Several recruits visiting UF this weekend


Recruits will flood Florida’s campus over the next month to catch spring football practices, and the Gators set things in motion this weekend.

UF is scheduled to host more than a dozen recruits Saturday, including six Rivals250 members.

Two of those are Rivals100 cornerbacks Chauncey Gardner and Trayvon Mullen. Gardner is a former Florida commitment still high on the Gators, while Mullen currently has LSU leading.

Four-star running Elijah Holyfield, the son of former heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield, is making the trip to Gainesville, as will offensive athletes Korey Charles and Tyrek Tisdale.

UF receiver commit Rick Wells is visiting along with in-state wideouts Isaiah Johnson (Miami pledge), Binjimen Victor, Freddie Swain and C.J. Riley, who has yet to be offered by Florida. Tight end Christian Roberson out of Georgia will also visit.

Darius Whitfield, a consensus top-200 defensive end from Alabama, plans to be on hand as well as defensive end JaQuan Bailey and offensive guard Solomon Kindley, high school teammates of Wells at Jacksonville Raines.

Bailey, Kindley, linebacker Jonathan Jones and offensive guard Jawaan Taylor are all looking for UF offers Saturday.


  1. So proud of our coaches who KNOW what they’re doing. From day one they have impressed me. and it all starts at the top: Coach Mac … He’s light years ahead of what muswilly will EVER be. And its easy for these young players to see how Gator Nation has been upgraded .. BIG TIME !! Go Gators !!

  2. Wow, we have had quite a run on dbs the last few years going back to the Haden, Wright, black era. I think purify and Robinson should have stayed another year and they would have really developed. Besides all the youngsters coming, there is tons of talent in the “forgotten class of a couple years ago. There are 3 underdeveloped safeties, and 4 underdeveloped lbs that never really got a chance. I hope this staff can develop Neal, anazalone, McMillan, Rollin, Harris, and the couple others I can’t think of into the players they were expected to be. It seems like that entire class got little development and there is tons of talent sitting on the bench waiting to be properly used. At least I hope that’s the case.

  3. Zach, good news for you, football recruiting is a ‘Year-Round’ activity now, so you’ll never be out of a job with your ‘quality’ reporting.

    #12 FS(CB) Chauncey Gardner 6-0 190 **** ESPN Jr300, Rivals 100 – Cocoa, FL
    Offers: UF – UGA, LSU, SCa, Ark — FSUcks, scUM, ND, tOSU, OK, PSU, etc. (sorry – Charlie’s)

  4. A little help for willgator’s memory is forthcoming….

    10 LB’s, 5 are lettermen, 1 FNG

    LB Antonio Morrison 6-1 225 Sr 3L **** (injury-rehab)

    LB Jeremi Powell 6-0 214 rsJr 2L ****

    LB Alex Anzalone 6-3 234 Jr 2L ***** (injuries)

    LB Jarrad Davis 6-2 229 Jr 2L ****

    LB Daniel McMillian 6-1 221 Jr 2L ****

    LB Matt Rolin 6-2 217 rsSo SQ **** (injuries)

    LB LeAndre Rembert 5-8 244 rsSo SQ **

    LB Stebven Stipe 5-11 214 rsSo SQ **

    LB R.J. Raymond 6-2 236 rsFr SQ ***

    #62 OLB Rayshad Jackson 6-2 215 4.5/40 *** Miami, FL – Dade Co. 2nd Team


    15 Returning DB’s, 9 lettermen including 3 ***** CB’s, 2 Fr – 17
    (5 CB’s, 2 Nickel’s, 4 Safety’s, 4 SQ DB’s, 1 Fr S, 1 Fr CB)

    #80 FS/OLB Kylan Johnson 6-3 200 *** 75 – Dallas Tx
    (CB/QB in HS) 36 TD’s, 0 Ints his Sr season.

    S Marcus Maye 6-0 205 rsJr 2L ****

    S Keanu Neal 6-1 209 Jr 2L ****

    S Marcell Harris 6-2 208 rsSo 1L ****

    S Quincy Wilson 6-1 209 So 1L ****

    Nickle/CB Brian Poole 5-10 208 Sr 3L *****

    Nickle/FS Nick Washington 6-1 193 rsSo 2L ****

    CB Vernon Hargreaves III 5-11 198 Jr 2L *****

    CB Jalen Tabor 6-1 192 So 1L *****

    CB Duke Dawson 5-10 200 So 1L ****

    CB J.C. Jackson 5-11 196 rsFr SQ **** (injured – weed)

    CB Deiondre Porter 6-0 176 rsFr SQ *** (#50 QB-DT)

    #33 CB Chris Williamson 6-0 185 **** Gainesville, Ga – 5A All St.

    DB Evan Schroeder 5-11 194 rsSr SQ

    DB Kerollin Francois 5-11 202 rsSo SQ

    DB Michael Iorio 5-10 187 rsSo SQ

    DB Garrett Stephens 5-9 181 rsSo SQ

  5. Well’s teammate at Raines, Bailey, got his offer from UF, and is now committed. UF now has five commits, with Gardner being the highest rated, a consensus four star corner. I think it’s safe to say that all of them are going to sign with UF since they’re all from Florida. Gardner committing twice to UF probably means he’s a lock. I’d like to see Binjimen Victor add his name since he is one the top wide outs in the state.

  6. “No matter what system you’re in, it comes down to blocking and it comes down to tackling,” McElwain said. “It comes down to taking a certain step. It comes down to where your eyes are. There’s a lot of base fundamentals that have to occur for whatever offense you’re in.” I am very encouraged by this statement from McElwain. Football is not complicated, and it sounds like McElwain knows it’s not the “system” that makes you a successful team, it’s important to keep it simple. If you aren’t good at the fundamentals of blocking and tackling, it doesn’t mater what scheme you run. Perhaps the best coach ever, Vince Lombardi, didn’t rely on any scheme. One of the most feared plays in the history of football, the toss sweep employed by Green Bay, didn’t attempt to trick anyone. In fact, teams knew it was coming, but they still couldn’t stop it. An emphasis on the fundamentals is exactly what the team needs. They need to treated like they’ve never seen a football before, nothing should be taken for granted. Maybe UF will lose a few players who don’t want to buy in, but you have to prune something before it will fully blossom. This is, actually, the first thing that McElwain has said that I’m excited about. I’ve always had the opinion that the “system” doesn’t matter if you’re a good player, you’ll still do well. That’s why I was extremely tired of the excuse the past staff, and fans, would make for Jeff Driskel. He sucked because of who he was, no other reason. I don’t think this new coach will make excuses.

