More visitors on tap for Gators


After receiving two commitments last Saturday during their junior day event, more recruits are flocking to Gainesville to watch the Florida Gators practice.

Niceville wide receiver and Rivals100 member Eli Stove visited UF on Thursday with his father, Langston Stove, who spoke highly of the trip to

More receivers plan to visit Friday, most notably Isaiah Johnson of West Palm Beach Dwyer. He attended junior day last weekend and then decommitted from Miami, naming Florida his top school.

Winter Garden West Orange wideout Eddie McDoom is making the trip with teammates Woody Barrett (QB) and Stone Forsythe (OL), who are both looking for an offer from the Gators. Jacksonville Raines teammates and UF commits Rick Wells and JaQuan Bailey will also be on hand.

Another Friday visitor who could join Florida’s commitment list is Spencer Perry. The safety from Bradenton IMG Academy visited late last month and has expressed interest in playing with Gators cornerback commit Chauncey Gardner.

Two more UF pledges, Vosean Joseph and Eric Mitchell, are two of several visitors scheduled for Saturday. Like Johnson, Orlando (Fla.) Oak Ridge athlete Tyrek Tisdale is making his second trip to Gainesville in as many weeks and will be on commit watch.

Another Orlando product coming is offensive lineman Parker Boudreaux, who visited Florida in February. Miami linebacker commit Shaquille Quarterman of Orange Park Oakleaf will check out the Gators on Saturday as well as Peach-State linebackers Ja’Quain Blakely and Tre Lamar, a Rivals100 member.


  1. It sounds like there’s a goof chance that Johnson. Perry, and Tisdale will commit now. It’s good to get Quarternan in to visit, he says if Miami has a bad year, he will look elsewhere and he is at a critical need position for Florida. Al Golden is on the same hot seat as Muschamp was last year.

  2. Everything’s coming together: an amiable head coach with a great history and a confident swagger about the future, a staff built for strategic recruiting, a stronger and more seasoned support staff, an expansion and updating of facilities, and big opportunities for incoming players. These are several of the reasons why Florida’s going to bring in a superlative recruiting class for 2016.

  3. These high speed training practices are turning some heads. Kids see how valuable it is to practice fast with thinking during “chaos”. All they have to do is watch one of these practices and they get it. I can’t wait to see how this speed of practice translates to game day. Go Mac. Go Gators

  4. Apples Pie I wouldn’t worry too much about the number of “stars.” UF has had plenty of “stars” the past few year and it hasn’t got them to Atlanta. The winner of the East the past two years, Missouri, doesn’t get a lot of stars, but they do get the players that will fit into their system. Maybe that’s what McElwain is seeking too, and he’s not worried about the number of “stars.” By the way, the team without the “stars,” Missouri, has demolished UF the past two years.

  5. Yep, while the over-rated Playoff team with the Heisman pretender thug at QB, and all of the 4-5 star recruits had to have a final minute comeback TD at home to beat the crappy Gators by just 5 pts…. Go figure…. ;~))

  6. da-muddler Again, do you actually watch games? UF had a lead after the first quarter, they never led after that. There was no “final minute” comeback. FSU was a FAR superior team to UF, just as UF was a FAR superior team to FSU when they beat FSU by seven points and won the National title. In case you don’t know, I’ll inform you that it doesn’t matter to anyone you lose by one point or you lose by forty, it still counts the same. To compare a mediocre team like UF was last year to a playoff team is ludicrous. This is a new year, and don’t care how many returning starters a team has, each year you field a completely new team. This year UF may be better than FSU, we don’t know yet. A determining factor is who will field the best quarterback, UF returns it’s starter and FSU must break in new one. There are other similarities as well. Both teams must develop, basically, a new offensive line. Both must develop a receiving corps, with UF having a proven play in Robinson. an advantage for UF. Both have questions at tight end, UF has a Senior transfer who has played, FSU has not got anyone who’s ever caught a pass. Both filed a revamped defensive line due to graduation and early entry into the NFL. Both have a returning starter at linebacker who probably won’t be able to play in the Fall and have depth issues at the position. UF has a clear advantage in the secondary with almost everyone returning and FSU losing it’s corners to early draft entry. An interesting sideshow is that FSU has moved Jalen Ramsey back to corner, who will be the better player, Hargreaves or Ramsey? Who will be drafted higher when both. probably, turn pro after the season? On paper it looks like the Gators will be better than FSU next year. The only clear advantage FSU has is at running back. Dalvin Cook is far superior to anything the Gators have, so far, put on the field. So your hopes for next year should be high, but let’s not think that last year UF was even in the same galaxy as FSU. There’s a big difference between going to Birmingham, and going to the rose Bowl for the playoff.

