Imatorbhebhe comfortable in Gainesville

Josh Imatorbhebhe's trip to Florida this weekend will be his last recruiting visit before his decision. (Photo by Zach Abolverdi/The Gainesville Sun)

Wide receiver Josh Imatorbhebhe made yet another visit to Gainesville this weekend for the Orange & Blue Debut.

The four-star prospect from Suwanee (Ga.) North Gwinnett has grown comfortable at Florida over the past few months.

“The level of comfortability I have with this place is huge,” he said. “I’m not a stranger here. This is my fifth or sixth time on this campus with this new staff, so I know a lot about them. That’s the best thing about Florida.”

The 6-foot-2, 205-pounder is ranked a top-150 overall prospect by ESPN and Rivals. His latest trip to UF was a two-day visit.

“It was pretty cool,” said Imatorbhebhe, who is the younger brother of Florida freshman tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe. “Just spending time with the recruits and my bro. I’m a people person, and I like hanging out with guys who could be my future teammates.”

Imatorbhebhe said his brother assists him with the recruiting process, especially anything involving the Gators.

“He gives me a lot of advice since he’s actually here,” Imatorbhebhe said. “You look at schools recruiting you from an outsider’s perspective, but he’s already here so he gives me a lot of inside information. He tells me that when it comes to a place, someone shouldn’t have to convince you to go there. It’s a place you should innately want to be at.”

Does Imatorbhebhe have that feeling with UF?

“I would say so,” he said. “I wouldn’t make any (recruiting) declarations off that, but it’s definitely something I feel here. There’s no debate. I don’t have to be persuaded into that emotion.”

Imatorbhebhe said his older brother being in Gainesville is a bonus for the Gators, but it won’t sway his decision.

“It helps a lot,” he said. “It would be great to play with him in college. At the end of the day, I’m not going to make my choice based on another person, even though he is my brother. We both have different paths, but we could cross paths again.”

Imatorbhebhe plans to decide in the spring or summer and, like his brother, enroll early. He holds offers from more than two dozen schools, including Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, Ohio State and Southern Cal.

“This is probably the last trip I’m going to make recruiting wise,” Imatorbhebhe said. “I’m going to use this spring time to narrow things down and see what’s the best fit for me.”

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  1. I would not worry about the number of fans. They are sophisticated enough to know that this game would not be pretty and, unlike Alabama and Nebraska, there are other things to do in Florida. As for the visitors, not impressive, but getting Bruce to come has to be a feather in the cap of McElwain. I’m sure FSU tried very hard to have him come to their game. The dissappointment was that Dwayne Haskins didn’t show after saying he would after an earlier visit. It was a long shot to get him anyway, though.
    As for the game, not much could be expected with the number pf players on the field that you’ll never see again. I thoht that both relevant quarterbacks, Harris and Grier, looked pretty good, and the battle between them will probably not be decided until game week of the opener. Kelvin Taylor is still as unimpressive as ever, he may be working very hard but I think we’ve seen the ceiling of his ability already, and he’s just an average back at best. If both Thurman and Johnson don’t return, and I think that is true, the offensive line is going to be horrible. The next best returning player, after Johnson, Sharpe looked horrible. What did he do in the time since we last seen him? Eat an elephant? Every day? I don’t know who’s monitoring his eating habit, but while it’s true that he needed to gain some weight, he’s turned into a blimp. He’s going to get eaten alive if he doesn’t get rid of that girth. I’m sure he’s well north of 350. I think John Lennon is back and feeding him like in Magical Mystery Tour.The other tackle, Harkless, was horrible.
    There’s no doubt in my mind now that Ivey will play right away, Uf’s current tackles are horrible. Ivey needs to gain weight, but I’d rather see him skinny than that monstrosity they trotted out that used to be Sharpe. One of the two freshman running backs had better be ready as well, both Taylor and lane aren’t anyone that would worry an opposing team. I can now understand why Greg McElroy picked UF to win five games this year.
    There are some good pieces to work with. Robinson has a chance to be the SEC’s best receiver, he just needs to become more consistent. Brandon Poweel has been singled out by McElwain, I think for good reason. I think the gators are in much better shape at quarterback than with Driskel. If UF can get a contribution from the freshmen offensive linemen and running backs coming in, they could be better than expected. The positive out of Spring is that the quarterbacks look like they may be able to play. The negative is that Kelvin Taylor is what he is, he’s never going to be anything more than average, and David Sharpe has become a fat slob and the other tackle, Harkless, is not even close to being able to play.

  2. I saw a good defense that could possibly be great. I saw a combination of pretty good tight-end play (except for a couple of drops) that could be stellar by fall. I saw a strong kicking game. Aux2 you have some pretty scratched up glasses.