  7. Yeah, I super excited about some kid that “committed” to the Gators 10 months before signing day after already “committing” once and then “decommitting”. Lol. This stuff is hilarious. Its hard to believe some people put stock in these “commitments” and get so happy about them.

  8. Nuttcase says; “That’s why I was extremely tired of the excuse the past staff, and fans, would make for Jeff Driskel. He sucked because of who he was, no other reason. I don’t think this new coach will make excuses.”

    So you should immediately apply to Nike to be in charge of their Elite 11 QB Competition, cause Jeff Driskel certainly had SB QB Trent Dilfer and the rest of his coaches fooled when they awarded him the MVP of the Elite 11 Competition….

  9. da-muddler Performing well in the Elite 11, Spring practice, Summer practice does not mean you will play well in a real game. I feel like I’m talking to a two year old who needs to learn about football, but here goes. In a real game, there are players wearing other jerseys that will try to tackle you, confuse you, and generally give you a very hard time. That doesn’t happen in drills and practice. Whatever you did in high school, drills, or practice don’t mean anything. As Spurrier said, no one wins any games in the Spring. There have been a lot of people who were wrong about Driskel. One of the craziest, about like you, was Mike Shanahan, who told Muschamp that Jeff Driskel was a first round draft choice last Spring. Too bad that practice doesn’t count. Jeff Driskel is a classic example of someone who makes the All-Airport team, someone who only looks like they can play, but when you put them on the field under live fire, they can’t play a lick. Go on with your “lists” to extoll the feats of walk-ons and others who will never see the field. Your posting of Morninhweg’s 80% completion rate against FSU is a classic example of a meaningless statistic. Anyone who actually watched the game knows that Morninhweg is awful. Maybe you don’t actually watch games, do you? You just look at statistics. That’s the only logical explanation for someone that continues to think Jeff Driskel is a good quarterback. Maybe you are legally blind, but won’t admit it.

  10. Good case in point, Gator 863, is Rex Grossman, who far surpassed the Heisman winner in Rex’s big year under Coach Spurrier, then was handcuffed by Ron Zook and OC Ed Zaunbrecher’s scheme before moving on easier than he should have to the NFL. Remember all those nifty go-nowhere “bubble screens” Zaunbrecher called? Finding the scheme and play-calling that guts the QB and the accompanying talent is a big key, don’t you think? Mac has run the O for Saban and used a version of the spread at Colorado State. It’s going to be a good ride watching this coach and staff put together their offense.

  11. Gator863 I guess you disagree with the last guy who was supposed to rescue Florida, Kurt Roper, who said the same thing. I think it’s ludicrous to think that a god football player needs a “system” to thrive. I’ve never, ever seen a good player become a bad one because of a different system. I think it’s just an excuse used to justify why a bad player never became a good one. Just because someone has five stars out of high school does not mean they can play a lick in college. The same with someone being a first round draft choice doesn’t mean they can play in the NFL. I’d like to hear an example of someone who was a great player suddenly becoming a bad player because of the “system.” Jeff Driskel was always a bad college quarterback, but some people refused to believe their eyes. They, instead, had to find some reason the number one quarterback out of high school was a lousy player in college. The reason was very simple, Jeff Driskel can’t play.

  12. ntcrze – If he indeed did say that than I do disagree with him. Imagine a Dan Marino as the quarterback at Georgia Tech. Dan Marino was one of the greatest drop back passer of all time, but could not run at all. He would have not flourished ina system that asked him to run the ball. Hear all the time in the pros that different players are meant to play certain system of offense or defense. Sometimes it is a matter of the size and sometimes it is a matter of their skills. If you noticed I did not mention Driskel. Also when aux2 used almost the same words as you, I said in my response that a bad player would not thrive in any system.

  13. Nuttcase SAYS: “In a real game, there are players wearing other jerseys that will try to tackle you, confuse you, and generally give you a very hard time. That doesn’t happen in drills and practice. Whatever you did in high school, drills, or practice don’t mean anything.” —————-
    Yep, and that’s the obvious ‘on the field’ difference between a Top Quality QB like Tebow (16 career Ints) and a fool playing against cupcakes and throwing 18 Ints in a single season. One of those is accurate and can read a defense, the other OBVIOUSLY can’t. So I see your solid reasoning now and agree completely…..

    (Driskel was 11-2 in his one solid/uninjured season, but please continue to ignore anything that doesn’t fit into your own idiot’s opinion) Also, Jeff had 3 OC’s, 3 OL and 4 WR coaches, but no effects right?
    2012 P – 156 of 245, 63.7% for 1,646 yds, 12 TD’s, 5 Ints, L-75 yds.
    2012 R – 118 for 413 yds, 3.5 ypc 4 TD’s, L-70 yds.
    Steve Young with the Bucs — Steve Young with the SB 49’ers.
    Jake ‘The Snake’ with the Ain’ts — Jake ‘The Snake’ with the SB Raiders.
    Proves that the other 10+ guys around you means nothing to the QB’s performance….(idiot)
    That list of NFL different QB outcomes is very long and detailed, so, were you born under a rock?
    Maybe you’re just literally stupid, cause you’re a Clown-U Cum-loudly Grad. YOU also continue to claim the ability to THINK, but I believe that’s just another of your false/idiot unsupported claims….

  14. Notice that I didn’t bring up either Driskel or the idiot nuttcase.
    Maybe this site would BLOOM if the idiots got ‘PRUNED’ off of it?
    But I don’t really mind them being here, gives me something meaningless to slap around wihen I’m bored….. ;~)

  15. I think Steve Young was never a bad player. Unlike today, quarterbacks formerly sat a few years before being thrown to the wolves as a rookie. If ty don’t perform well, I don’t think it’s necessarily because they are a bad player, although that can be true as well. Like I said, n good player is going to become a bad player because of the “system.” Dan Marino would have not been a great quarterback at Georgia Tech. The resident ‘stat” guy knows nothing about football. To com[re Winston to Tebow is ludicrous. A quarterback has to be able to throw, at least in the pros, and Tebow can’t throw a lick. I’m sure someone will come back with “stats, but there’s a reason Winston only played two years and will be the first person chosen in the draft and Tebow raised many eyebrows when he was taken in the first round, and now you understand why since he got his cup of coffee in the league and his caree is over before it began. I wonder if da-mudler will still be around when Winston finishes his Hall of Fame career.

