In-state recruiting areas for UF assistants


Florida coach Jim McElwain and his recruiting staff members have mapped out the in-state recruiting areas for the new assistants coaches.

Next month marks the start of the evaluation period, where college coaches are permitted to visit high schools twice to evaluate recruits both athletically and academically.

Recruiting the state of Florida is priority No. 1 for McElwain, and the assigned areas for his nine assistants on staff are listed below:

Doug Nussmeier: Pasco, Hernando, Sumter and Pinellas counties
Geoff Collins: Orlando metro area
Randy Shannon: South Florida
Kerry Dixon II: Space Coast and South Florida
Tim Skipper: Jacksonville metro area
Kirk Callahan: Polk County and Southwest Florida
Chris Rumph: Tampa metro area, Manatee and Sarasota counties
Mike Summers: Pensacola to West of Tallahassee
Greg Nord: Tallahassee to Baker County, Gainesville and Ocala areas


  1. So looks like Summers has the panhandle area. Bay High School in Panama City has 2 guys that needs looks. One is a die-hard Gator fan & I think the other has given a verbal to that school up north. I think the Gators could flip him at some point. Keep it rolling!! GO GATORS!

  2. One position should be a slam dunk for UF to get great players this year is receiver. Fifteen from the state of Florida are in the ESPN 300. Miami has two, maybe they want two more, while FSU has one, and probably only wants one more. UF has one, not part of the ESPN 300, but probably will want at least three more. It looks like a year where UF should be able to fall out of bed and get some great receivers. It wouldn’t surprise anyone if this is Robinson’s last year, and none of the other returning receivers have done much of anything, although I do think Brandon Powell showed that he might be a playmaker. That said, it should be fairly easy for UF to load up on wide receivers, like they did in 2013, and hope that they don’t turn out to be as disappointing as that group has been, so far, with the exception of Robinson.

  3. Silly auxclown there you go again pretending to have an intelligent conversation. You are right that Robinson may go pro after this season but you are wrong about the rest. The few times Fulwood has been given a chance he performed very well, like in the bowl game. Fulwood and Lane showed they can be playmakers. Chris Thompson can also play. This group s not disappointing at all, what has been very disappointing so far is the offensive scheme and the coaching.
    UF will do a heck of a lot more than just “fall out of bed” and find receivers or any other position group. I don’t really care how many recruits Miami or FSU have at this juncture. Time and time again those kids end up somewhere else when it counts and 2016 will be no different. Randy Shannon and Kerry Dixon will poach the Miami recruits as well as get some more of the best ones from the area. FSU better watch out too. UF is trending up, Miami is stagnant and FSU is going down. Wait and see.

  4. aux2……I just chuckle inside when I read your posts. Now that the Gators have an offensive minded coach who is not afraid to try to score, we will see how good the current Florida receivers are.

  5. I understand haters are gonna hate…..but what I don’t understand is…..why the heck do they read Gator articles, blogs & making comments about a team u obviously don’t like/root for???? I don’t ever read about the Noles or Canes, I do read about college football but not an individual school outside UF, go troll elsewhere….please!

  6. It’s Groundhog Day. the same exact things were said last year. Kurt Roper wasn’t afraid to score points like that bad man, Peace. Fulwood was going to be great, he caught a pass that came off a defender’s foot. Now he caught a pass after a bowl game. Chris Thompson and Andre Debose had great speed that would terrify a defense. Instead of seeing a positive from the number of great receivers available, you make excuses for the current receivers who have sucked. Chris Thompson and Fulwood have sucked on a team that desperately needs playmakers and hasn’t had a receiver drafted since 2010. Thre’s a reason that McElwain quickly identified Powell as someone that might be a playmaker at receiver. The reason is he’s also saw the tape of Fullwood, Thompson, Pittman, etc. It wasn’t receiver that he singled out as being very talented, it was defensive back. I think some folks don’t actually watch games, they just look at the number of stars a player had coming out of high school, and think if that player isn’t great, it must be the coaches fault. Wake up! Players like Jeff Brantley, Andre Debose, Jeff Driskel, etc. don’t suck because of coaching, they suck because they can’t play at the college level. Why do you continually make excuses for them when the simple, and obvious, reason is they aren’t good players?

