jeff Garcia all small qbs that can run and had success in the league…its no point stating griers hs achievements compared to what treon did vs college (sec) competetition… ….treon got sacked because he was with the second unit oline which was full of walk ons…robbie is right about grier having a slight edge over treon ONLY because he missed 4 practices and grier still didn’t gain enough separation between them or maybe he did and treon is just that good and closed the gap..if you remember during that time Jacob guy started to get talked about and I wonder why…treon has the same quick release and actually throws a better deep imo…what the TEAM needs to do is have faith in the coaches decision and rally around both qbs until one is named the starter…mac hasn’t even named the starting wr group except for d.robinson..treon hasn’t displayed any bad judgment off the field lately so get over it and let it go your starting to sound like aux2 with all of the past talk…both qbs need to go out and battle and may the best man win…GO GATORS!!!

  10. correction…from orlando sentinal…Grier finished 7-of-9 passing for 130 yards and a passer rating 199.1, while Harris was 6-of-9 for 94 yards, a touchdown and a rating of 191.1. Each was on the money on a 42-yard completion — Grier to a diving Alvin Bailey off a flea-flicker; Harris to a leaping Demarcus Robinson on a back-shoulder throw…grier had 1 bad pass and a drop..treon had 2 over throws and a drop…as mentioned above treon played behind a walkon oline which is where his 2 over throws came…grier did have 3 td drives but 1 came at the end of the game with walkons and 2nd &3rd stringers playing on the “d”…GO GATORS!!!

  11. Pretty funny to me 813. You keep on harping that I’m ‘Out to Get’ Harris, while ignoring the fact that you post like you’re either his new girlfriend, his hero worship little brother, or his Mom. You and Robbie both claim that Harris is faster (show their 40 times please). You claim that Harris is a better runner, but their HS career stats say otherwise. Grier: Rushing – 2,955 yds, 31 TD’s, 7 LPF’s.
    And lastly, how many times in the last year has Grier been featured in the news (putting UF/Gators) in a very negative light?
    You and Robbie are welcome to your own (unfounded and unsupported) opinions, while me and the rest of the world will continue to believe what’s out there to be seen with our own eyes….. 😉 ~Pease~
    PS McElwain also said that Harris takes too much time in the redzone. Does that mean that he’s also ‘Out to Get’ Harris?
    Running takes no time with the WR to develop timing and understanding.
    Passing does take time to develop the timing and the ability to shoot through small windows.
    For that, you need ONE guy working full time with the receivers. IF I thought that Harris was the best guy for that job, then I’d say so. As it is, I’ve a right to my OWN (out to get no one) opinions too….

    But hey, it’s not like I’m going to be the one to name a starter. Nor is Mc-Nuss going to ask me or you for our opinions on who should get the job. That’s just fine with me, cause I’m also not the one that will be fired for choosing the wrong guy, if that happens. 🙂 No Worries Mates

    Background, just for fun:
    I wanted Wuerffel; over Dean then Kresser.
    I wanted anybody over (brat – never won an SEC-C) Doug Johnson.
    I wanted Berlin, then Palmer over (spoiled brat) Gross-man.
    I wanted Sr BCS-NC MVP Leak over Fr Tebow.
    I wanted Tebow for the next 3 years over anyone.
    Driskel was better than either Brissett or Murphy, and he was better than the coaching, ah well.
    My current picks are: 1. Grier 2. Guy 3. Harris 4. Mornhinweg
    But so far, none of the Gator HBC’s has ever asked me for an opinion, so I just give them away for free. 😉

  12. Yep 813, and he was the ONLY one in the Press Box that agrees with you, so I’m just fine wid-dat…. 😉
    And it’s a good thing that TH and JT weren’t with J.C. this time around…. 🙁 (what a waste if it’s as bad as it looks)

  13. not so fast muddler…if you visit multiple gator sites you will see that there are a great number of people(writers) that follow the program closely agree with me…writers like blake alderman,daniel morales and landon watnick…they all pretty much said the same thing me and robbie mentioned…as for mac stating what treon needs to improve on (redzone urgency), he also mentioned a few things grier has to improve on which is his leadership..from mac,”I thought Will let a few of the drives bother him,” McElwain said. “He’s gotta learn ‘Hey, clap it off and win the next play.”…both qbs have something to work on..its easier to coach pulling the trigger with treon than it is trying to coach a player to be mature and a leader…macs comments werent a jab at treon just another teachable moment.”No, not indecisiveness, but the sense of urgency,” Mac said. “Get your foot in the ground, get the ball and go. He knew where he was going with it. But as the field changes, your whole footwork has to change. So there’s a lot of those details in the pass game from that position that need to get better. And it showed today. It showed in practice. So this was another teachable moment, which was great because he’s got some great skills and some natural leadership ability as well.” .as a stated in previous post you wont have to worry about him in the future with off the field issues..he has learned from his mistakes and is determined to become the leader of this team…what on earth makes you think guy is more suited to be the #2 qb?(no hs stats,he’s been in college for 3 years now) he had 3 good practices and then went back to being inaccurate and unable to read defenses…treon has more college win than any qb on our roster combined…im really not surprised at all with how treon closed the gap between more surprised grier didnt take charge step up and take hold of the job…with all that said i like debating over 2 qbs on our roster that have great ability than debating over one that we dont have..may the best man win..GO GATORS!!!