  16. Ntcrze – Winston has accomplished nothing in the NFL. Way too early to plan his induction in the Hall of Fame. Over the last 20 years there have been many qb’s taken as #1 overall and only one is definitely headed to the Hall of Fame.

    Well a couple commits out if Junior Day. Hopefully they can build on it next year and make it even better. I am wondering what the chances are that some if the others that visited will end up Gators.

  17. Young sucked at the Bucs, that’s why they dumped him off in a trade, they considered him a draft day BUST. Young was saved by a genius HBC running the West Coast Offense. BTW, Young also disagrees with you. He has said that Tebow has all of the needed skills to be a quality NFL QB, but then what does Young know about being a left handed dual threat QB…..

    What the nuttcase thinks he knows: “Tebow can’t throw a lick.”

    SEC All Time Career Pass Efficiency Rating is Tebow’s 170.79, a 48-7 W/L record, 88 TD’s to 16 Ints.

    When Tebow was at Denver, his TD/Int Ratio was 2.2 to 1. Peyton’s Career TD/Int Ratio was 2.1 to 1.

    John Elway dumped the Broncos two best WR’s before starting Tebow for his 1-4 team in 2011.

    Former Gator WR Jabar Gaffney went to the Skins and he was their leading receiver.

    WR Brandon Lloyd (their only Pro Bowler) was also traded away.

    So Tebow took their 1-4 team to the NFL Playoffs and beat the Steelers #1 Defense while setting NFL Playoff Passing Records. Again, can you list any of those records? (ignorant moe-ron)

    And can you list for us, all of the Heisman QB’s in the last 25 years that have gone on to win an NFL Playoff game?

    And oh BTW, my first game at old Florida Field was when Spurrier was our QB, not in the SWAMP when he was the HBC, and I’ll be around until I die,,, still bleeding Orange & Blue…..

  18. There is no doubt That Tim Tebow was a great College football player. He was a winner and he never lost to FSU. But I think he is a perfect example of someone who needs the right system to succeed. Urban Meyer was a genius in his ability to use a player with limited passing skills and make him a great quarterback. But I think Tebow would have been a good player wherever he went in college, maybe not necessarily at quarterback. If you recall, Meyer had to be convinced to even take Tebow because he didn’t feel he had the tools to play quarterback. It was shocking that he was drafted in the first round, and that decision helped spell the end McDaniel’s career at Denver.
    By the way , for those who care about statistics, and those who were predicting the return of Andre Debose was going to make a difference, he had one catch for minus three yards last season. I guess someone has an excuse for why he sucked too?

  19. Aux, I’m not so sure Tebow would have been a success elsewhere. Like you said, he was the definition of a player who needed the right system, but his teams were loaded with talent on both sides of the ball. I know I’m going to get crucified by the gator faithful, but the gators won despite Tebow when he threw the ball. They were often 8 yards open but had to stop to catch Tebow pass. He just simply wasn’t that good of a passer, hard to stop because he was a powerful fullback playing the qb position, but not that good of a passer.

  20. I guess that UF won’t get any more commits from this past weekend. Maybe more will happen after the next Junior day coming up shortly. UF did hit one out of the park with Gardner, a player that everyone one wanted. I hope a quarterback comes to visit soon.

  21. “Maybe this site would BLOOM if the idiots got ‘PRUNED’ off of it?” – bette muddler

    Yeah, or possibly it would “bloom” if those of your ilk would not continually tug on the jocks of the powers that be and admit mistakes that were made. According to you, pointing out hiring mistakes or horrible coaching equates one to being a fan of another team………..

  22. mushmouth – not being able to see the faults of other team’s players and the program itself, usually is a good indicator that a person is a fan of that team. Also having a name like James Fishes is usually a dead give away.

  23. What I see here most often is delusional opinions and/or biased speculations loaded with IF’s.
    Gator fans and flaming rivals are all allowed their own opinions.
    When my facts are incorrect, feel free to correct them.
    When players or coaches don’t perform up to their expected talent levels, tough nuggies for all involved.

    As a fan, I’m not required to be 100% correct every time, in this or in anything else in life for that matter.
    Besides, Perfection = Crucified by the less than perfect.
    I’m right/correct more often than not, and that’s good enough for me. If you believe that you somehow score conversational points by pointing out my few misses, feel free to have at it.

    Make any Idiot claims that you want to, but the FACTS will still be there for those with eyes and a brain.
    Combined – Passing Accuracy and Reading the Defense Results:

    Tebow 19 TD’s to 9 Ints — 2.11 to 1 Ratio, QBR 75.3 (16 starts over 2 yrs + a few plays)
    Manning 26 TD’s to 28 Ints — .93 to 1 Ratio, QBR 71.2 (1st 16 NFL starts)
    Elway 7 TD’s to 14 Ints — .50 to 1 Ratio, QBR 54.9 (11 gms, 10 starts in 1983)

    Peyton and John ~eventually~ became HoF Quality QB’s.
    We’ll never know about Tim because of the chitty NFL Politics, not by his demonstrated ‘factual’ abilites.

    Idiots and/or haters will always compare Elway’s and Peyton’s final or career performance, with Tebow’s mostly unsupported beginnings in the NFL, which is total BS.

    PS – Glaring FACT: Tebow’s Career SEC Record PER = 170.79 – 66.7%, 88 TD’s to just 16 Ints. Those stats mirror his HS Records.
    Anyone dumb enough to claim that Tim can’t pass is welcome to that delusional opinion, the media-morons have been spouting that kind of bs for years, so it’s bound to rub off on those who fail to see or think for themselves….

  24. Hey Ox-Tu, was Meyer or his system in use while Tebow was winning a Florida 4A HS Championship and setting FL HS Career Passing and QB Rushing Records?

    Was Meyer or his system in use while Tebow was winning an NFL playoff game in just his 15th NFL start, and setting both Bronco Team and NFL Passing Records? (crickets, cause they all ignore the tough questions)
    Elway HATED the fact that Tim was already more popular with the Bronco fans than he was, imoho.