  7. Ntcrze – Did you actually watch the game? UF missed a field goal towards the end of the third quarter and another one in the fourth quarter. Either one would have given UF the lead. FSU was not far superior in that game.

  8. ntcrze…….and the rest of the FSU trolls on here. Here are some facts:

    Florida lead the “far superior” FSU Noles 9 to 0 early. And a turnover in the red zone leading to a FSU TD prevented the Gators from going up 16 o 0 over the “far superior FSU Noles. Florida then missed an easy FG to prevent the Gators from going up 12 to 7 over the “far superior” FSU Noles. Florida then trailed the “far superior” FSU Noles only 16 to 21 at the half. Florida only trailed the “far superior” FSU Noles 19 to 21 at the end of the 3rd quarter. Then the “crappy” Gators only lost 19 to 24 after missing two more easy FGs that would have won the game. And by the way, the “far superior” FSU Noles outgained the “crappy” Florida Gators by an remarkable 24 offensive yards, proving once again how “far superior” the FSU Noles were over the “crappy” Florida Gators.

  9. Guys I wholeheartedly endorsed (in my posts above) Mac bringing in 3star guys that want to be part of Gator nation, have the drive and will to win and have fooyball smarts. I just made one small comment that it’s ok yo bring in 4 and 5 star athletes also.

    Mac and company have an infectious upbeat outlook and I think they are selecting players that want to be a part of that. Go Gators!

  10. To all you jerk-o&&s that love to come on here and quibble about mindless details about an old game from the mad hump era have fun. For me, I’m looking forward and so are the players and commits. Get with it guys.

  11. Tampa gator we lost that game despite all the excuses and almosts. Nutjob noble you won that game, like a lot of our opponents did in the miss chimp era. Enjoy. The Gator fans that come to this board are waiting for the day, soon, when it’s Dimbo’ crew making the excuses.

    That will be like old times and all will be right in the world. Go Gators.

    In the northern part of Florida, neath the sky so blue, stand an old abandoned outhouse ……… Gator fans know the rest of the song.

  12. Hey Gator fans, last time I checked the St. John’s river still flows north!
    Can’t wait to see old man Richt with his almost bald head and his silly (DONT YOU THINK THEY make me look younger to recruits) sunglasses running onto the field with all the players to try and slow the Gators momentum. Only to find out that this Gator coaching staff laughs it off takes the 15 yards, nods in appreciation and their mentally tough team doesn’t jump up and down or go off and sulk they just smile and continue to chomp the dawgs

  13. Tampa gator A 13-1 team is far superior to a 7-5 team. The only thing that matters is who wins and loses, not if this or if that. I’m sure FSU fans can whine that the targeting rule came a year too late because of Morrison’s hit that changed the game when UF upset FSU in 2012. Enough of the “ifs.” UF looks comparable to FSU, on paper, this year. We’ll find out if the enthusiasm for McElwain is warranted when real games are played, not before. But his evaluation will take years, not just a single season. After all, Muschamp was the SEC Coach of the year in 2012, and it was well deserved wing eleven games with Jeff Driskel at the helm.

  14. I don’t have much respect for the way Jimbo Fisher handled the miscreants on his team, putting winning ahead of ethics. However, after winning ACC titles and a national championship, Fisher has established himself competitively as a top-level coach. My questions are 1) can Jimbo sustain a high level of success with a lesser QB? and 2) how long will it be before Fisher’s tolerance of sociopathic off field thugdom undoes his program? We Gators have seen a talented head coach brought down to earth once his top notch QB moved on and his soft approach to discipline allowed players to act out of control. Meantime, our program’s heading up. It might take a year to grow up our offensive line but we’re not far from surpassing F$U again.

