VIDEO: Tisdale talks UF commitment


Florida gained its eighth verbal commitment and fifth in three weeks Friday when Tyrek Tisdale pledged to UF during his visit to Gainesville.

Following his trip, the versatile athlete from Orlando Oak Ridge spoke with The Sun about his decision.

[youtube dEqYaDE7oys 580]


  1. The Gator coaches evaluate a lot more than just the recruits athletic ability, and I trust the Gator coaches a lot more than I trust the widely varying recruiting service’s star rankings. Anyone can usually see a 5 star recruit, the difficult recruiting takes place between the 2-4 star recruits.
    Welcome to the Gator Nation Tyrek!

  2. 305 Gator Unlike your normal posts that do nothing but attack other posters, you actually said something this time makes sense. It doesn’t matter how many stars someone has, if McElwain thinks he’s good enough to play at Florida, that should be enough. We have not got a clue as to whether he’ll be a good coach yet, but he’s got a six year contract, so you have to accept his judgement right now. Also, who cares if he gets another “star”? It doesn’t mean he suddenly became a better player and has no bearing on how well he will play at Florida. After all, how well someone plays in a real game is all that matters anyway. The 2010 recruiting class was full of “stars,” some thought it was the top class in the country, and they are now all gone with only a Gator Bowl and Birmingham Bowl ring to show for it, with zero trips to Atlanta.A recruiting aside is that Dwayne Haskins, a top QB prospect, says he’s coming back to Gainesville, after visiting this weekend, for the Spring game. That’s both good and bad for UF because it’s good he’s coming back, but it’s bad because UF may not even have a Spring game and we know how badly that went the last time that happened. Does anyone even remember a single thing about that except that it was totally ridiculous?

  3. its nothing but good sure he knows the oline and linebacker situation at uf and the reason why we wont have a traditional spring game..ive stop looking at stars a long time ago..if mac says he’s good enough then bring him aboard..GO GATORS!!!

  4. Wow thanks auxclown, I mean aux2, now that you have validated me you have made my day!!!!!!
    But seriously now, is it an “attack” to point out that another poster is full of sheet?
    Is it an “attack”to call out another poster who everyone knows is an FSU troll assclown?
    Me thinks not.
    Does anyone remember anything about last year’s Spring game?
    A better question is does anyone care?
    It’s good for you to be so informed about UF recruiting but know this, it is always a good thing when a prospect comes to visit Gainesville. It’s always a very good thing for kids to come spend time with BigMac. It’s always good for recruits to come watch practice or games. Most of them leave very impressed and want to come back for more.
    It’s always great to be a Florida Gator

  5. Kerrdog Bruce may be short, but he’s not small. The SEC is not going to crush him. He’ll be the one handing out the punishment. The Gators already have someone who’s very short, Adam Lane, but he’s not small either. If you can play, it doesn’t matter how short you are, an example is former FSU All-American Lamarcus Joyner who was a high draft choice and is now playing in the NFL.

  6. I think McElwain is discovering that UF is NOT full of talented players. Like Roper before him, it might be the case that he’s discovering that he had more talent at Colorado State at quarterback than he does at UF. Roper learned the hard way that was true and that he had more talent at Duke than UF at quarterback. I may be wrong, and I’m sure some will disagree, but usually by now there is some leaking out of information, even with closed practices, that someone is looking good at quarterback, that hasn’t been the case at UF this year. There is Summer preseason practices to go, so that can change, but I think it’s a distinct possibility that quarterback will continue to be a liability at UF this season. If that turns out to be true, the failure to sign a quarterback this past recruiting class becomes even more magnified. The bright spot is that a top quarterback recruit should be able to notice if UF’s quarterbacks suck, and will want to come to UF because he’ll see instant playing time.

  7. Now slow down a bit auxclown with your premature ejacu, I mean, predictions that UF’s quaterbacks suck. That is another in the long line of ignorant statements you keep making. Can’t tell if a QB, or two, suck when you haven’t seen one play at all, and you only have a few games as a sample on the other.
    BigMac complained about the OL, LB and RB positions, specifically he complained about the lack of bodies, the numbers, lack of depth. Comprende my lil assclown?
    Whether Duke and CSU had better QBs than Driskel the last 2 seasons is probably true, heck they had way more prolific offenses.
    That is not saying much, most QB were better than Driskel the past 2 seasons, including Treon Harris.
    Both Duke and CSU had better head coaches than UF the past 2 seasons. So your point is moot. As usual.