  3. Michael in Tampa I agree with your point about it being unfair to judge a running back if the offensive line is poor, but I still see the same Kelvin Taylor. He dances around too much still. He’s not a quick or an elusive back and he seems to think he’s Gale Sayers some times. I don’t think he’s any different from Mack Brown, and I was hoping to see an improved player this year, but I think he is what he is, which is not saying much.

  4. So now auxclown is the resident player evaluator and expert commentator. What a load of crap this guy continually brings to our blog.
    Now you have singled out KT for your usual negative crap. That is fine he will just show what an ass you are once the season unfolds. Assclown that is.
    The main concern has to be the OL and the lack of healthy bodies there. Losing Johnson is a mayor blow but we will have to wait until all the OL recruits come in the summer and go from there.
    QBs look good and so did the TE Goolsby. Still lots time left to fine tune the team before the season.

  5. aux2..wrong as usual..kt actually looked a little quicker imo..sharpe is huge and will play a big role this fall..he moved around very well and made some pretty nice blocks..he opened up a very nice hole for kt to run through for his second td…another linemen i was impressed with was dorsey..he’s another huge interior olinemen that played well and so did a.riles who was a dlinemen not long ago…most of the olinemen problems were the defense itself..brantley,ivy,clark,bryan all look unblockable..i know bullard is a returning starter but brantley and ivy together look dangerous…i really like what i saw out of justus reed as ccsdk mentioned i saw a good defense that can become great…dbs played well..d. porter looked like he added alot of muscle and should be able to compete for some playing time this year…wrs did ok..tight ends were very impressive..i still cant figure out why they didnt play instead of westbrook and burton…the qbs played well..nice completions for both grier and harris and most importantly no turnovers..overall i thought it was a good showing…GO GATORS!!!

  6. It’s “Groundhog Day.” We’ve heard that Taylor was going to be great the past two years at this time. It’s the same we heard about Driskel. Sometime you have to bite the bullet and realize that your eyes are not deceiving you. As for the defensive line being “unblockable” and the offensive line being anything, didn’t you see who they were going up against? Sharpe is not going to be going against Joey Walk-on when UF plays a good team. Does anyone know the name of anyone that was covering the tight ends? I think the quarterbacks looked pretty good with their throws, and even if it was against players you’ll never see again, you still have to execute the pass. We don’t have a clue about the defensive line, since they are going up against linemen that are probably worse than most of the teams UF will play. I think UF is in serious trouble at tackle. Sharpe will be a matador if he doesn’t shape up and Harkless is obviously not close to being ready.It is difficult to know about about the guards or center with the scrubs they went up against. they were going against. Who knows if any of the freshmen will be ready to play, but more than one is going to be thrown into the fire, ready or not.

  7. well if you watched the game you would have noticed sharpe going up against t.bryan and mcallister a few time and did say the center dillard and the two guards riles and dorsey didnt go up against anyone..the first part of the game they were going up against brantley,ivy and bullard..those were some good battles in the not as worried as some because we have the best oline coach in the nation..kt will be fine…the more you flip from player to player the more crazier you sound..guess what..i watched fsu’s spring too and i can tell you we look far more ready than fsu..the projected starter (mcguire) threw 2 ints and was all over the place with the ball..the wrs were inconsistent with drops and route running and seemed to play a little scared…the oline was horrible and fsu may have 3 or 4 true or redshirt freshman playing..the defense wasnt impressive and even jimbo seemed disappointed in his teams effort or lack their of…after watching that i know for a fact the uf has at least 2 qbs that are better than anyone else on fsu’s roster..sharpe is the same size as cam robinson(bama) and lermey tunsil(ole miss) both 5star tackles..the more you post aux2 the more worried you are…GO GATORS!!!

  8. i really like the direction of the offense..mac didnt show much but it was easy to see that play action and the use of the tight ends will be a big part of the scheme…goolsby and lewis make a great tandem..another thing that i notice is that we will be doing alot more blitzing on defense…GO GATORS!!!

  9. Flip flopping assclown says the O line and KT did terrible but doesn’t want to give credit to the D. Then says the only reason the TEs did so good was because “scrubs” were covering them.
    An FSU assclown takes the time not only to watch the O&B game but to dissect it in detail. Again more proof that this idiot has no life.
    I didn’t watch the FSU spring game and don’t care about it, furthermore I cannot fathom how anyone would sit through a rival’s spring game, why waste the time? Unless you are auxclown and it is your life purpose to pretend to know all things Gator. LOSER.
    We all realize that the team that will come out in the fall will be much different than what we saw Saturday. Specially when it come to the offense after 4 years of the muschump mistake it is a work in progress and needs time to develop. We are on our way, we are in capable hands.
    It’s all good in Hogtown and the FSU assclowns are worried.