  7. Aux sometimes its physically painful to read the amount of stupid in your posts. How much playing time did any of those guys get? You can’t say someone sucks when they were never on the field to show anything? That’s like saying Cam Newton sucked because he didn’t get any playing time at Florida! See how your logic is once again terribly flawed?? Then you try to say Powell could be a playmaker?? I mean you’re actually right but Powell has done just as much of nothing as Fulwood! You’re terribly hypocritical. Now I’m not ready to say Thompson and Fulwood are going to be huge playmaker this year yet (I am ready to day that about Adam Lane though). I’m just saying we have a ton of potential at wr. I’m just saying with an offensive minded coach lIke Mac and if the receivers coach is worth anything, then there’s a lot of receivers who could be those big playmakers, including Fulwood, Thompson, Bailey, Worton, Sousa, Powell, Callaway, and yes even Latroy Pittman.

  8. Azalus You are wrong about the receivers, they had plenty of chances to make plays. It’s not like Jerry Rice was ahead of them. They didn’t do anything when they were called upon. I think, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong, Fulwood was a starter when UF opened the season. He sucks because he did absolutely nothing other than catch a pass in the bowl game. You are right about one thing, UF’s receivers all have potential. The definition of “potential” is that you haven’t done anything yet. UF is full of players with “potential,” but why UF has a new coach is because the number of players with “potential” far outweighs the number of players who have performed. I listed Powell because, unlike the others on your list, he did make plays when given the opportunity. I think that’s what McElwain saw as well, when he singled him out as someone that needs to touch the ball. I again hear the excuse about a wide receiver coach. Guess what, a great receiver doesn’t need a coach to be a great player. It’s about getting open and catching the ball when it hits your hands. Robinson didn’t seem to have any trouble with that concept and he received the same coaching as the rest of them. Time to quit making excuses. I suggest reading ESPN’s Offseason Spotlight on Kelvin Taylor. It encapsulates the difference between “potential” and actually doing something.

  9. Aux2 – Gator fans don’t want to hear a Seminole fan say that Gator players suck. If I went on a Seminole site and said that the Seminole secondary and wide receivers sucked last year, I would get a similar reaction. Now you have basically said that, but it would be different coming from you.

    Obviously other than Robinson Gator receivers have not shown much. Of course that does not mean that they could not do so this year. These guys are still young and one or more could have a breakout season. Better play at qb could certainly help the receivers look better.

  10. Gator863 You assume something without knowing what you are talking about. It always shows weakness when you resort to an ad hominem. It’s not a secret that, other than Robinson, UF’s receivers suck. You are right that they could get better. You are also right that a decent quarterback would help, but that goes both ways. Remember how many passes UF’s receivers dropped? It takes someone who’s mentally strong to shrug off their receivers not performing, and Jeff Driskel wasn’t mentally strong. Since you think about FSU so much, I will tell you that FSU’s receivers, other than Greene and O’Leary, weren’t very good sometimes as well, but Winston was tough enough mentally to shrug it off and not let it affect him on the next play like Jeff Driskel. From what I’ve seen of Harris, I think he’s also mentally strong and will not let failure on one play affect him on the next. He just needs to become more accurate. I have no idea about Grier, he has yet to take a snap. I do expect UF to be better on offense, not because of the new coaches, but because Jeff Driskel is gone. I think he was an albatross, psychologically, on the offense. There was always that lingering feeling that he would “driskel” at some point in the game. That leads to a ream playing tight, not loose. This year the Gators should play loose. No one is expecting anything from them, they can just go out and play. That alone will make UF better on offense. I predict that UF will finish much higher than 96th or in triple digits on offense like they have the past few years.

