McElwain talks Georgia recruiting, Jefferson saga

Jim McElwain hopes to turn Georgia into "Gator Country." (Photo by Matt Stamey/The Gainesville Sun)

UF coach Jim McElwain has made the state of Florida a recruiting priority since he took over the football program, and he’s already making strides in South Florida.

But McElwain and his assistants have also found some early success in Georgia.

The Gators closed out their 2015 class with the addition of five Peach State prospects, the second most Florida has signed in the last decade.

McElwain discussed those recruiting results in Georgia with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“I think (it was due to a) couple of things,” McElwain told the AJC. “There were pre-existing relationships with some guys on our staff who recruited that area in the past. That obviously helps.

“But for us, our thought is a five-hour radius of Gainesville. And with that being said, that (radius) goes up into Georgia, and that will be something that we’ll try to continue to make Gator Country.”

McElwain landed his first verbal commitment from tight end Daniel Imatorbhebhe and secured the pledge of offensive lineman Brandon Sandifer, who held offers from Alabama, Florida State and South Carolina, among others.

McElwain and his staff then flipped underrated defensive lineman Jabari Zuniga from N.C. State, outlasted Michigan for four-star cornerback Chris Williamson and beat out in-state UGA for offensive lineman Nick Buchanan.

“Kind of how we look at everything is that each player is evaluated on his own merits,” McElwain said. “For us, it’s important that they fit the criteria that we deem to help them be successful at whatever position it might be.

“And there are obviously great players in Florida, and we want to try to recruit those guys as hard as anybody. At the same, we’ll try to think in the footprint of the SEC. There’s really good coaching and really good players in Georgia as well.”

McElwain also has to land the big fish in his own backyard, which he did on signing day with the commitment of local five-star defensive end CeCe Jefferson.

McElwain spoke to the AJC about the drama surrounding Jefferson’s letter of intent, which was faxed to Florida after a five-day delay and a coaching change at his position.

“At that point (when recruits hold off), you can’t take any of it personal,” McElwain said. “You move on and do the best you can. In that particular case, he always wanted to come here. And it was a good fit. So it worked out in the end. Yet he wasn’t the first one that hasn’t signed on signing day. That’s happened before.”


  1. McElwain is saying all the right things. There should always be at least one recruit come from Georgia, if possible. Georgia, I think, is the top state in producing talent, per capita. There’s always a ton of good players in Georgia, and there’s really only one instate school to compete against, Georgia, unlike Florida which has three, Miami, FSU, and Florida. I discount Georgia Tech because of the funky offense they run and the actual, not imaginary, higher academic standards to get into Tech. I’m glad Georgia is considered a priority for this coach, it can only help UF become better. As for Jefferson, sometimes these kids like a little drama, but his was harmless and now he’s just another player who is no different from any other scholarship player. It’s drama like Gerald Willis displayed that’s harmful. But he’s now Miami’s problem, which I think is a good thing for UF.

  2. I don’t know what Aux’s source is, and won’t dispute it, but for decades the the smaller states in the South — Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama — have sent more student athletes per capita if their total populations to college football and the NFL. Meantime, Georgia not only has a rich history of top notch high school ball, it is a large population state. The Seminoles for years have successfully mined nearby south Georgia towns. Older Gators will recall Ray Graves regularly pulling players out of Valdosta, Atlanta and even Savannah. McElwain clearly knows what he’s about and the five signees from Atlanta and north Georgia are harbingers of more success ahead. Georgia can’t sign everyone and Georgia Tech’s high standards limit the array of home staters who can qualify at Tech.

  3. It’s great that BigMac wants to recruit Georgia aggressively, same with Florida. We need high quality recruits no matter where they come from. This staff seems to know what it’s doing.
    I think to place a qualifier like “per capita” is very silly. The hotbed for high school football players is hands down South Florida. This area produces the most quality college as well as NFL players. BigMac and company are well represented in South Florida.
    Of course we need to start producing on the field, we need to have an offense that can put up some points. Once we get that rolling the recruiting will be much easier.
    I have confidence we have the right people in place to accomplish this. And that is because of their track record not just wishful thinking.
    Gooooooooooooooooo Gators!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Totally agree 305. there was always something amiss during the muswilly years. Recruits (offensive players in general) shied away. Not only because of the prehistoric offense, but they never showed the confidence in coming here.
    We all saw that it wouldn’t end good for muswilly … except for foley, he let his personal relationship with the coach get in the way.. his bad ! now the program must pay the price…

  5. A 3* kid from Miami / S. FLA is usually better than 4* & 5* kids elsewhere, due to the talent they are practicing against and playing against each week. Also, you can’t teach speed and S. FLA is where they grow it.

  6. aux2,
    Ga. Tech’s academic standards are no higher than UF’s. We all know that the standards for football players are lower than the general student body so not sure what your point is.
    Ga. Tech cannot recruit because of the offense, as you stated, and the fact that they are an also ran in a poor conference.

  7. GaTech did well last year. So what? Duke did well the year before that. They are still also ran programs in a lousy conference. Give me a team that does well year in and year out the majority of the time. You may find one such team in the ACC and that success is due in large part courtesy of the weak competition. You will find several such teams in the SEC in spite of the tough competition. We used to be one of those and now with BigMac and company at the helm we will soon be that team again.

  8. UGA is not the only major competitor for Georgia talent. With FSU, Auburn, and Clemson just minutes from the Georgia line there is a good bit of competition there. Making it a priority is a great strategy but what I really want to hear is how we take back Tampa. I am tired of freakin Clemson going down there and poaching top tier talent.

  9. The excitement about a new coach and early playing time has a lot to do with the success we had this past year in recruiting. Not to take anything away from the recruiters, because they clearly worked hard to pull in the players we got. However, an impressive season is the key to keep things rolling in the right direction. 8+ wins and a decent bowl game is critical. Assuming this happens, good times are back in our future. Don’t want to think about the alternatives.