  10. 813gatorboi As usual, you are completely delusional. I’ve seen Robinson and Tunsil, they don’t look anything like that tub of goo UF trotted out at left tackle. To think that UF in in better shape than FSU is ludicrous. But, again, it’s the time of big talk based on nothing, just like last year. As for UF’s defensive linemen, it’s difficult to know when they are going up against the tub of goo and company. Rod Johnson, was by far, UF’s best offensive linemen, but he’s history, along with Thurman, who wasn’t very good to begin with. Maybe Ivey will be able to play at a high level immediately, like Robinson and Tunsil, but the odds are against it. But even if he’s not ready to play well, he’s probably better than anyone of the clowns UF trotted out on Saturday. You’ve still got a few months to talk big, but when September rolls around, you’ll have to deal with reality when one or both of the streaks against Kentucky and Tennessee comes to an end. What will be the excuse then?

  11. if anyone is delusional its you aux2..i wont have an excuse for those 2teams because we will win..we dont have driskel so it wont be as close as last year with either team…the only reason why sharpe didnt start was becasue he had an first rounder in front of him as well as big rod on the other side but when he did play he played well..i think your scared of sharpe because you see his size and wonder how will anyone get pass this huge tackle..your still living in the past when it comes to fsu..they are not the team from last year or the year before…fsu is in a world of trouble…if you took the time to watch your own team you will see that im right…my brothers, my father and i all watched the uf game and fsu game and my dad who is a fsu die heart fan was very quite watching both games..he admitted uf will be alot better due to the qb play and admits fsu isnt as talented as they were the past 2 years…did you even watch your own team? its funny how you watched robinson play, tunsil play and uf play but you havent watch fsu’s tackle get whipped throughout spring big talk here just facts..jus be prepared to eat some crow this fall aux2…GO GATORS!!!

  12. 813 has a good reason to watch the sorry FSU clown U spring game, his dad is a FSU fan. Good time spent with the family. Auxclown on the other hand has no good reason to watch or comment on the O&B game. He has no reason and no excuse, other than the fact he is a lonely loser of an assclown.
    “You’ve still got a few months to talk big, but when September rolls around, you’ll have to deal with reality ….”
    Healer heal thyself, or assclown heed your own words, that is exactly what we have been telling you for weeks now. Keep talking big, keep talking crap, soon your time will be up.
    Gooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. kerrdog you crack me up with your lists.
    I believe you are referring to the 2016 recruiting class which right now consists of 1 wr, 1 de and 1 lb, so you guess is as good as any.
    For my taste I just think it is way too early for that and no one knows how it will shape up come NSD 2016.
    I believe folks, like the clowns at Miami that have a name for their 2016 recruiting class, something like swag 2016 or so are a bunch of dumbasses that do not learn from the past.
    Either way Go Gators!

  14. What is this love affair with Kelvin Taylor? I think the answer is that many think someone being a five star translates to them being a great college player, and they refuse to even contemplate the possibility that is a false premise. We saw it happen with Jeff Driskel, there was always a myriad of excuses made for him, and I see the same thing happening with Taylor. I think if you use your eyes, and not think about how many stars they have, you’d be more realistic. As seen this past season, it doesn’t take long to see if a running back is great, and waiting for Taylor to become something he’s not is futile.

  15. Didn’t Taylor score two touchdowns running behind the “crap” line you keep referring? And there are some quality players coming in in the summer including six linemen so I’m not overly worried about it. No point in letting people like aux getting you worked up he was pathetically wrong on the recruiting class and usually has no facts to back up what he says. I am disappointed with the fan turn out but after the past two years not a bunch of excitement just yet. The way I see it this is a transition year so I’m just going to enjoy the summer and then whatever happens in the fall is just more tape for coach to work with. Go Gators!

  16. Aux, Are you saying Taylor isn’t great or he is n’t good? Because there’s a huge difference. Saying he isn’t great is understandable. In fact the last two years it’s been an absolute fact. Now could he be great this year with better line play and a passing game keeping the defense honest? Absolutely. You just have to look at last year’s Georgia game to see the potential for greatness he has. Before we write him off let’s see what coaches, like Nussmeirer and McElwain, who know how to coach GREAT backs can do with him.

    However if you’re saying he’s not good, then you’re full of crap. As a freshman, behind a terrible and injury ridden O line and in a terrible offense, Taylor was able to rack up 508 yards on 4.8 yards per carry. 4.8 yards per carry is good. And it’s all the more impressive when you realize he only got meaningful carries in exactly half of the games. In those 6 games he received 5, 0, 1, 0, 0, and 6 carries. And even in some of the other games that season he only got 10, 12, and 14 carries. So simple math tells us if he gets meaningful carries in every game he could’ve had a 1000 yard season or at least close. And that is definitely good. Then he followed up his freshman season with a sophomore season totaling 565 yards, averaging 4.9 yards per carry while splitting time with Matt Jones behind and improved but not great O line. And even so in 2014, he still had the problem of only getting meaningful carries in less than half the games. In 7 of the 13 games played Taylor received 8, 4, 3, 2, 9, 8, and 4 carries. In his first 2 seasons he received 111 and 116 carries respectively. In comparison, the biggest rushers of the last 2 seasons have received around 250 to 350 carries. If Taylor received just 200 carries in each of those season, simple math would put him at 915 and 974 yards respectively. And I’m sure you’d call that good. Taylor certainly has room for improvement, but he is a good back who makes his carries counts.