  14. very dissapointed in jc..kid has so much talent..doesnt even realize that with his talent and the program he’s at he could be making hundreds of thousands if not millions in another 2 or 3years..3 incidents with either drugs,guns or both…at this point im not even worried about football im more worried about his state of mind and what he’s going through..he should be dismissed from the team but i hope the university doesnt just turn their back on him..i hope someone on that campus or on that team or on that staff can help or reach him in some form or fashion..with that said i wouldnt be shocked if no one wanted to help because he’s had 3 chances..i just hate when young men display this kind of behavior and futher feed and support willingly or unwillingly the stereo type of a young black athlete from the inner city(hood)…but this is america so we should presume him innocent until proven guilty…GO GATORS!!!

  15. muddler..PS McElwain also said that Harris takes too much time in the redzone…mac never said that stop putting words in the coaches mouth..the only thing he said was that his footwork needs to improve in the redzone..that is what made his pass in the endzone sail high.that wouldve been corrected had he not missed 4 practices..imo had he not miss those practices he would have been named starter since he was able to close what little gap he had between he and grier and grier not establishing himself as the top qb.they were neck and neck until he missed practice..i suggest you read and comprehend what is written and stop trying to create something out of according to you grier is perfect and doesnt need to work on anything? i post the things both qbs do well and things they need to improve only single out treon while ignoring things the other qbs need to improve on..GO GATORS!!!

  16. Flip/Flop time… “.its easier to coach pulling the trigger with treon than it is trying to coach a player to be mature and a leader” There you go again, OUT TO GET GRIER constantly. Why do you hate Grier so much?
    Now, how does that feel with you wearing it? 😉
    Yep, TH learned after the Ga game, so he said, then after the Bowl game he must have forgot, right? He’s mature but never in trouble Grier is not???? LMAO!
    I sincerely do hope that TH has learned, for his own individual sake, but I’ll buy that a year from now, IF he stays clean.
    And yep, we have TH’s 4-2 starts to look at alright: 49% passing, 40% in his last 4 games going down hill. Then 4 of 12, 33% vs EKy. But I do think that TH would make a real fine 3rd string RB with his 4.5 ypc. Defense and running game won those 4 games, not QB TH imo.
    Instead of me putting up Guy’s legit FL 5A stats to compare with TH’s 4A stats, you go ahead and defend TH’s Gator ‘passing’ stats, compared to what Jeff did last year,,, compare their stats for us.
    We can certainly agree as Gator fans, let the best QB win it with his demonstrated performance.
    PS – I don’t recognize any of those three names, but it wouldn’t matter because I trust my own eyes…. 🙂

  17. wrong as usually…you must have skipped the post i made about how impressed i was with griers poise in the pocket..or the one wen i post he throws a beautiful pass…as i mentioned previously i post the positives and negatives about both only post griers hs stats and everything negative about treon…its funny because you post the most important stat..the stat that matters..the stat that coaches and players care about and thats the w/l’s…you said it yourself 4-2 wouldve equaled 8-4.tebow went 2-11 vs the dolphines and still won the game because of his leadership and ability to run the ball..but oh wait treon doesnt get any credit for doing the same thing..its a team sport..flip/flop time sound like aux2…to say that his 4-2 record was all defense and run game just shows you dont like him but you say driskel was the main reason we went 11-2 and that season was all defense and run game…everyone from the defense is in the nfl and gilly had over a 1,000yards…last year our defense was not as good as 12′ and we didnt have a 1000yard rusher…i go to a few sources to get nfl and college info and you should try the same…those writers are from and they follow the gator program and the sec…what are your expectations when a true freshman qb enters the middle of the season as a starter in the sec? do you expect a true freshman to come out and post a 100% passer rating and rush for a 1000yards? but im not worried nor do i care about what you think because you have no pull at uf and you opinion matters to no one but yourself…what matters at the end of the day is w/l’s..driskel proved he couldnt win without a 1000yard rusher and a elite defense and treon proved he can..grier or guy havent shown anything in a real game so to suggest that they especially guy is better suited to be the starter is just answer this muddler since your so into stats…would you rather have grier for the season if we know he would have a 90% passer rating, rush for 1000yards , throw 60tds and zero ints but we only win 4 games..or would you rather be 8-4 with treon and his 49% passer rating? since your so impressed with individual stats lets see where you stand…GO GATORS!!!