    Elway traded away Denver’s best 2 WR’s, then publically whined about Tim’s pass completion percentage. The disgusted frown’s on El’ Dim-way’s face in his game box after that were because Tim kept winning anyway.
    McD was fired and then Tebow was traded away because El’ Dim-way already had a Peyton/SB plan in the works. BTW, how’s that worked out for him so far? LMAO!

  25. da-muddler The “fact” that the NFL is, probably , going to pick Winston as the overall number one pick after a year of bad headlines due to domestic violence is proof that your excuse about why Tebow is not in the NFL is ludicrous. If you can play, the NFL wants you. Everyone saw Tebow play with the Broncos. His ability to throw the ball was highlighted on Sportscenter every week. It wasn’t because he was good, it was because he was so awful. I remember folks feeling sorry for him because his throws were so bad. Everyone knew what job John Elway had because the camera would constantly show him after another horrid throw by Tebow. The constant question was: “How are the Broncos winning any games with this guy, who can’t hit the side of a barn, at quarterback?” That’s a ‘fact.” Tebow would have been a great NFL quarterback back in the days they wore leather helmets. But in the present era, he was a joke at quarterback. I like Tebow, he’s a great football player and nice person. But an NFL quarterback, he ain’t. The “politics” excuse is used by people who choose to forget facts. If he could play a lick, he’d be on a roster right now. To think Bill Belichick cut Tebow because of “politics” is laughable. Bill Belichick is the last one you’d ever consider to play such a game. Mark Twain said something about statistics, I believe, but I don’t think you’ve heard it. Look it up, you might learn something.

  26. Mr. muddler, I respect your posts and usually your football I.q. but to say Tebow could throw means you never watched a game or simply can’t say something negative about a gator. I bleed orange and blue as much as you, but can admit negative things about gators when they are true. He was a match up nightmare, especially considering it you chose to try to stop him from running,which required 2 people, you were leaving him with the option of throwing it to multiple nflers, Louis Murphy, Riley Cooper, Percy Marvin, or Alex Hernandez. That’s not counting handing it off to Rainey or demps, one of the 5 fastest men in America. I love Tebow leadership, but I could have made most of those throws. Rewatch the tape and see how many times the receivers were hit in stride. Unfortunately there isn’t a stat to show when a completion was a poorly thrown ball to a wide open receiver that resulted in a catch for 10 yards, but should have been a huge play if the qb could hit him in stride. Love your posts, keep them coming, just keep in mind that 74 percent of all stats are misleading.

  27. It seems that UF’s main rival in recruiting, like last year, appears to be Miami, at least at this point. Lat year UF’s main competitor for many players was Miami, or were players that were Miami commits. Jordan Scarlett, Jordan Cronkite, Antonio Calloway, and Fred Johnson were all players that Miami thought they were going to get. The year before, UF snatched away Brandon Powell at the last moment, something that really pissed off Miami and may have contributed to the Joker Phillips fiasco. This year, after visiting UF, Miami has had two wide receivers decommit, Dredrick Snelson and Isaiah Johnson. UF is also after some of FSU’s commits, but I think that most of the battles this year are going to be between Miami and UF. Miami’s coach is the one on the hot seat this year, and UF is coming off two mediocre seasons. I’m sure UF wants the linebacker, Quarteman, that’s committed to Miami, and, like FSU, would love to poach Sam Bruce, a receiver Miami has.
    Miami has a big head start, but can see the recruiting battle between them and UF turning into a real catfight, especially with an alum and former head coach of Miami on UF’s staff. Let the fur fly! It’s too bad they don’t play each other, that’s a game that should have never been cancelled.

  28. UF is clearly ahead of Miami in recruiting, has been for many many years now. Of course some moron will say that Miami has the top 2016 class right now or some other similar stupid non sense. The fact is that just like this past year, as NSD approaches most of Miami’s best recruits end up signing elsewhere. It is not only the lame duck mediocre coaching staff Miami has, it is the 12 years of futility that they are going though without hope to get better. It doesn’t surprise me that a Miami recruit visits Gainesville and promptly de committs from Dah U. That is the norm.
    FSU is ahead of all 3 right now but that will soon change when BigMac starts putting up a good show on the field and that is a question of not if but of how soon.

  29. To you, a ‘fact’ is anything that you think/claim is ‘probably’ going to happen,,, that is just HYSTERICAL imoho.
    And I noticed that you’re one of those idiot yappers that can’t list Tebow’s NFL Passing Records.
    In my experience, IGNORANCE ABOUNDS among the haters and/or yappers like yourself.

    Hey idiot, I never said that Bill cut Tim over politics. The reason was that the Pats only keep 2 QB on their roster and they already had Ryan Mallet under contract (had to pay him). They tried to trade Mallet away so that they could keep Tebow, but nobody wanted Mallet. The QB stats show that Tim out played Mallet in the preseason and the Pats owner loves Tebow.
    Just like Stupidimus Rex kept playing 12 TD to 18 Int Sanchize, then dumped Tebow to hire Geno Smith. How’d that work out for the brainless foot sniffer?

    Like the twit media-morons and the idiot commentators, you make stupid blanket statements that don’t follow the actual on the field facts.

    John Elway’s rookie season – 7 TD’s to 14 Ints, QBR 54.9, with a completion % lower than Tebow’s.
    Peyton Manning’s rookie season – he went 3-13 while setting a new NFL Rookie QB record for interceptions, 26 TD’s to 28 Ints, QBR 71.2

    Tebow threw 19 TD’s to just 9 Int’s, went 9-7 over 2 years for an otherwise 4-14 team, QBR 75.3.
    Running your dumb mouths while making stupid/false blanket claims won’t change reality.
    The NFL is loaded with chump backup QB’s with way worse stats that will never be starters, so obviously, on the field performance is not the only factor in who remains on an NFL roster and who doesn’t.

    Idiots, morons, and twits like you can yap all you like about Tebow’s passing skills, but the actual on the field FACTS will continue to show you up for the biased haters that your are. Much like you ignoring the FACT that Tebow only threw 16 Ints in 4 years against top competition, while Shameous threw 18 Ints in just one season against mostly cupcakes, but you claim that Shameous can read a defense and throws nothing but on target bullets into tight coverage. That’s actually pretty funny over-all….