  8. The mess Muschamp left behind is telling. We all know the numbers at LB and the OL are dreadful. The lack of experience upfront compounds the challenges Jim McElwain must overcome. No coach could realistically compete for a championship with the very young and inexperienced OL we have right now unless the competition stumbles. That’s exactly what’s happened in the SEC East each of the last two seasons. McElwain will improve the offense in 2015 but the bigger jumps will come in the following two years. Defense could keep our Gators in the hunt deep into this fall in our division nonetheless.

  9. “We have not got a clue as to whether he’ll be a good coach yet, but he’s got a six year contract, so you have to accept his judgement right now.” Ox-Tu
    Nope moe-ron, it’s you that is clueless and/or disingenuous concerning McElwain. The rest of us have McElwain’s long coaching history to go on, which is beyond a flaming crimi-troll like yourself.
    “After all, how well someone plays in a real game is all that matters anyway.”
    You know, like the Shameous 4-5 Ints performance at home vs UF, or the Playoff -39 vs the LAC 12 Champ, (lmao).
    Tell me Ox, how many total Ints/fumbles was your Shameous/Cook combo responsible for last year? (crickets)
    IF Playing an SEC schedule instead of cupcakes, a 7-6 record would have been exceptional for your loser chumps.

    2012 Lost to UF/Muschamp/Driskel 37 – 26 FSUcks
    2011 9-4 – not even the Cupcake Champ
    2010 10-4 – not even the Cupcake Champ – lost Chick bowl to SEC/SCa
    2009 7-6 – not even the Cupcake Champ
    2008 9-4 – not even the Cupcake Champ –
    2007 7-6 – not even the Cupcake Champ – lost the Music bowl to SEC/kensucky
    (BTW, UF hasn’t lost to kensucky in their last 29 attempts)
    2006 7-6 – not even the Cupcake Champ

    Ox-tu makes idiot-speculations filled with moronic IF’s and But’s, and then he gives his biased opinions and conclusions based on his idiot/moron views as if they were facts. A ‘TROLL POSITIVE’ signature in all of his postings.
    Also, you recently bragged that highly intelligent Shameous was recruited and accepted by Stanford. Tell me, how long would he have remained at Stanford if he had done all of the crap there, that FSUcks allowed and/or covered up for him in tallycrappy? (about a NY-second imoho)
    And IF the Tampa Bay Yucks take him with the 1st pick, then they will deserve what happens to them. It certainly won’t be the first major screw-up mistake that I’ve seen them make through the years….
    Yuck’s fans will become 2-baggers, one for on the field/stands, and another for off the field/streets…..

  10. Once again da-mudd brings in solid perspective as it relates to our blog assclowns like aux.
    Da-mudd you are surely going to rile up auxclown you have called out his two heroes/idols Shameous and Short order Cook. Remember according to FSU assclowns Cook is supposed to be a “superstar”, the heir apparent to the departed “superhero” QB. I know, I know, it makes me too. But that is what they believe.
    Meanwhile BigMac is putting the pieces together to bring UF back into prominence. The QBs, WRs and TEs are being properly taught and developed for the first time in their college careers. The defense is set to improve from being just good to being better than good. Exciting times in Hogtown. The players know it, the recruits can feel it. It won’t be long before we are back on top of the heap again.
    Go Gators!

  11. jus for the record..if the bucs do take winston im sure they will have a clause maybe more than one that states if he acts up hes out of town..their have been rumors that d.brooks has offered to mentor him while in the 813..if the bucs were smart they will make him having a mentor(babysitter) mandatory in his contract. he has all the phyiscal tool to be great but has his mind caught up with his body? that is the question..and lets keep the negative comments to a minimum regarding my bucs please..i know we’re bad but spare me your thoughts…GO GATORS!!!