  17. Guys I know the spring game was rough, but you gotta take it for what it is. Even be encouraged by it. This team has the makings to overachieve like the 2012 team did. There’s still work to do before we get there, but there was still work to do for the 2012 squad at this point. Think about what made that 2012 team what it was. Think about their identity. They won games through defense and special teams and an offense that did just enough by not turning the ball over and tiring out opposing defenses with a relentless run game. Now look at this team in comparison. This defense is NASTY, could even be nastier than that 2012 defense. The defensive line and secondary are deeper and more talented than I may have ever seen at Florida and the linebackers led by Antonio Morrison and coached by Randy Shannon will be pretty nasty even if not deep. Now on to special teams. I’m told Jorge Powell nailed a 52 yarder in practice and he looked real good throughout the spring game. If he keeps that up then there’s that reliable kicker we’ve been missing since Sturgis. And if Hardin beats him out then even better! On the flip side D Rob showed to be an explosive playmaker in the return game and he’s not the only one. Boom the biggest pieces of the 2012 puzzle seem to already be on this team. Now the one problem. Our line in NOWHERE near what that 2012 line was. However, it’s not hopeless. We have a couple key members injured that’ll boost that line (hopefully both Thurman and Johnson can come back), and we got one of the best O line coaches in the business. Give this line a summer in the S/C program to get bigger, a fall with Summers, and add some talented and big freshmen to add depth, and I’m comfortable that they will be usable. Not great, but good enough. Especially seeing as our backfield is more talented than the 2012 backfield. I loved Gilly and Jones, but I’ll take Taylor and Lane any day. Add in Harris either running from the QB spot or Wildcat formations (depending on who the starting QB is) and guys like Powell getting the occasional carry and I’ll pick this backfield over the 2012 backfield. And to help that running game will be a passing game that will be much better than 2012. We can already see that both Grier and Harris are smarter and more fluid passers than Driskel was and they’ll have better targets to throw to. D Rob is really coming into his own and could very well be an All SEC receiver. He’s a huge playmaker that will be a tough match up for any DB and the QBs already seem very comfortable with him. But even bigger is it seems we’ve got a good group of tight ends to take the pressure off of him. Both Goolsby and Lewis looked very good as receiving option in the spring game. Give them a summer and fall to develop even more and add McGee back into it and our tight end position could end up being a strength for once, just like (you guessed it) 2012. Add in other receivers who seem to be developing into good contributors (Powell, Showers, Bailey) and defenders will have a hard time focusing on D Rob which will make him all the more dangerous. Now none of the other receivers seem to be showing (yet) that they can be big threats every play and demand attention. But they should be good enough to help out and contribute. A 2 tight end set could be a killer formation for us this year. Put in a few more blockers to help the line in the running game without giving it away because it could also be our best passing formation as well. Imagine it. McGee and Goolsby/Lewis as tight ends, with D Rob and Powell/Showers/Fulwood/Worton/Bailey/etc at receiver and Taylor or Lane coming out of the backfield. Could be a dangerous formation the way those tight ends are stepping up. The other receiver doesn’t have to be great. Just good enough to demand he not be ignored. Then watch the defense try to figure out who to focus on between the tight ends and D Rob. So again I trell you guys this year is not doomed to be a repeat of last year. It could be special. Will we win a title? Not likely (though as Auburn proved it’s not impossible). Could we win 10 or 11 games. Actually yes.

  18. i agree azalus…we have the talent to be a 10-11 win team we just have to continue to develop over the summer and stay healthy through fall confindent we’ll have a better season…GO GATORS!!!