    Tebow has never had a losing record as a QB: PeeWee, HS, UF, NFL. Live with it….
    You can have the glitzy beauty queens, I’ll just continue to take/keep the winners.

    willgator, maybe you should talk to those receivers that you named and ask them about Tebow. To a man, they don’t agree with your assessment of Tebow’s passing ability, but what do they know…. Just like the TV can focus on a guy picking his nose or scratching his nutts, instead of him helping someone who has fallen to get up. I have every Gator game on tape or DVD and I’ve watched the games more than once, so maybe you should follow your own advice and go back and watch the games again. Do so with a sheet of paper and a pen. Track the good passes compared to the few wobblers that any QB will occasionally throw.
    See how many go to an opposing player (that won’t take long), and how many went for TD’s.
    You also note that Tim had great WR’s at UF, but then fail to make the connection of Elway trading away Gaffney and Lloyd before starting Tebow for his 1-4 team in 2011. Just like you and others fail to understand the relationship between the completion percentage and the yards per completion stats. The completion percentage will sky-rocket when a QB throws a majority of short dumb-off junk passes, which Tebow didn’t do, as shown in his yards per completion stats.
    Now, anyone with a brain will also offset some of Tebow’s passing by realizing that he is doing his passing in a dirty uniform, not a nice clean drop back and dump it uniform. Tebow would have made the Pro-Bowl as a runner is his 16 games were all in one season. Over a thousand yards and over 5 ypc with 13 TD’s. Few if any ever give that stat it’s truly DESERVED status for a starting NFL QB.
    PS — Tim Tebow’s most important stat is not misleading at all, but few give him the deserved credit for his LIFETIME W/L RECORD. Everyone else can have the Beauty Queens, I’ll continue to take the Winners.

    PSS – Ox-Tu, just like chicken-chit FSUcks, Mi-Am-I could have joined the SEC and had a game against UF every year, but they didn’t want to play a real SoS, they wanted to join FSUcks and the cupcakes. Their choice to NOT play UF on a regular basis. Were I in charge, the only time that SEC/UF would play either the FSUcks criminoles or the scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I would be in a Bowl game, but that’s just me.

    The next NSD with LOI’s is in Feb of 2016. I can wait for the results.

  30. da-muddler I suggest you be Tebow’s agent and tell all the NFL teams how stupid thy are as well. It’s a grand conspiracy. Now you tell us that the owner of the Patriots “loves” Tebow, but he doesn’t have enough pull to give him a job, even as a clipboard holder on the team he owns? I’m sure he loves Tebow, I do too, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to his ability, and it’s not up to par for the NFL. As many bad quarterbacks there are in the NFL, and Tebow still can’t make a roster? Yes, it’s a grand conspiracy, and I’m sure Obama is behind it. Didn’t Obama become President around the time Tebow went to the NFL? Only a blind man would call that a coincidence, right? It’s telling how you pick statistics. You rave about Tebow being a “winner” but ignore Winston being statistically better in that catgory. Of course, the excuse is that Tebow played this titanic schedule, right? Tebow just had a workout with the Eagles, but I wouldn’t hold my breath until he’s offered a spot on the roster. It is going to be very rough on you for years and years to come, isn’t it? Tebow will be a sports broadcaster while Winston will be a starting quarterback in the NFL. I’ll be happy that UF no longer has to face Winston, while you’ll be full of bile trying to get someone to listen to you spout your theory of why Tebow should be in the NFL and Winston should not. I’d be careful, so much bile within someone is not healthy. Try to not live in the past. Because I worry about you, and I know that you think what someone did in high school is so important, here’s something to make your day. Sean Maguire, the frontrunner for the starting quarterback job at FSU was rated about the same as Skyler Morninhweg. They were both rated as three or four star quarterbacks by the various service, and not highly regarded by any of them. As a bonus, Maguire’s statistics were pretty pedestrian. In fact, Grier had the same stats in almost one game, and surpassed them in two, than Maguire had the whole season. Morninhweg is not even considered an option at UF, and he also had better high school stats than Maguire. That means that ‘s quarterback will be FAR superior to FSU’s, the stats confirm that. That should make you happy and help release the bile that’s inside you over Tebow and Winston. You’re welcome, by the way.

  31. P.S. da-muddler Also, since you’re also very impressed by what teams offer a player, here’s another gem for you. Morninhweg was offered by Penn State, Stanford, and other top schools while Macguire’s only other offer was from Buffalo. It’s a slam dunk in far of UF. Aren’t you thrilled?

  32. I have a question for the self-righteous among you, you know who you are. I recall seeing FSU being denigrated for taking kelvin Bejamin, who enrolled when he was 20 years old. I think some aspersions about his academic ability were made because of that fact. Martez Ivey will also be 20 years old when he enrolls. Is there something I’m missing or is that proof of UF having higher standards than other schools being nonsense? Will the self-righteous please explain the difference? Maybe Ivey had a death defying recovery from a malady that forced him, through no fault of his own, to miss school and you’ll avoid looking silly.

  33. “You rave about Tebow being a “winner” but ignore Winston being statistically better in that catgory.”
    Want to compare their SoS’s? Want to compare their awards list? I didn’t think so….
    Since I rarely bother to watch No Fun League games, unless there is a Gator playing that I’m interested in watching, it won’t bother me much at all if Tim never takes another NFL snap. But maybe you’ll enjoy reading about Shameous when he makes it to front page of the National Enquirer….
    “you’ll be full of bile trying to get someone to listen to you spout your theory of why Tebow should be in the NFL and Winston should not.”
    Sorry dummy, but WRONG yet again. It’s the NFL’s loss if some team doesn’t hire Tim, and it’s also some NFL teams loss if they DO hire Shameous. Let the chips fall where they may, I’m not an NFL fan now, and I haven’t been for decades. I liked the Dolphins back in the Shula/Gresie/Morino years, because I followed Shula from the Unitus Colts to Miami, but I had already lost interest by the time Dan retired.
    Lastly, you claim bile, while I’m here LMAO at your IDOCY.
    PS – I don’t follow FSUcks football. I couldn’t have named your QB, and I only know about Shameous from his felony (if un-prosecuted) history in the news. Were it not for trolls like yourself, I’d never even mention Shameous Jameous or the SoW in tallycarppy. ;~)

  34. Would love to say I care about the education these football players are getting, but I don’t. As long they stay academically eligible, I don’t care what classes they are taking and their grades. Sounds bad, but just being honest.

  35. Yo assclown, you know who you are. We don’t care about any FSUcks player and we don’t care how old Ivey is, all we care about is that he stays out of trouble and plays at a high level.
    As far a having higher standards at UF of course we do especially compared to Clown -U.