  10. Georgia Tech deserves more respect than its given by some here. they rightfully belong back in the SEC, Bear Bryant ran them out with that 100 scholarships a year trick that was eventually outlawed by the ncaa. Heisman coached there, they have a ton of national championships and have far more status than the bulldogs will ever hope for in the larger world.
    but the point is that we should get players out of Georgia and Miami like mac says because of geography, and that sounds good to me.
    looks like we are having a good start with coach mac, so I feel lot better so far than I did when champ started but its still early.

  11. If Ga Tech is brought back into the SEC then another team would have to be brought in to make even number of teams in each division. The negative is they do not expand the SEC into a new market. Atlanta, so what? Now possible teams to add into the west would be Baylor, Texas Tech, or any school in NC.

  12. 2015 Gator Players from Georgia include:

    LB Jarrad Davis 6-2 229 Jr 2L Kingsland, Ga
    K Austin Hardin 5-10 205 rsJr 2L Atlanta, Ga
    WR Demarcus Robinson 6-2 197 Jr 2L Fort Valley, Ga
    OG Antonio Riles 6-4 312 rsSo 2L
    LB Steven Stipe 5-11 214 rsSo SQ Waycross, Ga

    Mc and staff doubled the total number.

    #19 TE-YT Daniel Imatorbhebhe 6-3 225 *** Suwanee, Ga EE
    #18 DEss Zabari Zuniga 6-2 265 *** Marietta, Ga (#78 DT)
    #36 CB Chris Williamson 6-0 185 **** – Gainesville, Ga
    #36 OG Brandon Sandifer 6-4 348 *** Warner Robins, Ga
    #105 OG Nick Buchanan 6-4 285 *** Dunwoody, Ga

  13. to compare Georgia Tech to UF in terms of academics is a farce. I wonder if some people are failing to take their medication. Georgia Tech is not a team that UF would want to play, and I’m sure FSU doesn’t look forward to playing them this year. Since UF couldn’t even beat Georgia Southern, it’s pretty scary what would happen to them if they faced Georgia Tech. Georgia tech whipped both teams from the SEC they faced last year, so bashing the ACC is just a fantasy of the SEC pumpers who continue to live in the past and ignore the reality of the present. They are probably the same fol who are still watching UF games with Tebow and think that UF is still that team. Wake up!

  14. Georgia Tech’s academic challenges are tied to the rather narrow academic range of majors offered. Check out our women’s basketball team ‘a roster with listed majors and ask yourself if those majors would find a place at Tech. I live UF and I know both schools well. Tech is very different because of how the Georgia legislature structured it at a large competitive disadvantage to UGA.

  15. Yeah, a fairly healthy Georgia Tech team trounced Georgia Southern team last year. Oh wait, they needed a turnover and a last minute touchdown to squeak by Georgia Southern. We will ignore that Florida team had an unbelievable amount of injuries. When you have a player that was a walk on – not listed on the game day roster, playing a key role on defense, you may be in trouble. Oh and Georgia Tech barely beat Georgia. UF beat Georgia by 18. Now I will say that Georgia Tech is a good team. Because of their style of offense, they can be tough to play. Also the SEC was not dominant last year. They were at about the same level as a few conferences.

  16. Funny how all of sudden GaTech is supposed to be this juggernaut that teams are afraid to play. They finally had a good season last year, finally beat their SEC rival albeit barely and with much luck. Now the real “pumpers”, or may I say the morons, want to make it seem as if they are a national power in football where everyone with half a brain knows they are not.
    Back to the gist of this article of course it is a good thing we are getting players from Georgia. Just like it is great we are a player in South Florida.
    UFG8rs86 is right, we need a good season with good offensive numbers to be able to keep the recruiting train rolling. That should be obvious to all.

  17. Gator863 You should know better than to compare scores, it means nothing and is a sure fire means of being wrong. If that meant anything, how do explain Georgia destroying Missouri and Missouri destroying Florida? I again am hearing an excuse about Georgia southern, but you fail to point out they were suffering from more injuries than Florida and started out with less scholarship players. The only reason a walk on was playing was because a scholarship player, Daniel McMillian, was so bad that the coaches didn’t trust him. It doesn’t matter if you lose by one point or fifty, it’s still a loss. The injury excuse was used to predict UF would be a very good team in 2014, but the results were very different. Now the excuse is poor coaching, and UF will be very good in 2015 with a new coaching staff. If UF is still mediocre in 2015, what will be the new excuse? Perhaps the excuses will no longer be made, and acceptance of the fact that UF is not as good as other teams will be accepted. But I doubt that. some folks will never accept that UF is mediocre because of the talent level on the team, they’ll always be looking a scapegoat.

  18. Easily explained – UF 6 turnovers – Missouri 1 turnover. A kickoff return for a touchdown, a punt return for touchdown, a fumble return for a touchdown, an interception for a touchdown – hard to win games that way even only give up 20 yards of passing and about 100 yards of offense.

    Yeah, I can tell from your posts that you are routing for the Gators to be good – lol. You are not even honest why you are here. Why should we pay attention to your opinion.

  19. Do not follow Georgia Southern, but hard to imagine any team having more serious injuries than Florida that year. Hard to find a position on the team where they weren’t to a second string, third string or beyond.

    I expect the Gators this year will probably have a similar record to last year. It will take a few years to build this team up to a top ten team. There are too many holes on this team this year to expect them to make a run at an SEC championship.

  20. Gator863 There’s no need to “explain.” A loss is a loss, I’m sure FSU could explain” their loss to Oregon a well. Enough with the excuses, as, even, Muschamp understood quite clearly, you are what your record says you are. I think UF could have a much better record than last year. When you look at their schedule, some of the teams they face have the same question mark as UF. Namely, at the most important position, quarterback. IF UF has a good quarterback, and Georgia, FSU, South Carolina, etc. have bad quarterbacks like UF has had since the departure of Tebow, UF will have an advantage. If you have a good quarterback, you have a chance. UF’s 2012 season was an anomaly, you can’t expect to have a great team without a good quarterback. In fact, Muschamp was very deserving of SEC coach of the year, how many coaches could win eleven games with Jeff Driskel? Jimbo Fisher, despite his great record, has yet to win a coaching award.