  19. I agree that Taylor has a chance, but I think he’s just an average back, at best. I say a chance because i’ll allow someone three years before deciding how good they a. It’s a fact that he’s been disappointing, all the articles about him reflect that and they question whether this is the year he gets his act together. He lacks quickness to the hole, that’s been his major problem. As for the Georgia game, that’s an anomaly since it seemed that it didn’t matter who UF ran that day, Georgia didn’t show up on run defense. As for the prediction of UF being good this year, i think that’s a pipe dream. Forget about Morrison, Thurman, and Johnson, it’s highly unlikely that any of them will play a down. Quarterback, although they looked o.k., is still a huge question mark. Robinson, if he becomes more consistent, can be an All-SEC or All-American receiver, but there is no one else at receiver that gives anyone hope except Powell, and he is learning the position and for the second year in a row is missing time because of issues with his foot, which ay be something chronic that is never quite right. The offensive line is troubling, to say the least. Whenever you are counting on true freshmen to play, I don’t care how many stars they have, you are in serious trouble. That doesn’t bode well for a quarterback that is learning the position. Defense? Who knows? But the UF defense was great in 2012, but hasn’t been close to that the past couple of years. Collins realizes that, he saw that UF was 91st, I believe, in third down defense last year, and is placing an emphasis on UF getting the other offense off the field.
    I think UF will win five or six games, the predictions of winning double digit games is a fantasy in my mind. There’s a reason UF has a new coach, and it’s not because there are a ton of All-SEC players running around that weren’t coached properly. UF will still struggle on offense and I don’t see the defense being up to the level of 201. McElwain has to get more players, we’ll find out this year if one of them has to be a new quarterback. If both Harris and Grier aren’t the answer, UF might have to throw out a true freshman in 2016, that’s not a recipe for being a good team. I could be wrong, but I don’t see UF turning the ship around anytime soon, certainly not this year. When you are counting on true freshmen and severely injured players, you are up the creek without a paddle.

  20. Good job Azalus you are absolutely right. Now the bit about the spring game being “rough” is no big deal since we had a few missing players and BigMac only showed a very small portion of his offense. Remember this offense is a work in progress and will look a lot better in the fall. Like you said, the talent is there and I may add so is the coaching for a change.
    Gooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. “There’s a reason UF has a new coach, and it’s not because there are a ton of All-SEC players running around that weren’t coached properly.”

    We have a new coach because the last one did not know what an offense was and by definition none of our potential ALL -SEC players on offense were properly coached or developed.

    “I could be wrong,….”

    Yes you are, like usual. Wrong and an assclown to boot.

  22. Taylor was not average against UGA was he? Give him a crease like any other great back and he is great also. Very few backs have the ability to create their own holes. He was hit virtually every time before he reached the line.

  23. ntc, first thing I’m just gonna ask this question, Do you believe Mike Gillislee was a good back?

    2nd: Forget about Morrison?? Come on. Thurman and Johnson I can understand because their career is actually questionable (Johnson’s more than Thurman’s. I actually believe that Thurman will be good to go but Johnson I’m just hoping for without real belief), but Morrison’s injury isn’t career threatening. Last year you said it was Easley who would never play again despite the coaches saying he would. This year it’s Morrison. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.

  24. 3: I don’t know how anyone can say this defense won’t be nearly as good as 2012! It just shows a lack of knowledge. Like that stat on 3rd down efficiency. We were 52nd (not nearly as good as I’d like, but not 91st). And on 4th down, we were much better, top 20, while the red zone defense was 35th in the nation (good but I’d like it to be better). We were 10th allowed first downs, tied for 11th in turnovers forced, 10th in pass efficiency defense, 13th in rushing defense, 37th in sacks (another one good that I’d like to see better), 16th in tackles for loss, 20th in scoring defense, and 15th in total defense. All that with an offense that kept putting the defense in the WORST positions and kept them on the field far too long. That is a GREAT defense! And it’s only going to get better. We have the nation’s best seconday led by the nation’s best corner, VH3. On the D line we return Alex McCalister, our leader in sacks who will only get better; Jon Bullard; and Bryan Cox Jr, who last year became a consistent starter who like McCalister will only improve. Then we return guys like Taven Bryan and Justus Reed who have developed at just the right time to be monsters in their own rights. Add the talented depth of guys like Khairi Clark, Thomas Holley, Joey Ivey, Caleb Brantley, and Jaynard Bostwick, then throw in Cece Jefferson who is the type of talented guy that could step in and be a difference maker (at least in pass rushing) from day one, and you’ve got one of the most talented and deepest D lines to play in the Swamp. Then at linebacker you’ve got maybe not as deep a crew as you’d like, but as talented as anyone could hope for. Led by Antonio Morrison (as much as you may hate to admit it) and including guys such as Jarrad Davis, Alex Anzalone, Daniel McMillan, and now with Matt Rolin actually healthy, and this linebacking corps will be at the very least really good. Combine that with a proven coach like Geoff Collins and I just don’t see how anyone could doubt this D

  25. Azalus I didn’t say anything about Morrison’s injury being career ending. I just said to forget about him for this season. It’s usually at least a year before someone with an ACL, MCl, or other serious knee or leg injury. We don’t know what Morrison suffered exactly because they have not provided that information, but it’s obvious from his rehab that it’s not something as simple as a fracture. Morrison was injured in Jany, it’s unlikely he will have recovered fully in time to play this season. McGee suffered a fracture, which is much quicker to heal, yet he still was unable to participate this Spring after an injury that occurred in September of last year. Someone recovering as fast as Adrian Peterson did is the extreme exception, not the normal time frame. The reports of Morrison’s rehab going well are not an indication that he’s going to be healthy enough to play when the season begins. If it makes you feel any betr, FSU has their top tackler, Northrup, who is unlikely to return as well this season since he tore an ACL in the Rose Bowl. They also have a guy who was the top high school player in the nation, Josh Sweat, before he was injured lats year, and it’s unlikely he’ll be able to play as well. It’s just normal, and you should not fight the idea of normalcy.