  18. “you only post griers hs stats and everything negative about treon…”
    Sorry, but that’s a straight up lie.

    I posted both of their HS Stats, you just don’t like what the comparison shows.
    And I can’t help it if Treon wasn’t invited to Elite 11 and Grier was.
    I posted Grier’s Spring game stats, along with Treon’s.
    And I posted Treon’s 2014 Gator stats and his off the field troubles.

    That’s not me ‘Out to Get’ Treon, those are just the actual Stats/Facts for anyone to see.
    IF Treon doesn’t measure up, that’s really NOT my fault.
    And IF he/you can’t stand the light being shined on the TRUTH, that’s also not my problem.

    Were 22 dropped balls Driskel’s fault? Were receivers running the WRONG route or turning
    the wrong way on timing routes Driske’s fault? No, but people heaped blame on him anyway.
    Just like Tebow has an NFL 2.1 to 1 TD/Int Ratio, but the media-morons still call him inaccurate
    and/or claim that he can’t read a defense. He’s also the ONLY Heisman QB with a Playoff
    win in the last 25 years, and he got it against the NFL’s #1 defense in his 15th NFL start for
    a team that was 4-14 with a 7-8 year Vet NFL QB (Orton). Those are the same media-morons
    that said Tebow couldn’t play in the NFL because nobody in the NFL would use a Spread/Option
    offense, and now there are a half dozen team using it, with more using parts of it.

    Treon was the 5th best runner on the Gator team in 2014, and Mc-Nuss doesn’t want the QB
    running the ball anymore than necessary anyway. But besides that, Grier is as good or better
    of a runner as Treon is, he was twice as productive running the ball in HS. In the spring game
    he again demonstrated that the can roll out and throw the ball with speed and accuracy too.

    Thing is, I don’t know any of the QB’s on a personal level, and nothing that I’ve said is personal.
    I have a right to my own opinion, and my opinion is based on what I’ve seen from the entire group
    of QB’s. Mornhinweg is my 4th stringer, am I hating on him too, or just your (bias) boy Harris.

    As to leadership, you’d like to just ignore and/or blow-off Treon’s total lack of leadership off the field.
    Sorry, but I’m a ‘Personal Responsibility’ and ‘Accountability’ kind of guy. Nobody get’s off the hook
    free in my book, and Treon has a ways to go before he’s back in my own good books….
    J.C. Jackson is as good as gone imo, and for those very same reasons. Treon has already screwed
    the pooch twice in just his Fr year, so I don’t trust him. If the coaches do, then that’s on them.

    Currently, rivals is my least favorite, and they get worse by the year, especially in recruit rankings. I use ESPN for most of my stuff, although I will go to others occasionally, just to see what they are saying. However, I’ve been watching Gator football since Spurrier was our QB, and after all those years, I trust my own eyes and knowledge more than I do the guys that have to earn a paycheck with the biased crap that they spew out. You’re free to do as you like, and to believe whatever you like, but accusing me will get you nowhere at all. You see, I don’t need some adopted ‘authority’ to tell me what to do or what to think….

    IMO – 1. Grier 2. Guy 3. Harris 4. Mornhinweg
    McNuss will do as they see fit, that’s what they get the big bucks for.
    And if Harris has ONE more off the field incident, I’d dismiss him, but that’s just me….

  19. your aux2 now..ducking questions I see…you only me prove me right…you explain why you like Grier over treon by listing his hs stats even though he has yet to prove he can handle sec competition and explain why you don’t like treon by listing his run ins with the law in which none of them he was found guilty of and explain why you prefer him as a rb by listing his rushing stats…but yet you were the one who said he would have been 8-4 as a true freshman facing sec competition which is the only stat that matters..w’s…GO GATORS!!!