  21. Same story, different day. UF has again offered a linebacker after his commitment to FSU. This time it’s Tyree Horton, a JUCO. Is this the plan, find out who commits to FSU and then figure he’s good enough to play for UF?

  22. Idiot, liar, of just his usual nuttcase,,, you make the call…

    “I again am hearing an excuse about Georgia Southern, but you fail to point out they were suffering from more injuries than Florida and started out with less scholarship players.” — nuttcase

    Acutally, UF lost 15 Starters across the season, and had 72 total lost starts due to injury for an All Time worst lost starts and starters in NCAA History.
    And UF didn’t play GoSo last year, it was the year before. Last year, VaTech beat NC tOSU in their house, and the next week VaTech lost to GaSo at home.
    You need to buy a dog and name him CLUE, so you’ll finally have one.
    2013 – UF 4-8 with 72 starts lost to injury. (UF 7 – 37 FSUcks +30)
    2014 – UF 7-5 — 8-5 without weather cancel. (UF 19 – 24 FSUcks +5)
    The Gators were 6 pts from the SECe-C, and 11 pts and a rain-out from a 10-2 season.
    Those 2 seasons look very different to me, you moe-ron, but you of course are going on your lies and/or delusions, not the stats or the on the field facts.

    Now he yaps about Tyree Horton, while ignoring WR Lane and RB Cook. Totally Clueless….

  23. da-muddler Talk about clueless? The gators were very close to being 5-7 last year, or have you forgot the Kentucky and Tennessee games? How many points were involved in those games? It’s not about how many points you lose by, it’s about losing. FSU lost by only seven points to UF when UF won a national Championship, but no one would actually think that FAU was close to being as good as Florida that year. Rivalry games are close sometimes because they are rivalry games, not because the teams are close in talent. I hear the excuse about turnovers, but I saw FSU turn the ball over FIVE times against UF this past year, yet that didn’t prevent them from winning because they were the far superior team. No one cares about how close a game is, this isn’t horseshoes or hand grenades. At the end of the day, only s and losses matter, if that wasn’t true, UF would not have a new set of coaches. By the way, I keep hearing about how great a coach Summers is, but if Humphries is drafted in the first round, how does that reflect on Summer’s coaching. Humphries wasn’t even an honorable mention All-SEC player. If he’s such a great coach, how do you explain how a first rounder was a mediocre player?

  24. da-muddler One other thing, What does Lane or Cook have to do with Horton? Everyone knew they were great players and FSU and other didn’t offer them after UF “discovered” them. I think the point I made went over yor head, so I’ll try to keep it simple. In the case of Rice and Horton, it appears that FSU was quicker to make an evaluation than UF that they were players they would offer, UF only offered after FSU had scooped them up. Five star recruits like Lane and Cook are not a secret to anyone, maybe you will understand the difference now.

  25. You need to make up your mind. In one post you ask me to explain and in the next you say there is no need to “explain”. Yes turnovers and the fact your defense struggled to stop Oregon’s offense cost your team the Oregon game. The reasons the Gators went 11-2 were (other than the Georgia game) they had few turnovers and a very good defense.

    Other part of your logic I don’t understand is the part were you say that coaches are being used as scapegoats for the team not winning more. You say it is the talent level of the players that is to blame. Who recruits those players? If the Gators are a average at best, it is the fault of the coaching staff who recruited them.

  26. Gator863 I agree it’s the fault of the coaching staff who recruited them, but I think the point is not the reason many blame the coaches. I think many think the Gators are “loaded” with talent and it’s the fault of the coaches for not teaching them well enough to to reach their potential. I think that it’s a case of many folks overestimating the talent level of the players. I don’t think coaching is the reason that five stars like Driskel, Debose, Humphries were not great players. I just think they were overrated to begin with coming out of high school. We will see if that’s the case with the latest wunderkind, Will Grier, who many are pinning their hopes on. If he doesn’t pan out, maybe it’s time to put the blame where it is deserved, on the players. After all, how many new offensive coordinators (McElwain is just the latest with a bigger title) does it take to figure out that it might be the players, not the coaches?

  27. Yo ntcrze to say that FSU was the far superior team this year against UF in Doak is basically laughable. FSU offense was dominated all day long. You get a 90 yd INT that was a 14 pt swing considering that UF had a WR running free in the end zone that was missed on the play. FSU got a miracle play that saved them. So lets not get carried away with your superior claims. FSU was not the same team they were the year before!! FSU is delusional if they even think they are so far ahead talent wise than UF.

  28. GatorKeith I think you are the one who is delusional. There was no “miracle play” and the gators had a good first quarter and held their one and only lead after one quarter. Guess what, games last four quarters, not one. A 13-1 team IS far superior to a 7-5 team, that’s a fact, not a dream like you keep having. The superior team finds a way to win, while mediocre teams find a way to lose. FSU was NEVER in danger of losing the game against Florida, they did what they needed to do to win, and when it mattered UF couldn’t stop them. There was no “miracle play,” just like FSU fumbling a punt attempt was not a “miracle play” that allowed UF to score their only touchdown. As usual, the game came down to who could block and tackle the best. UF was pathetic in their ability to run the ball, and FSU ran the ball very well. If you know football, the team that can run the ball better nearly always wins the game. So let’s not portray the game as something it wasn’t. Everyone knew UF was done after the first quarter, there was no way they were going to win because FSU was a far superior team. Maybe that will change this year, but to think a 7-5 team is on a par with a 13-1 team is ludicrous.