  26. 4. The offense will be fine, not great, but certainly better than 2012, because the passing game will be better. You can claim there’s no decent receivers besides D Rob, but if you watched the spring game you saw 2 back up tight ends that can bring it. Add McGee to Goolsby and Lewis and put 2 of those 3 in a 2 tight end set and you don’t dare double team D Rob because that’ll make it to easy to take the tight end mismatch. Tight ends are a great weapon to be used and this year we actually have that weapon available. Just look at what a good tight end did for the 2012 team. And that was without a receiver like D Rob. And I hate to admit it but based on spring it does appear we don’t have a wide receiver other than Demarcus Robinson who will be really good, but you’re off if you don’t think we don’t have any other decent options. Powell you don’t deny so I’ll skip him. Valdez Showers could be even better than Powell as he’s shown whenever he’s gotten the chance. he showcased more of his great hands and athletic ability in the spring game. Ahmad Fulwood is struggling in route running, but put him out on the field and he’s athletic enough to demand at least a little attention. And if he does get the route running down, he’ll be just as dangerous as D Rob. Alvin bailey is a guy I’ve been looking to since he stepped on campus and it looks like he’s finally developed into a contributor. Don’t underestimate him. CJ Worton showed some good stuff last year and he’ll only get better. Chris Thompson has the ability if he stays in practice and out of trouble. It doesn’t appear we have any wide receivers who’ll demand half od D Rob’s attention, but we got plenty that are good enough to not ignore, then combine that with 2 tight ends causing match up problems and a back coming out of the backfield and defense won’t be able to devote 2 guys to D Rob or else they’ll be leaving the tight ends too open. And I wouldn’t call our QBs question marks. maybe not great yet, but not question marks. If you watched the spring game, you saw Grier was sharp and accurate on his passes, decisive, and quick on those decisions, and you saw that Harris, while starting roughly, is not too far behind Grier. Both QBs can run and both can evade the rush and give themselves extra time to find receivers. Give them a summer to get more comfortable and develop those bonds with their receivers and give them a fall to continue to progress and get better, and you’ll be seeing the best QB play since Tebow (admittedly not saying much, but it’s a step in the right direction)

  27. How did UF go from WR-U to the 2014 SEC leader in dropped balls?
    Some of the possibilities, jmoho of course. 😉
    1) Those who hired Muschamp to return UF to a (dig-ducky) run game.
    2) OC’s hired to, or forced to run the ball as the basis for the offense.
    3) A lack of recruiting and/or teaching OL’men pass blocking.
    4) 7 WR coaches in the last 7 years & 3 OC’s in 4 years.
    5) A lack of developing the passing game and/or the QB’s.
    6) A resultant lack of top quality WR’s, because few would want to be a part of that.
    7) There are likely other reasons that I have not listed or am aware of….
    Possible cures for these self-induced offensive problems?
    Hiring McElwain, and his hiring of OC Nussmeier.
    QB Will Grier (14K+ HS passing yds, 195 TD’s) and Time.
    Grier in Spring game: 8 of 11 (3 drops 1 each by 3 different guys) for 136 yds, 3 TD drives.
    Developing the current WR’s and the ongoing recruitment of more quality receivers.
    And a bit of good luck (injuries & recruiting) wouldn’t hurt…..
    WR Josh Imatorbhebhe and his TE brother, among others, looks to be a good start. 🙂
    “He tells me that when it comes to a place, someone shouldn’t have to convince you to go there. It’s a place you should innately want to be at.”
    Having Coach McElwain at the helm has changed things already. Just look at what his this last QB and Top WR accomplished.
    PS-off — Ox-Tu is what his is, a flaming criminole-troll….
    Kelvin Taylor ran for 4.9 ypc vs an SEC schedule.
    Their ‘short order Cook’ ran for 5.9 ypc vs the Cupcakes.
    One holds on to the ball, while the other gives it away to the weak-sisters….
    13-1 FSUcks 24 – 19 UF 7-5 — Then FSUcks 20 – 59 Ore — Case Closed. :p