  15. There is no logicl reason to criticize Fisher’s handling of players. It’s been repeatedly shown that Winston was innocent of the accusation by the harlot whose only motive was extortion, evidenced by her attempt t shake Winston down for seven million dollars with the promise that they’d never hear from her again if they paid her demand. When Winston is chosen as the first pick in the draft, that should be evidence that the NFL doesn’t believe the witch hunt against Winston. As for UF passing FSUI think that’s possible, but not likely. I can see UF being on the same level as FSU, as when Spurrier was at UF. I don’t see UF dominating FSU with Fisher as the coach because he’s not old like Bowden was when Meyer took over and had obviously lost his fastball. If McElwain is the right choice as coach, I can see both programs being about the same, but the days of UF dominating FSU is ancient history, doubtfully to be repeated. The domination of FSU by UF ended a long time ago, 1976 to be exact, when Bowden became the coach at FSU. For those who have trouble with math, that’s nearly forty years ago. Times have changed, there’s now a black man in the White House, and a woman may be there soon. It’s okay to wax nostalgic, but we live in the present.

  16. Hey, nutcrazy! I do very much live “in the present.” Living according to the letter of the law is permissable in our nation and widely accepted. That requires no courage and little genuine leadership. Exceeding the requirements of the law summons both courage and moral conviction. Whether or not you think the handling of matters up the road in Tallahassee was just enough to meet the minimal requirements or, in fact, went above and beyond the mere letter of the law is up to you.

    The worm turned in the old rivalry, by the way, about the mid-1980s when Florida was on probation and limited in recruiting. I regard Bobby Bowden as one of the very best coaches in NCAA history. He took full advantage of the opportunity and established the Seminole program as a national power. He had been laying the foundation throughout his tenure, but the wins began to go FSU’s way then.

    I could argue with Bobby on some finer points, such as “playing to the echo of the whistle” and the “Free Shoes U” matter. I’ve lived long enough to be able to name all sorts of issues with the Florida program, as well, and with FSU’s and others I’ve followed. Not interested in playing tit-for-tat. I’ve raised questions that will be answered in time. Let’s see how it plays out.

    Meantime, thanks for offering your opinion here. I don’t always disagree with you. I do bleed Orange and Blue, have for almost all my 64 years, and love being a Florida Gator every day.

  17. I regard Bowden and Mickey Andrews as one of the best combination of coaches in NCAA history. Both he and Bobby stayed around a little too long, but the record speaks for itself. As i recall, he was Bowden’s DC for something like 25 years. Hopefully, we’ll see that sort of stability with our coordinators going forward, or at least an end to the revolving door in the OC office.

  18. Sometimes coaches who succeed legend become unintentional interims , or bridges, to the real successors. Zook fulfilled the interim or became the bridge from Steve to Urban. Let’s see if that’s all Muschamp was. The real successor to Urban would appear to be Mac. As for Bowden, he did stay too long, as did Andrews. Maybe something similar is afoot at Virginia Tech with Beamer and his longtime DC. We’re in the first era of multiple coaches still working as head guys into their 70s. Which of the septuagenarian head coaches do you think will fare the best, the worst, and why? Beamer, Bill Snyder, Spurrier…who else?

  19. wileymac I disagree with you on the time the series turned. I think it was when Bowden was hired, not the mid-eighties. Bowden’s record his first five games was 4-1, curiously the same as Fisher’s, and we all know what happened under Pell to net UF’s well deserved penalties. What was a shame about that is that Pell didn’t need to cheat, he was a fine coach in his own right. As for the discussion about octogenarian coaches, I think it’s very interesting that Spurrier is part of that list. I recall him taking a subtle dig at Bowden by saying he could never see himself coaching into his seventies, not his exact words, but the meaning was clear. I guess he has now learned that it’s not a bad thing to continue doing what you enjoy if you can do so, even if it’s past a certain age. He’s mellowed somewhat, he’s no longer as caustic as he once was. He’s still entertaining, though, with his quips on Georgia and Tennessee. I’m sure FSU would be included, but his record against them isn’t very good, so he holds his tongue.