  29. Aux – I think you are being delusional if you think that the game was over after the first quarter. It was a two point game going in to the 4th. I would not call that a miracle play, but that play he mentioned definitely was a big play.

  30. Blah, blah, blah, blah……………and the FSUcks assclowns keep on and on about how much better their team has been over the past 2 seasons and the #1 assclowns keeps on and on about the 2016 commits. As if any of that blather matters today. I don’t need a Clown U assclown to come and “explain” to me how they have better players coaches or recruits. If any of that were true no explanation would be necessary, he who has to toot his own horn doesn’t have much to toot about.
    Who knows how the Gators or criminoles will perform next season both have undergone big time changes this offseason. So would the twin assclowns take a hike and go blather about their team on their own site and leave us alone?
    Or will they continue spewing their manure on our site because they are scared and feel the need to pat themselves in the back cause no one else will? Me thinks the latter. I would gladly pat my foot in their arse.

  31. Azzclown, going 13-1 vs Cupcakes is not really a brag, it’s an embarrassment when you lose 21 to 59 to the LAC 12 Chump.
    And UF was 8-5 (if not for a rainout), against a real SoS. And if you can count your 2014 win vs The Citadel, then we can count Idaho, since you counted Idano in 2013.

  32. As to the azzclown yappin’ about Rice or Horton, ow whomever…

    Florida has offered 5 recruits that have given their verbal to FSUcks.
    5 to the scUM thugs from Mi-Am-I
    3 to Ga.
    3 to LSU.
    1 to SCa
    1 to Bama
    1 to AU
    1 to aTm.
    1 to tOSU
    1 to Baylor
    1 to MichSt
    1 to Clemps’-son
    1 to Duke
    That’s a total of 25 offers to recruits that have given a verbal to someone else.
    10 that have given a verbal to other SEC schools.

    69 are ESPN Jr 300’s that are considering UF but have not given a verbal to anyone yet.
    With a total of 91 that are on the ESPN Jr 300 List, and 18 more that are not, (yet).
    That has UF with 109 offers currently on the table that ESPN knows about.
    ESPN does not list any recruit as a 5 Star, with their Sr seasons yet to play.

    Among the uncommitted with UF offers are:
    4 OLB’s with 1 from FL, and 2 ILB’s with 1 from FL.
    (UF has 1 ILB commit from Miami)
    3 are QB-PP 2 from FL, 1 QB-DT from FL
    11 WR’s from FL and 8 that are from elsewhere.
    (UF has 1 WR commit from Jax)
    9 OT’s, with only 2 of those from FL.
    9 CB, with 4 of those from FL.
    10 RB, with only 2 of those from FL.
    11 DT, with only 1 of those from FL.
    6 DE, with only 1 that is NOT from FL.
    (UF has 1 DE commit from Miami)
    5 Ath’s, 2 from FL.
    4 S’s, 2 from FL, 2 that are not.
    Only 1 JUCO (Iowa), is a WR that’s from Tallahassee.

    Your yap about who in the 2016 class was offered by whom and when it typical of an azzclown, so take your bows….

  33. da-muddler F was 7-5, not 8-5, and UF has offered Horton. It’s time to quit ignoring facts. FSU did not play a cupcake schedule, the teams they played, Georgia Tech, Louisville, and Clemson all beat the “cupcakes” on UF’s schedule. I don’t consider any of them “cupcakes,” but the fact that That FSU beat UF ad the others mentioned beat the SEC teams that played Florida, even with Clemson losing to Georgia, shows that this “cupcake” schedule is a fantasy that is contradicted by the facts. Yes, FSU did lose to Oregon, but I don’t see UF evr playing them, so how can you brag about that? The fact is that it’s hard to win games in any conference, and even the current National Champion lost to a team in the ACC. The only “cupcakes” are the directional teams that are paid to be another team’s fodder. The fact is that it’s very hard to win any game, even harder to win every game. That’s why an undefeated National Champion is not be expected, but is a special case. UF has never had an undefeated season, perhaps you should respect those that have done so and quit whining.

  34. It is well known that the ACC is one of the worst conferences in the world. In fact it is often referred as FSU and the other dwarves as a way of acknowledging that FSU has real competition in conference play. This is true regardless of those rare occasions where another ACC team has a “good” season.
    UF indeed went 7 – 5, da-muddler’s point is that if not for a rain out to start the season they would have been 8 – 5. That should be very simple to understand, even for a FSUcks assclown.
    Enough with the non sense talk about UF offering a FSU commit, again that happens all the time. It is not news worthy at this point and doesn’t prove anything. The only thing it proves is that those who are obsessing about it right now are morons. That would be nutcase and aux, the #1 and #2 assclowns. Guess that is expected of them.

  35. UF lost to 7-6 SCa by 3 pts in their come-back final minutes win
    UF lost to 8-5 LSU by 3 pts in their come-back final minutes win
    UF lost to 11-3 SECe-C Mizzou – Gators had the stats, Mizz had the TO’s
    UF lost @ 12-2 SEC-C Bama
    UF lost @ 13-1 FSU by 5 pts. in their come-back final minute win

    Many are very quick to say that Driskel sucked, but they universally fail to mention that UF led the SEC in DROPPED PASSES in 2014 with 22+ (I stopped counting) over the course of the season. And that doesn’t include running the wrong routes and/or failing to get open. Of course the receivers have had 6 different coaches in the last 6 years, so maybe it’s not all their fault either. Coaching stability has hurt the Gator, but hopefully that’s solved now.

    FSU’s monster schedule included:
    D2 The Citadel
    3-9 WF
    3-9 Syracuse
    5-7 Va
    6-7 Mi-Am-I
    ~ and 3 more opponents with just 7 wins.
    So 8 of FSUcks 13 wins came against teams with 7 of fewer wins, 5 with losing records.
    Only 2 of their 13 wins were against teams with 10+ wins, as usual.