  11. Aux, in your first post above, you refer to the Gators as “they.” Every Gator fan I know refers to the team with a possessive attitude and uses “we.” Son, you need to figure out where your loyalties lie….just sayin’

  12. Players don’t need coaches to be good? Is that why our line suddenly got better after we got a good O line coach?? Is that why our defensive recruits became good players while our offensive players did not? See how baseless and factless your argument is?? hahaha. It’s just hilarious to see someone so hopelessly wrong. Every expert or anyone I know who knows anything about the game would tell you how important a good coach that can develop is to a young player’s career. Guys can get by high school on pure talent, but this isn’t high school. This is the SEC. Everyone has talent. Now you have to have proper fundamentals and know the secrets of the trade. In other words the proper development. It’s like literally any other job. You can naturally be better at one area or another, but to do well at your job you’re going to need the proper training. There are very very few people who can just perform at the highest level without being trained/developed. And you say Powell actually did something when given the chance and Fulwood didn’t?? Where’s your proof for this? Because the actual facts say you’re dead wrong. They did the same amount with the small chances they got. Powell just got a little more of chance because he was given the ball as a back and a receiver. Powell only averaged 4.4 yards per carry for 70 total yards and 1 TD (against Eastern Michigan no less which is a game you like to write off for players you’re trying to say suck) and averaged 9.8 yards per catch for a total of 147 yards and another TD. Ahmad Fulwood averaged 16.6 ypc for 199 yards and a TD. And before you try to come up with an excuse that most of that was one catch, if you take away that TD against ECU, then Fulwood still averages mor ypc than Powell with 10.3. So what were you saying about Powell doing more with his chances than Fulwood?? Oh and Adam lane, a guy you conveniently forgot about, averaged a team high 7.5 yards per carry. So tell me again how the cupboard is dry at UF. Because I’ll just screenshot it and throw it back at you when we start to see some of this potential turn into production with proper coaching.

  13. let’s ignore the obvious trolls and maybe they will go away. let’s really discuss what we came here for. Recruiting. So i have a question to real Gator fans.
    Who do you know in your part of the world that looks like a candidate for a 2015 QB?

  14. BSJGator I don’t refer to “we” because I think it’s a silly thing to do. Fans are not part of the team, they aren’t coaches or players and have no legitimate claim to refer to “we” since they aren’t the ones actually doing anything on the field. “We” can refer to fans but things like “we” scored or “we” turned the ball over are incorrect, “we” didn’t do anything. It’s not a big deal, do what you like, but I know I didn’t do anything so you’ll never hear me say “we” when referring to a game or team that I don’t participate in. It’s like the fans who think they know how to coach and blame the coaches when nearly always it’s not the coaches that fail to put the players in a position to succeed, it’s the players that fail to execute that is the problem. I’d like to know the coach that could succeed with bums like John Brantley and Jeff Driskel at quarterback, for instance, or the coach who could make Jjameis Winston look like a bad quarterback. Ultimately it comes down to the players on the field, a coach can only set the table, he can’t eat the food.

  15. aux – Ad hominem does not apply to my post. Please share where in that post I attacked your character.

    It is true I am assuming that I would get a negative reaction to a negative post on a Seminole fan message board. I think fans are basically the same no matter the team. I have seen similar things happen on other message boards I post on. Since I am not a Seminole fan, it is doubtful I will ever post on a Seminole message board.

  16. Gator863 I think you implying that aux2 is a Seminole fan qualifies as an ad hominem since on this post that qualifies someone to have disdain for. As for recruiting, UF is expecting quite a few prospects this weekend, and I expect UF to get a few commits from it. I expect three or four. UF will also have a quarterback visit, which is the most important position to get someone soon, since I expect almost all of the top prospects to be pledged by June.

  17. So i will now respond to AUX since he says he is not a seminole fan. questions I have for you are simple.
    1. are you indeed a gator fan above all others
    2. If so why do you feel the need to always come across so negatively.

  18. Come on guys it is obvious that auxclown is a semihole fan and so is his defender and fellow assclown nutcase aka ntcrze.
    ” I think you implying that aux2 is a Seminole fan qualifies as an ad hominem since on this post that qualifies someone to have disdain for.”
    Not really, there is no implication there is just truth and being a semihole qualifies you not for disdain but for pity. Besides it seems auxclown does not know the meaning of “ad hominem” and that is why he keeps misusing the term. Another example of a moron using a “big word” trying to impress others when the others are laughing at his stupidity.