  20. Bowden had a losing skein through his early years going against the Gators. He lamented, or joked with a scowl, that if he couldn’t beat Florida he was going to throw in the towel and let someone else try. Bowden rescued a miserable program from oblivion, soon turning the Noles into “giant killers” by taking his team on the road to Nebraska and Notre Dame and winning some games against heavily favored national programs. Meantime , Florida was crashing and burning at the end of Doug Dickey’s tenure and turned it around in Charlie Pell’s second season. For awhile under Pell and Galen Hall Florida maintained overall dominance. It seriously turned once Florida went on probation in the aftermath of Pell’s run with the Gators. Plenty of people saw how advantageous it was for the Noles when Florida ‘s recruiting was limited .

  21. Florida State had its first sustained success against the Gators with four straight wins (1976-79) under Bowden, then lost the next six in a row (1980-85). Series turned in F$U’s favor once full effect of NCAA probation hit the Gators. As Casey Stengel said, “You could look it up.”

  22. Gatormac It’s hard to beat someone when they are proven cheaters, as UF was under Pell. FSU was doing fine under Bowden until Pell cheated. The rivalry “has been one of the nation’s most evenly-matched series in the nation, tied 21-21-1 since 1974.” That’s pretty striking that the series has been so even, especially since both schools did not have their first black football player until 1968, when segregated football started to die in the old Confederacy.

  23. @ntcrze-You made my day bud! You must be joking with that targeting comment about Morrison on EJ! That or the meds didn’t show up this morning on the front porch! The furthest thing from “targeting” was that hit on EJ. It’s exactly what the NCAA is now asking its players to do!

    And let’s be real about last years FSU team…If it weren’t for Famous J the Noles were bound for Orlando. This years team and the NC team from 2 years ago were light years apart. Don’t get me wrong, crunch time was your thing but don’t sit here and kid yourself about FSU being superior.

  24. heres aux2 bad mouthin AGAIN. uh fsu is the Florida State College for Women. That is fact no bsing its their history, can’t change that, sorry. oh well here is my guess for the next Gator class:


  25. looking forward to grabbing some of those oline and linebacker recruits with us being so thin…mac has done a great job of creating some buzz around the state of fla regarding uf and i know that will pay huge dividends for us in the future..while im on the future subject, i hope mac has a plan in place for our d coor…miss st defense was very good the past few years and if our defense continues to shine for the next few years, he might be up for a head coaching job soon…GO GATORS!!!

  26. 813gatorboi I think we ought to wait until UF actually plays a game before worrying about losing a coach. Anyway Randy Shannon is the co-defensive coordinator, at least that’s what McElwain said. I am questioning one move on defense that has happened this Spring. Bullard has been moved back to defensive end from tackle. Bullard was, clearly, a much better player inside than he was outside, so I think it’s a move that may not be the right thing to do. Perhaps UF is so strong at defensive tackle that the coaches feel confident that they are not weakening the position by moving Bullard outside. It might also be the case that UF’s defensive ends are so weak that even an average player, like Bullard has shown himself to be at end, is an improvement. This might also only be a move in the Spring and the hope is that Jefferson, when he arrives in the Summer, will upgrade defensive end to the point that Bullard can be moved back inside. I have always believed that it’s more important to be strong up the middle, so if moving Bullard outside weakens Florida there, it’s a terrible move. I don’t believe in all this “excitement” nonsense, and I’ve seen nothing happen that says UF is any better off than they were before McElwain was hired. The only thing that matters is wins and losses, we’ll have to wait to see if that improves.

  27. nutcase, it has NEVER been shown Winston was “innocent” of anything. All that has been shown is that there was “not sufficient evidence to prosecute,” mainly because of the incompetence of the Tallahassee Police Department and on the part of the State Attorney, who let the evidence go by the wayside due to inactivity on the investigation.