    863 what you say doesn’t sound bad at all if someone tells you differently then they are liars. These guys are here to play football first and get an education second. It is up to them to get that education in case they can’t make it to the next level.

  36. wait hold on a sec. You want to end up like UNC? pick up and read the latest SI about the ghost classes athletes took while attending UNC. Had a special committee to review and accept 20 or so each year that had no business attending the school. That’s as far as I have read into the article when I visit the “library”.

  37. 863 and 305…lol…i agree..the truth hurts so many you really think booster, coaches, ad’s care about what a student majors in? when they go recruiting most of the schools dont even check out a kids grades until about a month or so before signing day.. the first thing on their mind is can this kid play, is he coachable and is he a good the sec has shown us its all about the money…schools want the best players at their schools producing on the field and all that other stuff (academics) they will take care of,(unc,fsu and countless other programs)…like i told my friend d.porter jus make sure you major in something that you can use in life even if you get it for free…but if you graduate from uf with a degree it really shouldnt matter what you major in because uf is considered a top university in the country, so who cares what they major in..jus win..GO GATORS!!!

  38. I am glad that some people agree that the players are really athletes-students, not the other way around. I always thought North Carolina had a completely different standard for athletes. I was amazed at the suits the basketball players wore under Dean Smith, but I didn’t think they were as stupid as it now appears. It’s just another example of why someone having “credentials” doesn’t necessarily mean they are smart. As for not following other teams, I don’t know how you can have any perspective if you don’t know about your competitors. I can now see why someone constantly puts up stats, but fails to realize that UF isn’t the only team that gets good players.

  39. Yo nutcase do you realize that you have the most posts by far on this thread? What does that say about you posting so many times on a team’s site you are not a fan of?
    Can you say obsessed?
    Can you say obsessed loser?
    Can you say obsessed loser with no life?
    Congrats assclown!

  40. 305Gator Talk about obsessed? It seemed that the folks you criticize and call names, when you have no idea what their motivation or favorite team is, actually have something to say, unlike your last post, which seems to be the extent of ability. Who cares how many posts someone ha, as long they have something to say other than whining constantly, like you seem to do. Have you been out in the sun too long? Why not come up with something original, like actually having an original idea or why a person is mistaken, besides calling them names. Talk about boring, you’re a one track record, your act is getting old.

  41. Muddler, you can post all the stats on Tebow that you want, but the facts speak for themselves. The fact being he is not in the nfl. All the stats in the world couldn’t convince a single nfl team to put him on their team once they saw what he could and couldn’t do. As football wise as you may be, you don’t know more than nfl coaches. I love Tebow for what he did for gator football and how he represented us as a man, but when it comes to being a nfl quarterback, he has already been measured, weighed, and found lacking. I don’t know why we are discussing this, the question of tebows ability as a qb was answered awhile ago.

  42. 813, I couldn’t agree more, college football is a corporation, and has been for awhile, capitalism at its finest. The degree, for the large majority of the elite athletes, is just a hoop the ncaa makes them jump through so that they can continue to operate their multi billion dollar sports league under the guise of “college athletics”. They wouldn’t enroll in a single class if they weren’t forced to. The athletes don’t care about their forced degree program, so why should we? Fortunately for gator athletes, if things don’t go as planned, the education they were force fed is a quality one.

  43. Hey aux you couldn’t resist coming to defend a fellow assclown. FYI I criticize those who are in the top 5 of the blog assclown board like you and your bud nutcase. It is obvious to all that you are semihole fans. As far as motivation goes I ask you what motivates a criminole to post so many times on a Gator blog? You tell me.
    And 99% of what you idiots post are exaggerations, half truths, lies and generalized negativity about the Gators.

    willgator college football as well as basketball are just a minor league system for the NFL and NBA. The pro leagues get all this for free and the kids get nothing monetarily. They do get a force fed education like you say and that is well and good for those who will no be able to move on to the next level.

  44. willgator..dont pay any attention to da muddler..i agree with you and im sure thousands of gator fans will too..tebow was a great leader,great FOOTBALL player with an unbelievable will to win but was awful as an nfl qb..i love tebow for everything he’s done for uf and im still a fan and hope he gets a chance back in the league but he just could not throw…i thought he did an amazing job in denver but i say that with all my gators..da muddler is the same person who said driskel was used as a scapegoat last year and driskel was actually doing well in the tennessee…real funny huh?…GO GATORS!!!

  45. Will ole buddy, you mean genius coaches like John Fox or Stupidimus Rex? Sorry, but a big salary and a job doesn’t necessarily make you smart. They both just got fired. Just like not having a particular job at the moment doesn’t make you without the ability to do the job. The Tebow thing is not as simple as you or many others make it out to be. You also ignore any facts that don’t fit into your convenient theory. Facts like him going 9-7 with a Playoff win over the NFL’s #1 Defense, for a team that was 4-14 without him as the starting QB. Or the fact that in his 16+ games in the NFL, he out performed both Elway and Peyton, in both wins and in passing stats in their first 16 NFL starts. With the right team and support, none of us knows where Tebow might have been in 10-15 years, because they refused to give him a real chance at the job. SB QB Young disagrees with you. He said that Tebow was good enough to play in the NFL, as have some SB winning NFL coaches. Counter those points with something other than unsupported opinions and I’ll pay attention, otherwise you’re just another nay-sayer with a theory.
    And maybe you should extend your own theory to why post here, since none of us knows as much as the Gator coaches do? ;~)

  46. Something for the student/athletes to think about. Less than 2% of all college football players ever play a single down in the NFL, much less make the millions that the few stars can make. So maybe that other 98+% should think long and hard about whether they want to have a decent college degree, or just ride the back of a garbage truck, or holler ‘would you like fries with that’ all day….
    “Coach, how many of your players got a degree while playing for you?”
    “Every single one of them that wanted one and worked to get it.”
    Sounds right to me.
    McElwain’s ‘One Team Rule’ is; ‘Do What’s Right’ which also sound right to me…. :~))

  47. boi
    Jeff Driskel vs Tenn – 11 of 23, 47.8% for 59 yds.
    D was fresh and had prepared for Driskel all week.
    Treon Harris vs Tenn – 2 of 4, 50% for 17 yds.
    D was end of the game toast and facing a QB that they’d never seen.
    And I’d say that the Gator QB’s were not the primary problems in that game, as poorly as they both played.
    The Coaching (fired), dismal receivers, and the inconsistent OL were the problems, while RB Jones and the defense won that game, not Driskel or Harris. Treon’s few runs were against an off-balance and tired defense and those were his biggest contribution imo. I think that Treon could be a good RB or a decent wildcat QB. He’ll never be an NFL QB imoho, so he might consider switching positions and/or getting a quality UF degree. I still think that Jeff’s problems were outside of his ability to fix (scapegoat), and him going to LaLaf was a good idea for him. Jeff also already has his quality UF degree, so no worries for him in life at least, whether he’s good enough for the NFL or not…. ;~)

  48. da muddler…you have more excuses for driskel and grier than a convict doing life in prison..we will see what driskel,treon and grier do this fall…driskel is better suited for tightend imo he’ll never make it in the nfl as a qb…GO GATORS!!!