  28. As far as the line, I didn’t say we were counting on freshmen to play. Though maybe Ivey because he’s just that good. I just said the freshmen class would add depth. Hopefully we don’t need that depth, but it’s nice to have. The way the line looked in the spring isn’t how they’ll look in the fall. Let them go through the summer conditioning program (see how much better Kavaris Harkless gets just by putting on some muscle), then let Mike Summers work his magic and let them get probably Thurman, and maybe Johnson back from injury and we’ll see how they look. Predicting Thurman recovers and Johnson can’t play, we’ll have a starting 5 of Sharpe, Riles, Thurman, Dillard, and Ivey or Mike depending on whether Ivey lives up to the hype or not, with backups of Dorsey, Mike/Ivey, and Harkless. Then besides that you’ve got a huge (I mean body side) freshmen class who will provide good depth given a summer with Summers, including Brandon Sandifer (6-4 335, could play early), Frederick Johnson (6-5 305), and Tyler Jordan (6-4 280). The line will not be as good as 2012’s. And they won’t be great. But they’ll be solid enough. With an improved running game, better backfield, nasty defense, and game changing special team, solid enough is good enough for this year. Double digit wins isn’t a pipe dream. With better on the field coaching last season and take away a drop here or there and last year’s team could’ve won 10 games. I’d say more of the dream would be 5 or 6 wins. I mean come on. Last year we won 7 games and that was without one of the auto wins. Do you really think we’ll be worse than last year?? I don’t. I mean we have 5 auto wins and UT which has become basically an auto win though they’re getting better. That’s very likely 6 right there. So you’re saying we lose every other game?? With that defense and competent coaches? Unlikely. Now we good dip down to 8 or 9 wins or we could come out of nowhere and win a title. It all depends on what happens between now and the start of the season. All we can do is wait for it.

  29. Azalus You may be right about statistics, but I know that UF was 91st in an important defensive statistic because Collins mentioned it as something the Gators needed to improve to become a great defense. It’s total nonsense that the gator defense has been great the past two years. They never stopped anyone on a good team two years ago when it mattered. NEVER! The offense would score and the defense would lay down and let the other team score right after. Hell, Georgia Southern didn’t even need to complete a single pass to roll over UF’s defense. As for last year, the defense also failed miserably when it counted numerous times. How about LSU, who has worse quarterbacks than UF, scoring easily on UF’s “best secondary in the nation.” How about UF’s great defense failing to stop a team from going 34 yards in 39 seconds and then laying down in overtime to South Carolina? It was so bad that South Carolina’s running back could fumble the ball and still easily score because there wasn’t a Gator defender in the same zip code. It;’s not only the offense that’s the reason for Florida’s futility the past couple of years, the defense was a huge factor as well. It’s comical to see statistics used when we all saw that when it really mattered the Gator defense was AWOL. I heard the same predictions last year of how great UF’s defense was and that UF was going to be great this past year. Different year, same unrealistic expectations. It’s not based on anything concrete, just “potential.” When potential wins games, let me know. We all saw UF’s defense collapse time and time again, and you’re going to spout statistics?

  30. Azalus I think you forget that last year’s team could also have been just as easily 5-7without a very lenient timekeeper against both Kentucky and Tennessee. Florida was juggernaut against Georgia, but the rest of the season they were a pretty forgettable team.

  31. NC, first you never answer my question: WAS. MIKE. GILLISLEE. A. GOOD. BACK?
    2nd, about Morrison, we had the same argument about Easley and look what happened there. If he wasn’t going to play this season, what reason would he have for coming back rather than going to the NFL. Some NFL team would undoubtedly draft him and he could start making money. it makes absolutely less than no sense.
    3rd, I didn’t talk about the defense 2 years ago. That defense was on the field all game with walk ons. That defense had no chance. I talked aboutlast years, which as the statistics showed was across the board one of the best in the league. And I’m sorry but I gotta laugh at your comment about LSU scoring so easily on our secondary. Seriously do you ever do any research or check your facts at all?? LSU passed for a whopping (are you ready for it) 110 yards on us. If the secondary gave up 110 yards every game I’d be fine with that. If you want to talk about the secondary, talk about Bama. but then my response would be that the secondary was young and a much different secondary in the 2nd half of the season when the grew up. Which is what happens with young players. The 2nd half of the season is way more indicative on how they’ll play this season. And they’ll be even better. As for SC, the 2 minute offense is the hardest to stop in football. I have no clue why or reasoning for it, but I notice it across the board, defenses struggle more against the 2 minute offense than the rest of the game. This is I suspect what led to the hurry up offense used as a whole offense rather than just situational. And still they only scored 23 points in that game. A decent offense should be able to outscore that. You can thank Muschamp for this team’s ability to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. If you hadn’t noticed, he’s not here anymore. That team also held FSU to only 23 points and intercepted “Famous Jameis” 4 times. Even Jameis admits that secondary of Florida’s if the best he’s ever faced. And it’s only getting better

  32. Don’t whine to me about timekeeping. I saw several plays by different teams throughout the season that were exactly the same and no one cried about those! It’s the rule. The ref looks at the clock, when it hits zero, the ref looks at the ball. Some refs are faster, some are slower. I’ve seen that situational called the same way plenty of times. And people act like that penalty would’ve ended the game. It was the play clock, not the game clock. That penalty would’ve hurt, might’ve resulted in a loss, but we could’ve easily just come back and did the exact same thing. Same thing for Tennessee. The play wasn’t as the 4th quarter ended. We would’ve been pushed back and try again. No guarantee of loss