  28. Let’s let F$U trolls celebrate Jamieous Winston. Let him be the face of their program and the worthy representative of their success. I’ll settle for Danny Wuerfel, Steve Spurrier and Tim Tebow for our image. The Noles and their university administration sank far down to protect their star. All across the country in news coverage and commentary disgust has poured out. People within the Tallahassee PD, lots of FSU alumni and fans have expressed their disappointment with the way the woman’s case was handled. You’ll notice the three posters on this site defending Winston go overboard. As the Shakesperian quote goes, “Thouu dost protest too much,” as they believe their bluster can make it all go away and everyone else forget this shameful legacy in their immediate past.

  29. GR8R_G8R What you are saying about Winston is patent nonsense. There never was any evidence, and there never was any inactivity. Winston has been proven to be innocent since he was never charged with a crime. At least that’s the way it works in America, I guess you think an accusation is enough. Too bad you don’t live in Nazi Germany, where a denunciation was enough to have someone sent away. As for the inactivity, the only reason the case kept surfacing is because the accuser saw dollar signs dancing in her head when Winston became famous. There is not a shred of evidence to back any of your claims. The Tallahassee Police did nothing wrong. They investigated and found the woman lacked credibility and found zero evidence a crime had been committed. You do not have a single fact to back your claim that anyone lost evidence or that the Tallahassee Police Department did a single thing wrong. The fact is that this woman did not say a word for nearly a year after the encounter with Winston after the police found no evidence she was telling the truth. But when Winston became famous, she and her slimeball attorney tried to say she was a “victim.” When, again, no evidence was found to support her allegation, the woman and her slime ball attorney tried to extort millions of dollars in return for ” the accuser would not be heard from again.” When her extortion , or as lawyers term it, settlement offer, was refused, the woman and her slime ball attorney tried another ploy to get money. The woman then agreed to speak to FSU officials to make a complaint against Winston after refusing to speak to them for nearly two years. For the third time, the woman did not present any evidence to substantiate her claim. That’s three times Winston has been found innocent. Now the NFL, with all their resources, has once again looked into the claim by the woman, and if Winston is the first pick in the draft, that will be the fourth time he has been exonerated. It’s one thing to have an opinion, but it’s another to state something that is completely false, like you have done when you state that evidence was “lost” and the police were “incompetent”without a shred of evidence of either being true. Thank God for Winston that we live in a country ruled by law. If it had been up to the hack writers at the New York Times or Fox News, and people like you who haven’t got a clue about what they are talking about, he’d have been railroaded a long time ago. The times have changed from the days in this state when a white woman’s accusation of rape was enough to execute a Black man. If you didn’t know, rape used to be a capital offense in Florida, and over 99% of those executed for rape were Black men. I can see a witch hunt from a mile away, but you need, apparently, need glasses.

  30. Apples pie You’re right, why banter about something that’s already settled? I think the report of J.C. Jackson currently being first team corner is at Spring practice is stunning. UF has a lot of players that have a lot more experience than Jackson, besides Hargreaves, and for Jackson to have, possibly, passed them all is, possibly, a sign that he will be a great player. He wasn’t rated as high as UF’s lone five star from the 2014 class, Jalen Tabor, but he may turn out to be the jewel of the class. I agree with pat Dooley that the most important thing to come out of Spring with is no injuries, and that little can be learned from Spring about how good a team will be, but I think Jackson might be more than a Spring practice All-American. It’s rare, but sometimes you do find out that someone’s going to be a star in the Spring. It happened a couple of years ago with Winston at FSU, and it may be happening now with Jackson.

  31. Sometimes it’s just fun to see how easy it is to draw the same bluster and fire from aux et al. Same old song. As for the Gators, things sure are looking up. You can see the momentum in recruiting through Zach’s reports and elsewhere. Talent, coaching and philosophy on offense and defense will be meshing for the first time in several years. Gators know, too, the big advantage Florida and now McElwain hold due to UF’s membership in the SEC, the university’s high educational ranking, and the history and tradition of UF. If you the various sites you’ll be struck by the many comments recruits are offering about Florida’s academic standing and quality. Our university brings lots of top calibre assets to the table.