    And excuse me, I listed your score incorrectly, it was FSUcks 20 – 59 Ore. (-39)
    That’s not just a turnover or two, that’s SUCKING all game long….

    FSUcks 20 – 59 Ore (+39) Playoff Semi
    Oregon 20 – 42 tOSU (+22) Playoff Final
    @ tOSU 21 – 35 VaTech (+14)
    @ VaTech 21 – 28 ECa (+7)
    ECarolina 20 – 28 Florida (+8) @ Birmingham Bowl
    Florida 19 – 24 @ FSUcks (+5)
    I find that ‘circle of events’ both amusing and informative.
    Claiming that FSUcks is FAR-better or WAY-ahead of UF is gross STUPIDITY imoho.

    FSUcks lost to Oregon > Oregon lost to Ohio St > tOSU lost to VaTech
    VaTech lost to E.Carolina > E.Carolina lost to Florida

    Or try this one:
    UF 38 – 20 UGA (-18)
    UGA 45 – 21 Clemps’-son (-24)
    FSUcks 23 – 17 Clemps’-son (-6)
    Yep, it’s genius claiming that FSUcks is miles ahead of UF…..

    And IF ONLY the WIN & LOSSES matter as you’ve tried to claim, then UF is still MILES AHEAD of FSUcks in the All Time Series W/L Record. FSUcks has NEVER been ahead of UF, by your own standards. Now, try IGNORING that FACT azzclown….


    “UF has never had an undefeated season, perhaps you should respect those that have done so and quit whining.” Ox2/azzclown liar — See 1911 you ignorant moe-ron.

    And UF has a BLOW-OUT mNC win over FSUcks, something that half-azzed-U will never have over UF.
    1996(97) UF 52 – 20 FSUcks in the Sugar Bowl resulting in a UF mNC.
    Let me know when the Almost Competitive Conf wins 7 NC’s in a row, with 4 different teams. And no other conference comes even close to the SEC All Time Bowl W/L Record.

    Perhaps you should just continue to embrace your own criminole AZZCLOWN designation? LOL

  36. UF lost to 7-6 SCa by 3 pts in their come-back final minutes win
    UF lost to 8-5 LSU by 3 pts in their come-back final minutes win
    UF lost to 11-3 SECe-C Mizzou – Gators had the stats, Mizz had the TO’s
    UF lost @ 12-2 SEC-C Bama
    UF lost @ 13-1 FSU by 5 pts. in their come-back final minute win.
    All 5 of those games are RIVAL games for UF you twit.

    Many are very quick to say that Driskel sucked, but they universally fail to mention that UF led the SEC in DROPPED PASSES in 2014 with 22+ (I stopped counting) over the course of the season. And that doesn’t include running the wrong routes and/or failing to get open. Of course the receivers have had 6 different coaches in the last 6 years, so maybe it’s not all their fault either. Coaching stability has hurt the Gator, but hopefully that’s solved now.

    FSU’s monster schedule included:
    D2 The Citadel
    3-9 WF
    3-9 Syracuse
    5-7 Va
    6-7 Mi-Am-I
    ~ and 3 more opponents with just 7 wins.
    So 8 of FSUcks 13 wins came against teams with 7 of fewer wins, 5 with losing records.
    Only 2 of their 13 wins were against teams with 10+ wins, as usual.

    And excuse me, I listed your score incorrectly,
    it was actually FSUcks 20 – 59 Ore. (-39)
    That’s not just a turnover or two, that’s SUCKING all game long….

    FSUcks 20 – 59 Ore (+39) Playoff Semi
    Oregon 20 – 42 tOSU (+22) Playoff Final
    @ tOSU 21 – 35 VaTech (+14)
    @ VaTech 21 – 28 ECa (+7) (the very next week)
    ECarolina 20 – 28 Florida (+8) @ Birmingham Bowl
    Florida 19 – 24 @ FSUcks (+5)
    I find that ‘circle of events’ both amusing and informative.
    Claiming that FSUcks is FAR-better or WAY-ahead of UF is gross STUPIDITY imoho.

    FSUcks lost to Oregon > Oregon lost to Ohio St > tOSU lost to VaTech > VaTech lost to E.Carolina > E.Carolina lost to Florida

    Or try this one:
    UF 38 – 20 UGA (-18)
    UGA 45 – 21 Clemps’-son (-24)
    FSUcks 23 – 17 Clemps’-son (-6)
    Yep, it’s genius claiming that FSUcks is miles ahead of UF…..

    And IF ONLY the WINS & LOSSES matter as you’ve tried to claim, then UF is still MILES AHEAD of FSUcks in the All Time Series W/L Record. FSUcks has NEVER been ahead of UF, by your own standards. Now, try IGNORING that FACT azzclown….


    “UF has never had an undefeated season, perhaps you should respect those that have done so and quit whining.” Ox2/azzclown liar — See 1911 you ignorant girls-school–glitter-boyz moe-ron.

    And UF has a BLOW-OUT mNC win over FSUcks, something that half-azzed-U will never have over UF.
    1996(97) UF 52 – 20 FSUcks (-32) in the Sugar Bowl resulting in a UF mNC.
    Let me know when the Almost Competitive Conf wins 7 NC’s in a row, with 4 different teams. And no other conference comes even close to the SEC All Time Combined Bowl W/L Record.