  20. lol… is one if not the best source for recruiting ranking next to…espn gets most of their information from other sources such as yahoosports, cbssports and rivals…9 times out of 10 when you read an article on espn within the first paragraph they state reported first by such and such…espn is one my least favorite recruiting website but i do visit the sec bleacher report on espn should check out the piece dan carson and brian jones wrote on 4/13 & 4/15…they echoed the same thing myself and robbie said.since you visit espn you should recognize their names because they follow the sec close…if you trust your own eyes, why even go to espn?…they get a paycheck to do the samething as…no one is accusing you of anything, im simply stating the prefer grier because of what he did in hs even though he’s been removed from hs for over a year now and hasn’t shown he can handle the sec in a meaningful game…and you dislike treon because of his run ins with the law but he hasn’t been charged with anything..discredit him for his accomplishment even though he lead our team to an 4-2 record as a true freshman in the toughest conference in the land..his passing and rushing stats tell one side of the story… his 4 w’s tell the other side…then you suggest Jacob guy is better then treon by listing his hs stats and guy has been out of hs for 3years and has never started or thrown a pass in an college game…im curious to know what makes you think they are better than treon if none of them ever played a down in a real college game.. neither one of them have more wins than treon in hs or college and neither one of them won back to back titles in hs…when discussing the starting qb mac doesn’t even mention guy or Skyler..he has said several times it will be interesting to see how those two (grier & harris) prepare over the summer and battle in the fall..may the best man win..GO GATORS!!!

  21. Since they are the original Sports Network, I wonder who they copied when they began? And a little as they are, and as few people as they have working for them, it’s a wonder they exist at all…. LOL!

    To Treon’s little brother or girlfriend, or mother, whichever your are….
    Found guilty in a court of law or he’s totally innocent is your standards now?
    Then OJ didn’t do it, right?
    1) Speeding on campus in a borrowed car. FACT
    2) Driving without a license. FACT
    3) 2 small bags of weed found in the car by the police. FACT
    4) CHARGED with RAPE, charges were later dropped, but the alleged victim stated that she still has them pending, and ordered Treon to ‘Stay Away From Her.’
    So Yep, imoho, he just as innocent as OJ was,,, and Shameous Jameous is on All Counts….

    Grier was 8 of 11 (73%) for 136 yds, 17 yds/rec, with 3 TD drives. His 3 incomplete’s were 2 drops by backup TE and a rsFr TE, with 1 drop by a Sr SQ WR, making Grier’s accuracy 100%.
    If those were Treon’s results, you’d be dancing in the streets.
    And why weren’t they, since he has all that SEC game experience, just missing a few practices shouldn’t have been a problem. They both played with both teams during the game, before you start with more whiney excuses for your boy, both on and off the field.

    PS — I’m engoying the back and forth dude… 🙂

  22. muddler..see the difference between you and me is that i douestions asked to failed to answer any of the questions that i asked you and for good reason..because it proves im right…first im a gator fan…i do personally know a couple gators on the current roster but treon isnt one of them..the first part of that is easy..who did espn copy? well your old school you should know..they (scott and bill rasmusser) got the idea of starting a sports only network at a young age when their father worked for a broadcasting covering sports…later they noticed how cbs and fox would only show regional games as opposed to showing west coast games on the east coast and vise versa and having non stop information regarding sports…so muddler to make a long story short they got the idea from cbs and fox..
    your next question,”did oj do it”…well muddler that’s another simple question..this is America right? We do have a justice system that we have in place to judge and convict those who have committed a crime right?oj went through the legal system and was found not guilty. Its not what you know but what you can prove in the court of law..treon went through the same legal system and no charges were filed against him…

    if you go back and read an earlier post or read what Robbie wrote you will see that treon began the spring game with the 2nd unit and no one was going to look good with that make it seem as if treon went2-11..he went 7-11 with 2drops and 2 passes that sailed on him..he was only qb to throw a td…even if treon went 90-90 I wouldn’t be dancing in the street because it’s a spring game…I though you were at least smarter than aux2 but I guess not..missing a few practice would mean he missed 3..he missed 4 and it is a big deal when you have a new coach and new system being installed.that comment that you made was just the latest evidence that you don’t know football and probably never played..wen grier was with that second unit that’s when he missed or the te dropped 2 your book its ok for the second te to drop 3 of griers passes but treon doesn’t get the same treatment when those same 2nd string guys drop his passes…

    Now muddler answer the questions I ask you… what makes you think they are better than treon if none of them ever played a down in a real college game?.. neither one of them have more wins than treon in hs or college and neither one of them won back to back titles in hs… would you rather have grier for the season if we know he would have a 90% passer rating, rush for 1000yards , throw 60tds and zero ints but we only win 4 games..or would you rather be 8-4 with treon and his 49% passer rating? since your so impressed with individual stats lets see where you stand…GO GATORS!!!