  32. aux2…the wins will come..i never said we should be worried jus have a plan in place..imo im not that impressed with shannon as a d coor..our d coor has done a prertty good job with what he had in miss st and it will only get better with the talent we have now..the reason why bullard is back at end is because b.cox is out this spring..he had hip surgery and is still healing..real gator fans know this so their is no need to question coach mac or the coaching staff…once the fall rolls around he will be moved back inside..our dline is stacked right now with ivie,brantley,clark,holley and bostwick..fsu better worry about their oline, secondary and qb…GO GATORS!!!

  33. aux2..the wins will come..i never said we should be worried jus have a plan in place..imo im not that impressed with shannon as a d coor..our d coor has done a prertty good job with what he had in miss st and it will only get better with the talent we have now..the reason why bullard is back at end is because b.cox is out this spring..he had hip surgery and is still healing..real gator fans know this so their is no need to question coach mac or the coaching staff…once the fall rolls around he will be moved back inside..our dline is stacked right now with ivie,brantley,clark,holley and bostwick..fsu better worry about their oline, secondary and qb…GO GATORS!!!

  34. nuttcase says: “The only thing that matters is who wins and loses, not if this or if that.”
    Going with that theory, guess which school has the far and away best football program, (overall W/L record)?
    And going by the Director’s Cup standings, guess who has the far and away best Athletic program?
    And going by the AAU Membership, guess who has the far and away academics?
    End of Story for the Deion Rule Clown-U SoW in tallycrappy…..

    Other holes in the nuttcase theory:
    Who is the better team, an Undefeated BSU, or an Undefeated FSU, and why?
    Now, is the better team the one who plays a #69 SoS in the All Cupcake Conference, OR the team that plays an annual Top 10 SoS in the Power-packed SEC?
    There are obvious reasons for FSU’s overall success while playing chump schedules.
    Question: Coach Bowden, why did you join the ACC instead of the SEC?
    Answer: Because I figured that we could play for more championships in the ACC.
    How long would the criminoles last with a season long schedule vs SEC teams?
    We’ll never know, because the girl’s school cowards will never play an SEC schedule….
    The criminoles usually have 9 games to practice their game plans for 3 quality opponents.
    The scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I saw the advantages in that, and so they joined the cupcakes too.

    This shows the nuttcase for exactly what he is, and how he’s earned the handle:
    “There is no logicl reason to criticize Fisher’s handling of players. It’s been repeatedly shown that Winston was innocent of the accusation(s)….”
    So, what will Shameous Jameous be remember for? (note – to include Ox-tu)

    1) Accusation – Academic Fraud.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it, I’d never cheat, how can you even think that I would?

    2) Accusation – BB gun war, dozens of broken windows.
    Shameous – I didn’t do it. And besides, windows don’t cost that much.

    3) Accusation – Repeatedly Stealing Soda at Burger King.
    Shameous – Yeah, but I did bring my own cup to put it in over and over, what’s the big deal?

    4) Accuastion – Date (drug/alcohol?) Rape.
    Shameous – Yeah I did it, and yeah she was unconscious, but I KNOW she wanted it.

    5) Accuastion – Blatantly stealing Crabs+ from Publix.
    Shameous – I did it, but I just forgot to pay,,, as I hurried directly out the front door. (wink-wink)

    6) Accusation – Standing on a table to scream out vulgar obscenities about women.
    Shameous – But I thought that it was funny and that nobody would notice or care.

    7) Accusation – THOUSANDS of $igned autographs on the authentication web site.
    Shameous – Yeah, I did it, but it was all for free, cause I’m such a charitable-giving guy.

    8) Demonstrated on the field bumping/pushing of an ACC official.
    ~ Not even a flag from the All Corrupt Conference’s excuse for refs.

    9) Winning against the weakest overall SoS in BCS-NC History, another proud moment.

    10) Yeah, Mich has much better facilities than (erector-set) FSUcks.
    10a) I sure wish that I could have played for a HBC like Har-blow.

    So yep, Jim-blow must be so proud of Shameous Jameous….. LMAO!!!

    First they had neon Deion to carry the FSUcks Clown-U academic banner,
    and now they have the Shameous Jameous to carry their character banner.