  33. wow..azalus took the words right out of my mouth..its way too early to throw in the towel on kt..they give players 4years for a reason…i think the defense will be alot better than last year…dline will be a monster this year with that collection of talent and i actually think our backers will be better than last year…the backers we have now are a little more faster and athletic than our previous group..oline will be solid thx to the best oline coach in the nation…secondary will be lights out with all of them returning..azalus is completely right..had westbrook caught the td pass vs. lsu and fsu we would have 2 more wins in the books..had muschamp not had a brain fart and run the ball we would have had a “w” vs sc…people say we havent had a good d..look at the mizzo game..the defense didnt give up 100yards rushing or passing that lost was because of st and the offense….if we won 7games last year with no qb play, i know we can win at least 10 this year…whenever the defense is on the field too long they get tired and get beat plain and simple..samething happened to fsu once org kept them on the field…they got tired and they got beat…this team will pull together and exceed alot of peoples expectations…GO GATORS!!!

  34. Do you have any idea how silly it is to brag about the number of yards put up by LSU. You don’t play a game to worry about yards, you play to win games. The fact is, that when the game was on the line, UF’s secondary failed to stop a team from converting a fourth and forever and then gave up a touchdown pass on the next play. If UF’s defense was great, they would have made a stop. As for FSU, the defense couldn’t stop FSU when it was needed, after all FSU did win the game. Statistics are meaningless, it’s wins and losses that count. East Carolina put up a lot of yards, but they lost the game, another example of why yards are something only losers worry about.’

  35. the defense stepped and shut fsu down..had we (westbrook) not given fsu a td, you would be singing a different tune right now…losing big rod is a huge blow but we wont be as bad as some think…sure we might struggle at first but mac retained coach summers for a reason and this is it…get the most out of what we have and go from there..mac is a smart enough coach to operate an offense without exposing its weakness…im sure he’ll tweak a few things in the offense if the line isnt where it should be…GO GATORS!!!

  36. 813gatorboi You still live in fantasy land, don’t you? Florida did not give FSU anything, FSU took everything they got. They obviously executed better than Florida because they have a better defense. Unlike Florida, who had an opportunity for a pick six, and came up with nothing for it, FSU took advantage of it’s opportunity. Uf is very good if “ifs” meant anything. I just keep on laughing at delusional people like you.

  37. aux, I love how you want to blame only the defense for losing. Like you talk about the LSU game and want to try to say because of one play the whole game is the defense’s fault. Newsflash: NO defense can stop someone 100% of the time. If you find me 1 team that didn’t give up 1 TD, 1 yards, 1 FG, anything, then share whatever you were on when you found it with me ;). It’s especially harder when the D is on the field all day getting tired. Our 2012 offense proved that by winning the 4th quarter because they had worn out the opposing defenses. I don’t think our O was better than any of those defenses. We just tired them out and took advantage. That’s what’s happened to our D the last 2 years. And it’s not on the defense to win games. It’s the whole team’s job to win games together. To do this the offense is supposed to score and the defense is suppose to keep the other team’s point total low. The fact that the defense did that means they’re doing their job. Blaming them for losses when they did their job is just foolish, unfair, and stupid. Especially games like the FSU game where they HANDED the offense the win and the offense squandered it away. You conveniently forget the terrible positions the offense put the defense in. Like LSU’d game winning field goal. You know that drive went for -12 yards. Yes NEGATIVE TWELVE. And LSU still got a field goal. If the defense messed up there I’d like to know what that mess up was. And if you wanna talk about the FSU game, the defense only allowed 1 FG in the second half of that game. Not exactly what I would call breaking when it mattered most. I hope you’re a troll because only trolls and idiots could call this defense anything but great

  38. azalus.aux2 wont answer questions that he doesnt have an excuse for..he always stated how the sec is overrated and how the acc was so great by beating ohio state…i asked him if the acc and fsu are so great then why were they the undefeated champs ranked 3rd in playoff seeding behind an sec team ranked #1…he still hasnt responded to that question…aux2 so fsu played great defense when the ball hit westbrook square in the hands…”no” fsu was beat on that play…just like fsu giving org 4 fumbles to break open the game…what a must be blind or stupid to think that fsu has a better d…nc state and louisville lit up the score board against fsu and that sorry defense…GO GATORS!!!

  39. Gilly was a stud, one of the best backs UF has had in a while. Should have started ahead of Demps and Rainey. Another back who didn’t get a fair shot until his final year. He was a big reason that 2012 team won 11 games. The offensive production in 2012 was #1. Gilly, #2. the defense and #3. Sturgis.