  49. What excuses for Grier are you talking about? Not only id he hurt his back in camp he wanted a red shirt to begin with in order to get better.
    The first one was out of his control and the second one was a smart move. I don’t see any “excuses” here.

  50. he wanted to red shirt?!? and why was that? i get the injury but it was mainly because the level of competition he played against in hs didnt perpare him for the sec…some people (da mud) love posting his hs stats and awards stating how much better he is than treon but the bottom line is that him wasnt mentally or phiscally ready for bid boy football and treon was better prepared..i doubt grier wouldve had a better w/l record playing as a true freshman..grier might be the first player ive heard of that tells a coach hey redshirt me im not ready..normally a coach has to break the news to the player and most of them are pissed at first but understand its whats best for them and the team..players like d.porter, t. bryan, k.clark, c.lewis and n. washington were all bummed out once the found out they would be getting redshirted because they felt they could come in and compete in the sec but understood the reason behind it..they never committed and then said coach please redshirt me because im not ready…they were all redshirted due to numbers at their position… just hope he shows us the positive effect the redshirt year had on his game…GO GATORS!!!

  51. from…”it was planned for him to sit out, coming from a division ll nc hs. The back injury only cemented his sit out status. The sec is galaxies from north carolina divisionll prep level ball and grier seems to have a level headed grasp of that”…grier, his father and the gator coaching staff knew he wasnt ready mentally or phyiscally..thats the only thing ive been saying this whole time..the kid has talent he just wasnt ready plain and simple..treon couldve said the same thing,”coach please redshirt me”, but he was use to playing with and against top level competition..the sec, the size of the players or the crowd noise didnt scare treon..he was focused on playing not redshirting..muschamp couldve redshirted both with us having skyler and jacob but he knew treon was better prepared than everyone else except driskel..the best way to make yourself better is to play..just look at b.harris(lsu) and b.kaaya(mia)..those 2 true freshman came in and competed just like treon..they werent worried about sitting out a year to learn by playing..getting gametime reps is the best way to learn..had he never injuried his back he would have still got a excuses…GO GATORS!!!

  52. Clueless boi, what’s the level of defensive completion for a QB at Elite 11, and how did Grier do there?
    Chris Leak was also a small school N.C. record setting QB, and how did he do as a Fr (60%, 9-4)?
    Grier wasn’t going to be competing with Harris for the starting job like they will this year, rsJr Driskel was the starter competition. He wanted a redshirt to ‘extend’ his time at UF as a QB, so they threw RB/QB Harris in as Jeff’s backup/wildcat. Nobody expected Harris to be the starter, and by his passing performance, I can see why.

    Problem: What do you do when some of the OL, WR’s or RB’s want to decide who the QB is going to be, by how they play on game days?
    Solution: when you bench the QB, you also bench the one’s that only want to play for any certain QB, instead of playing for the TEAM. Otherwise, you put that ‘some of the inmates’ (segment) in charge of the asylum, instead of the HBC.
    Not saying that this ever happens, jus-sayin’. ;~)

    Win or lose, I want the HBC/coaches in charge of the team, because that’s what they are getting paid the big bucks to do. Otherwise, it’s a long term disaster while chaos rules the team.

    How do you handle the Gator WR’s and TE’s leading the SEC in dropped balls?
    With 15 WR’s and 6 TE’s on roster, I’d go down the list. If a receiver drops a ball, he goes to the bench and the next guy on the depth chart takes his place. This will 1) motivate the receivers to catch the damn ball, 2) and/or develop the depth chart until you find the 4-5 receiver’s that want to catch the ball and play. Same for running the wrong route or being unable to get open, or refusing to block down field, or not going full out on plays that are not called for you. DO YOUR JOB or GO SIT DOWN.

    The same goes for the OL’men and the RB’s. Too many times I see guys that aren’t getting the job done, but are left on the field because someone claims that they are ‘the best available’ at that position. BS, play them all and keep the ones that are playing the best on the field on game days. Starters are rewarded for what they do on the practice field, but on game days, I want those that are actually playing the best (that day) to get the game day playing time. Motivation – Personal Responsibility – Accountability (do what’s right)

    No hating on any individual player, just playing the ones that do their jobs and perform on game day. Anyone can have a bad game day, and when they do, the next guy on the depth chart deserves his chance to get it done. Westbrook comes to mind, with Moral Stephens sitting on the bench. kee-rist! Mack Brown comes to mind, with Adam Lane sitting on the bench. And on and on it went. That needs to change imo…. One of the best things about SOS was he would do that, even with and including his starting QB’s.

    And now for my Sgt Shultz impression,,, “I know noth-thing!” :~))

  53. MOUTH…i can go out and look good in 7on7…its 7on7 no matter if its the nike camp elite11 camp or under armer camp..there is no way 7on7 comes close to live game action…i dont know what grier did at the competition but i do know he didnt win..your making yourself look dumber by the day…you stated the other day treon was 4-2 which would equal 8-4 for a full season…then go and post leaks freshman record 9-4..pretty similar huh!! and imo it should be 5 wins with him saving the day in tenn.. if no one expected treon to play or even start then why try so hard to flip him from fsu? because the kid can play and judging by w/l’s he did very well…he has done a better job than you give him credit for…you keep making the same ol excuses…the oline this, the wrs you said how bout the accountability of the qb, the leader of the team..i guess driskel doesnt count or he gets a pass in your book…according to you the oline should never miss a block and pancake every defender they face and the wrs must catch every single ball no matter if its an off target pass from the qb and the rbs are suppose to score every time they get the ball..enough with the excuses…one thing i give muschamp credit for is pulling players that werent performing up to par..for example, when dunbar started dropping passes muschamp replaced him with fulwood until fulwood got hurt..he did the same with marcus maye once he started missing tackles and getting beat he put duke dawson in, same can be said for k.taylor,when he started missing blocks matt jones stayed in and b.powell got reps, when leon orr wasnt performing up to par he got replaced with c.brantley and when driskel turned into a turnover inaccurate passing machine,he turned to what other excuse do you have? GO GATORS!!!