  35. da-muddler Once again you write something that has no basis in reality, but have now added another nonsensical item. Jameis Winston was not just offered by Stanford, he was accepted by Stanford. He is is very intelligent young man and has never been accused of academic fraud. It’s normal for you to slander him, but now you have stooped even lower. Have you no shame?

  36. kerrdog I wouldn’t worry about what position McGriff plays. I’d be worried about him making it to UF. The reason UF got him is not because he flipped from Auburn. Auburn jettisoned him because they didn’t think he’d qualify. Let’s see if he actually makes it to Gainesville before any speculation about where he plays. I think he’s the only one in the class that may not qualify.

  37. OH DIDN’T EVEN THINK OF THAT. I thought the school would have cleared him prior to accepting his papers. go back to more positive info you have taken a turn back to the negative. it’s not good to go thru life so negative

  38. Do a search using his name and you will get pages full of his ongoing problems:
    “The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are “”expected to overlook”” any off-field concerns surroundingJameis Winston”
    ~ Meaning that they are willing to roll the dice, not that the dice don’t exist…

    “Oct 11, 2014 … With Jameis Winston facing a Florida State disciplinary hearing, his best option from a legal perspective may be to drop out of Florida State”
    ~ and guess what, he’s now gone from FSUcks….

    “to keep Winston out of trouble last year when a woman accused him of rape. … before the season started on >>> suspicion of academic cheating.”
    ~ so you wonder why I completely made up that academic fraud charge, huh? This much smoke means the whole forest is on fire!

    “Florida State’s Jameis Winston Has Lost The Support Of His Alabama Hometown … You could see then that there were problems.”
    ~ Not a Gator fan, HIS OWN FREAKIN’ HOME TOWN! — But an FSUcks criminole fan still defends him, TYPICAL!

    Just a few excerps for ya Ox-tu / Nuttcase:
    “The finger is now pointed directly at Florida State. And the university seems to be reacting by trying to cover up its cover-up, making it appear to have been investigating the allegation against Winston all along, as it was supposed to under Title IX legislation. Don’t be surprised if people are fired over this.”

    “We’ve already seen that Winston has been in trouble for stealing soda pop and crab legs. And The New York Times story said he was among at least a dozen Florida State players involved in BB gun incidents that caused thousands of dollars in damage, forcing police to respond. And now we have’s Darren Rovell and Mark Schlabach reporting that Florida State’s compliance department is investigating 340 (now thousands) Winston autographs for sale online.”

    The Times reported: In January 2013, a few days after Winston was identified by his accuser, Florida State athletic department officials met with Winston’s lawyer and then decided, on behalf of the university, >>> not to start a disciplinary inquiry “as required by federal law.”
    On his Instagram page, “Mr. Winston posted a video clip in February in which he and a teammate, mimicking a viral music video, jokingly sang a line from the song ‘On the Floor’ by the rapper IceJJFish, which celebrates men not taking ‘no’ for an answer from women: ‘She said she wants to take it slow, I’m not that type of guy I’ll letcha know, when I see that red light all I know is go.”

    >>> Florida State, as part of its investigation into the rape allegation, did not attempt to talk with Winston until after it won the national championship and didn’t interview his accuser for seven months after that.
    Earlier this season, Winston was suspended for a game when he jumped on a table on campus and started mimicking a disturbing viral video on the Internet, yelling, “F— her right in the p—-!”

    What does Florida State stand for anyway? (criminoles)

    And YET you have the nerve to come here and ask me if I have no shame??? ROTF LMFAO !!!!! :~))

  39. winston is only wanted in tampa for 2 reasons and thats, “$’ and need…i hate to admit it but theres just as many noles fans in tampa as there are gators fans..the owner see a prime opportunity to sell out the stadium by bringing winston into town..the other half is that some feel we need a qb and he’s the most pro ready qb in the draft…imo..i dont think he’s worth the first overall pick but neither is mariota..i wish the bucs would trade down and fix the oline and give glennon a shot but i dont think thats going to happen..if we do get him i will remain a bucs fan and pray he doesnt lose his head and go down the drain like freeman, mike williams and others..the situation with the girl will always be over his head but winning cures everything..jus ask big ben in pittsburg..GO GATORS!!!