    Perhaps you should just continue to embrace your own criminole AZZCLOWN designation? LOL

  37. da-muddler It doesn’t matter how close you come, a loss is a loss. You are correct that UF leads the all-time series, but that is due to an ealy lead that is steadily getting smaller. FSU was forced to play in Gainesville the first six years of the series and also lost a game where there is photographic evidence of the official “stealing” a game for UF. UF led the series 16-2-1 until Bobby Bowden came to town. Since that time, FSU was beaten UF more times that UF has won over FSU. In case you can’t do the math, that’s over 37 years ago. If you want to brag bout UF being better nearly forty years ago, go ahead. I’m not a fossil, I live in the present, and right now FSU is a better team. That can change quickly, for instance, UF was a better team when Tim Tebow was the quarterback. But right now UF is so far behind FSU that the only thing you can brag about is losing to FSU by “only” five points, that, somehow, being a narrow loser makes any difference. Tell that to Kentucky, who lost in multiple overtimes to UF. Guess what, Kentucky is still a loser compared to UF, a close loss doesn’t mean anything. Each yea is different, perhaps UF will be the better team this year, I don’t know. But you keep listing things, like narrow losses or a loss to Oregon, that are irrelevant to UF’s position of inferiority to FSU today. UF has a superstar on defense, Vernon Hargreaves, but one needs to emerge on offense before UF can tke the next step. I don’t know if there’s one on campus right now. I will tell you that FSU does have a superstar on offense, Dalvin Cook, when UF gets a player that is comparable to him, let me know. Please don’t list their high school accolades, who cares? UF ain’t high school.

  38. Silly aux you are saying FSUcks has no superstar on offense. Cook is a good player but if he is your superstar then you have none. Again he is a good player but hardly a superstar, not even close.
    FSU has been better than the Gators only the past 2 years, we were better than you in 2012 in case you forgot.
    I found your buddy nutcase infecting a different Gator site, what is it with you criminole assclowns you have no place of your own to go to?

  39. hey bette “muddler” – I guess you will have to find a more fuel efficient vehicle as you will have a long way to drive to crawl under willie boy’s desk….

    Just admit it, he was horrid as a HEAD coach and the program has suffered as a result….

  40. Here comes more of his usual lies and/or whining BS.

    Ever hear of the ‘Swindle in the SWAMP’ Game?
    Universally called ‘The Worst Officiated Game, in any Sport, in History.’
    Or Warrick Dunn’s winning TD run with a No-Call FSUcks Holding?
    The All Corrupt Conference Officials are the worst in the business.
    Several teams have refused to EVER play another game where ACC officials are used, Marshall being just one of them.

    The last 10 games, where you claim that FSUcks is ‘gaining.’ UF 6 – 4 FSUcks. (idiot)
    And UF is so far behind that they lost by 5 pts on a come back loss @ tallycrappy. (moe-ron)
    You make the call: UF 52 – 20 FSUcks — UF 19 – 24 @ FSUcks
    Now go tell Vegas or the Pollsters that the score spread doesn’t matter. (twit)

    He doesn’t want HS stats because he knows that Kelvin broke Emmitt Smith’s FL HS Career Rushing Yds Record.
    RB Kelvin Taylor plays a real SoS against SEC Defenses. (4.9 ypc, good student, never in trouble)
    RB Calvin Cook plays around with the cupcakes. (5.9 ypc and apparently another troubled kid from Mi-Am-I)
    And you really don’t want to look into their Fumble history either. Heck, I wouldn’t trade you Adam Lane for Cook, and just be glad that Cook isn’t going against SEC defenses. The SEC ain’t the ACC.
    * Personally, I’m glad that you got Cook, and I wish that you’d kept Harris too, jmoho of course.
    What kind of schedule does it take for FSUcks to go undefeated?
    2013 — Let’s just take a look-see at their last one, shall we?
    D2 Bethune-Cookman
    1-11 Idaho
    3-9 NCSt
    4-8 Nev
    4-8 WF
    4-8 UF (ONLY losing season since 1979)
    7-6 Pitt
    7-6 BC
    7-6 Maryland
    7-6 Syracuse
    The ACC’s flip-a-coin ‘Also Rans’….
    That’s 10 of 14 opponents with 7 or less wins, 6 with losing records.
    The Few So-Called ‘Tough’ Opponents:
    9-4 Mi-Am-I (UM 24 – 42 VaTech 8-5)
    10-4 Duke (DU 14 – 38 GaTech 7-6)
    11-2 Clemps’-son (CU 17 – 31 SCa 11-2)
    12-2 Auburn for a 3pt squeaker, come from behind, last minute win.

    That was rated the #69 SoS in D1 Football, the bottom half of all team’s SoS’s.
    That was the BCS-NC Winners LOWEST rated SoS in at least the past 10 years.
    It also made an Interception Machine QB look like a Heisman winner.
    Only a slightly tougher SoS (40’s) showed him for the T-O chump that he is.
    And that’s why FSUcks/St Blobby Bowdown chose to join the Cupcakes instead of the SEC, just like the scUM thugs of Mi-Am-I. — “This way we’ll get a chance to play for more NC’s.” — BB

  41. Hey mush-in-your-MOUTH,,,,
    A Head coach for the criminoles just has to win games against mostly chump opponents, and lead any cover-ups required to keep his players eligible. Pretty simple really.

    At UF, the HBC has to do much more that that. He has to win within the NCAA and SEC rules.
    He is held accountable for character development and academics also.
    Muschamp, as a young and brand-new 1st time HBC did very good in two areas, but he was unlucky as heck on the field. He’s a very good and proven DC, but needs more seasoning to be a Top-flite HBC at a pressure-cooker Top SEC school. jmo of course

  42. If you don’t realize that Dalvin Cook is a superstar running back, it shows the same lack of understanding football as when you demean Jameis Winston. Kelvin Taylor and Adam lane being compared to Cook is as ludicrous as when some of you compared Driskel to Winston. AS for officiating, that’s a biased opinion, while I brought up a game that there is photographic evidence of a theft. Cook is the kind of running back that makes even great defenders look silly, like he did with Vernon Hargreaves last year. He’s not perfect, and his fumbles were a problem last year, especially in the Playoff, but I think he’s a superstar running back that will only get better. I, in fact, think he will be the best running back in America next year. I’ve seen the backs at Alabama, Georgia, Leonard Fournette, etc. I don’t think any of them is as good as Cook. Maybe UF has a great back among the incoming freshman, but to think Taylor or Lane is even in the same galaxy as Cook is nuts. Cook has speed, power, and is an ankle-breaker in the open field. I know running backs going in the first round is a rarity these days, but if Cook isn’t injured he will be a sure fire draft choice. What amazes me is how blind some of you are to talent. It is evident with Winston, and when he is the first person chosen in the draft, something no player from FSU or UF has ever been, you’ll still come up with ludicrous excuses and fail to admit you were wrong about him. I see the same mindset about Cook, he’s a game changer and being sore about him flipping to FSU is not going to change that fact. I suggest you watch him play this year, you might get educated on what a great back looks like, and it’s not Kelvin Taylor. Taylor’s father was a great back, his son is average at best, and this ain’t high school.