  54. 813, I think driskel’s injury and extra year of eligibility threw off griers original plans. When he first verballed as a gator it was the beginning of the season driskel broke his leg and I think he expected to sit a year behind senior driskel and beef up while he watched and learned. That clearly didn’t happen, but I dint think he ever expected to play as a true freshman, nobody thought driskel would fail back then, and was ok with sticking to his original time frame just in a different way than expected.

  55. Grier was in the final Elite 11 scrimmage to determine the #1 QB and was driving for the go ahead TD when time ran out. Grier finished as the #2 QB-DT at Elite 11, the #3 QB overall. Just making it to the final Elite 11 QB’s in the Nation is a big thing in itself, just like not even getting invited to compete there also says something.
    How about you list for us the Gator QB’s that have gone to Elite 11 and where each of them finished? That should give you some idea about what Elite 11 means.

  56. Moving right along boi…..
    Parade Magazine and Lemmings named Grier the National HS PoY, go argue your stupidity with them.
    Grier’s HS stats and records, including All Time National HS Records, speak for themselves.
    Grier is bigger and with a faster 40 than Harris.
    Grier has a WAY better arm than Harris. (14,454 yds, 195 TD’s).
    Grier doubled Harris’ HS Sr rushing yards, 1,251 to 633.
    Or you can compare their Police Blotter history while at UF, (remember NO excuses).
    And oh BTW, are you Treon’s new girl friend, or just his little butt-buddy? ;~))
    You like how Muschamp used the Gator RB’s do you? Then ‘splain’ this…
    Mack Brown rsSr – 22 for 95 yds, 4.3 ypc 0 TD’s
    Matt Jones – 166 for 817 yds, 4.9 ypc 6 TD’s
    Brandon Powell Fr – 16 for 70 yds, 4.4 ypc, 1 TD (5-9 177 worst blocker)
    Kelvin Taylor So – 116 for 565 yds, 4.9 ypc 6 TD’s (same 6 TD’s on 50 less carries than Jones)
    Adam Lane rsFr – 24 for 181 yds, 7.5 ypc 1 TD (5-7 222 best blocker and ypc)
    RB Production = YPC average, TD’s, then blocking.
    Jeff Driskel started 6 games against the tougher half of the schedule – 114/212 53.8%
    Jeff missed credit for an Idaho win, while Treon got credit for an EKy win where he was 4 of 12, 33%.
    Treon Harris started 6 games against mostly weaker teams – 55/111 49.5% – last 4 gms 40%.
    And the RB’s did most of the work in those wins, not Treon’s arm.
    After watching Treon pass the ball, they stopped passing and mostly just ran the ball in the 2nd half of the season.
    And are you MAKING EXCUSES for the Gator receivers LEADING THE SEC in DROPPED BALLS? OMG yourself….

  57. Nuttcase (and any other Tebow detractors), do you ever look at the actual playing results, or just the Beauty Queen looks? Do you think for yourself, or just let the media-morons and idiot-commentators do that for you? John Fox didn’t keep Tebow, he’s been fired. Rex Ryan wouldn’t play or keep Tebow, he’s been fired.

    Peyton went 3-13 with a new NFL Rookie Record 28 Interceptions, to 24 TD’s.
    Tebow went 9-7 (with a Playoff win in his 15th start) and 19 TD’s to just 9 Ints.

    Tim Tebow’s QB Rating was 75. (19 TD’s, 9 Ints)
    John Elway’s QB Rating was 54, (7 TD’s, 14 Ints)

    Tell me again, which of those QB’s were inaccurate and/or couldn’t read a defense, I’m confused???

    And while Tim was throwing the ball for an otherwise 4-14 team, minus their 2 best WR’s, he was also taking a beating running the ball for 5 ypc, 1,000+ yds, 13 TD’s.

    The NFL kept both Pettie-pie and El’ Dim-way, but not Tebow.
    Makes perfect sense to you, right?

    PS – After his recent workout with the Eagles, Chip Kelly has been quoted as saying that IF he can trade away Matt Barkley, then he’ll hire Tebow to compete with the Sanchize and Splint Bradford.
    Maybe Chip doesn’t want to join Fox and Ryan, we’ll see….

  58. lol…here we go with the stats that are meaningless…im not sure about gators that performed in the elite 11 and dont care…i do know driskel was one of them not too long ago and performed excellent..then came the pads, pass rushers, and a real game and look what happened..he’s now going to la tech..we got good production out of all our rbs so i have no idea what point your trying to make..according to you all of them rushed for over 4 yards a carry…since driskel played against the tough part of the schedule the first half of the year and the weaker part of the schedule was in the second half, why did he perform so horrible? why did he regress as the season went on? do you know what all these spring and summer camps are for? its for prep players to gain exposure and gauge their skills against others across the country…grier went to a division ll north carolina school where as reports, the competion was just not that good and needed to compete against quality players and gain exposure…treon came from a national reconized program that has been producing high quality players since the 80’s..treon was already competing with top players in the country so there was no need to attend those camps..what more impressive? a player that competed in the elite11 camp, placed 2nd and enrolled early to learn the playbook and get bigger or the player who didnt compete in the camp but faced quality players in hs,trainned hard during the spring, enrolled in the summer and beat out the player that enrolled early…grier needed all the help he could get to prepare him for the sec and he still wasnt ready..again with grier your posting hs stats and he’s been in college for a year guess thats the best you have to go off of since he wasnt prepared for big boy ball just yet..police record..what has treon been convicted of? nothing..he has the same amount of conviction as grier ZERO..GO GATORS!!!

  59. da mud..did grier win a state title? i believe treon won 2 back to back…whats more important.. records or titles? individual stats and records? or team wins that equal titles and rings? just a simple answer will do..