  43. Bette Muddler.. That was classic !!! Well done Mush. Natchez and auxtu, excellent work as usual. FU fans will try and justify loses . Never can admit that their butt just got whipped. Just keep watching these ACC WANNABES post.

  44. Auxhole just confirmed he’s an FSU troll with all his facts. Cook fumbled how many times in their biggest game of the year??? THAT’S all that matters. Can’t handle the real competition. The big question is, does he know the meaning of “No?” Obviously it’s not on the fsu entrance exam. But we all know how to sing it – “No means no-o-o-o” (while doing tomahawk thing).

  45. Aux2 – funny to hear you talk of someone else being biased, when you are very biased towards FSU players. Winston being drafted 1st would prove that he was considered the most pro potential of any of the quarterbacks coming out. It does not prove that he had a better year this year than last, nor that he is the greatest college football player – like you were trying to claim. It also does not prove that he is a Hall of Fame qb. He will actually have to play some years before one can start to claim that.

    Cook is a very good back that has benefitted from playing with a very good qb. Opponents could stack the line with Driskell playing qb as there was not much to fear with UF passing game. If Florida gets better play at qb and line, watch how much better Taylor looks.

    Enough with the FSU talk as this is a UF site.

  46. Come on fellow gators, stop trying to tell the fsu trolls like aux and jerk fisher that they cant visit our site. Haven’t you learned by now that they don’t know the meaning of the word “no?”

  47. Gator863 I don’t think you’re right about Taylor. It doesn’t take a better line or a better quarterback to see how talented a running back is. They display it when there is a Hole, and Taylor lacks the quick first step to the hole that great backs have and has pedestrian speed when he does have an open field in front of him. I think you would know if he was a great back by now. I knew he wasn’t but a shadow of his father a long time ago. That opinion was affirmed for me in the Georgia Southern game a couple of years ago. The line opened up plenty of holes, and Taylor lacked the quickness to exploit them or was easily run down when he did get through them. IF UF had had a great back, they would have never lost to Georgia Southern since they were physically superior to them. But the combination of an awful quarterback and a mediocre running back , along with a horrible defense, led to their demise. We were told that Taylor was quicker and faster before this past year, but I saw no evidence of that. The Georgia game was an anomaly, it certainly wasn’t something that was ever replicated last season. Then Taylor failed to even show up for the bowl game. IF you, or anyone else, is expecting Taylor to suddenly become a great back this year, I don’t understand why. It’s about consistency, and Taylor has made a few plays here and there, but his body of work is that of an average to mediocre back. I expect him to be even less of a factor this year, because I expect McElwain will use the running backs more in the passing game, and, along with the shortcomings I’ve already enumerated, Taylor is a poor receiver.

  48. WE will soon find out if I was crazy to mention UF offering players after they committed to FSU. FSU has a new one, Jamal Couch, a linebacker from Alabama. If UF offers him this week, you may start to wonder what’s going on with UF’s new staff.

  49. When Kelvin Taylor has been given more than just a few carries, he has produced fairly well. I never said he was a great back. I don’t throw around great and best ever as lightly as some. I said I thought he was a good back. If defenses can’t stack the box, he will be even a better back.

    It was ntcrze who was all over UF offering FSU’s verbal commits. All that matters is where they sign on signing day.

  50. The SEC and UF ain’t HS and that’s a FACT.
    But the Almost Competitive Conference and Clown-U are both pretty close to being HS.

    I refer you to the SEC’s Yearly Recruit Class Rankings, especially the Defense.
    I refer you to the NFL Draft Picks, especially the Defense.
    The SEC ain’t the ACC, and besides that, Cook is LAY-O-DED with problems.
    Lack of quality on the field competition, lack of scholarship, lack of ‘Off the Field’ leadership, inability to hold on to the ball. So what YOU-THINK is just that, your own DELUSIONAL OPINIONS, and nothing more.

    And as I’ve said, I wouldn’t trade you Taylor or Lane for your future short order Cook…. He went to FSU hoping that they would keep him out of jail, like they’ve done for Shameous 6 or 8 times already.

    FACT: Several schools have vowed to never play another game where ACC officials are used.
    FACT: The Swindle in the SWAMP has a full game of video evidence.
    FACT: Warrick Dunn’s run is also on video, for anyone to review, (I have).
    FACT: The Clown-U trolls here, are universally despised and laughed at for their homer/stupidity.

    Dear Little Jimmy Wisher,
    UF 52 – 20 FSUcks — Oregon 59 – 20 FSUcks.
    You were over-rated and sucked back then,,,,,
    and you’re still over-rated and suck today, so admit it.

    by-george, he’s totally correct — and I’m LMAO about it!!!
    Nooooo, means Noooo! Nice tune when used along with a hanging/waving broken arm….. :~))

    Hey OxTu, Taylor’s 2014 Average was 4.9 yds/carry vs a Top 10 SoS / SEC.
    Cook’s Average was 5.9 yds/carry vs the cupcakes and a SoS in the 40’s. I’ll still take Taylor.
    And Taylor and Lane remain academically eligible and out of trouble/jail.
    Oh BTW, can you tell me what Lane’s UF Yds/Carry average is, season or Bowl? (crickets)

  51. bette “muddler”,

    UF Head coaches held accountable? Tell that to the judge in the Hernandez case…

    Anyway, if you can say Muschamp was unlucky, then may he was just “lucky” to have the 10-2 year…he was absolutely total crap. Maybe , just maybe, Foley has found an under the radar guy who may surprise. Hopefully he will embrace the forward pass and QB’s who can actually throw the ball, and to the right team for that matter…

    But as you say, just my opinion.We all know your opinion is clouded by Muchamp’s junk in your face…

  52. UF’s Total Crap 37 – 26 Jimblo sucks, musta been luck, right? lol

    HBC Under the radar: 2012 BCS-NC, 2014 10-2 @ ColoSt
    OC Under the radar: 2013 BCS-NC
    Maybe they are both actually ‘Over the Radar’ instead….

    Throw the ball to the right team? Like Shameous with 18 Ints in one year, while Tebow only threw 16 Ints in his entire 4 year UF career???

    I’m guess that’s Jimblo, not mush in your trolling mouth….

  53. Actual Information for the clueless Ox-Tu
    UF’s 2016 LB Offers: (3-10-15)

    Lyndell Wilson 6-2 220 **** 87 – Montgomery, AL – uncommitted
    Keion Joyner 6-3 225 **** 86 – Havelock, N.C. – uncommitted
    Ben Davis 6-4 225 **** 85 – Gordo, AL – uncommitted
    Jeffrey McCulloch 6-3 225 **** 82 – Aldine, TX – uncommitted

    Emmett Rice 6-2 188 **** 81 – Miami, FL – FSUcks verbal
    Devin Bush 5-11 210 **** 80 – Pembroke Pines, FL – uncommitted
    Dominique Ross 6-3 198 *** 78 – Jacksonville, FL – uncommitted
    Travez Moore 6-2 220 NR – Bastrop, La – uncommitted
    Tyree Horton 6-0 225 NR – Homestead, FL – FSUcks verbal

    Shaquille Quarterman 6-1 239 **** 83 – Orange Park, FL – UM
    Dontavious Jackson 6-3 238 **** 81 – Houston, Tx – uncommitted
    Jaleel Laguins 6-2 210 *** 79 – Watkinsville, Ga – uncommitted
    Vosean Joseph 6-2 223 *** 78 – Miami, FL – UF Commit

    So Ox-Tu, can you give us the info on how many of those UF offered LB’s, that FSUcks has also offered, and who offered them 1st? (and why we should G-a-S about such useless petty details)

  54. Taylor be ‘Average at Best’ is just total criminole troll BS, same for Lane.
    RB Kelvin Taylor 5-10 209 Jr ***** 2L (SEC Coaches voted him to the Fr All SEC Team)
    Rushing – 227 for 1,073 yds, 4.7 ypc, 10 TD’s, L-65 yds (vs Top 10 SoS’s)
    In 2014, he had 14 rushes for 10+ yds, and he averaged 7.9 ypc, 2 TD’s vs UGA.
    Receiving – 7 for 29 yds, 4.1 ypr, L-15 yds — When they throw to him more, he’ll catch more.
    Offered by virtually everybody in D1 with any hope of getting him.

    RB Adam ‘Night-Time’ Lane 5-7 224 rsSo **** 1L
    Birmingham Bowl MVP – 16 for 109 yds, 6.8 ypc, 1 TD, L-48 yds.
    Career – 24 for 181 yds, 7.5 ypc, 1 TD, L-48 yds.
    Offered by, among others: Alabama, SCa, USF, Rutgers, and FSUcks.
    Rarely used, (Behind M.Brown, M.Jones, K.Taylor) but he’s delivered when asked.

    RB Mark Herndon 5-9 193 Sr *** 3L – A ST’s starter and a backup at RB.
    Rushing – 7 for 43 yds, 6.1 ypc, L-17 yds
    Multiple ST’s Player of the Week Awards.
    Receiving – 1 for 78 yds and a TD. <——<<<
    ~ He was lost for the season with an injury in game 3 of 2014.

    #13 RB Jordan Scarlett 5-11 210 4.38/40 **** Ft Lauderdale, FL Top 81/300 – Army-AA – 'Opening'

    #21 Ath(RB) D'Anfernee McGriff 6-1 230 **** Tallahassee, FL Top 238/300 UA-AA

    #29 Ath(RB) Jordan Cronkrite 5-11 199 **** Miami, FL (UF over WVa) Army-AA

    Those 3 incoming Fr RB's will need to work really hard to see any 'extensive' playing time.
    I look for 1, or maybe even 2 of them, to take a redshirt in 2015. Scarlett looks to have the best chance at some playing time, but we'll see once they can take the field in Aug.
    Cronkite and McGriff's best chance to see the field will probably be on a special team if they don't redshirt.

    While your short order Cook will be just great, against the Cupcakes, IF you can keep him eligible and out of Jail….

  55. da-muddler You still don’t have a clue when it comes to evaluating talent. Just like the NFL was drooling over Winston after his freshman year, they are alos doing the same over Cook. You prop up nothing players like Driskel and Taylor because you can’t see a great player with your orange and blue glasses on. Taylor may turn pro after this season, but he’ll have about as much a chance of being drafted as the guy who started over him, Matt Jones. In other words very late, or not at all. That doesn’t mean that Jones won’t make a team, UFA’s frequently make a roster, at least for a year or two. But that’s a far cry from being drafted in the first round, which is rare for a running back these days, but I predict Cook will be. While Driskel, if he wasn’t anything but an awful player would have declared for the NFL a long time ago. He has all the physical tools you could hope for in an NFL quarterback, but when he steps on the field he looks like a junior high player. He’s so dumb, as far as football intelligence, that he makes Tebow look like a genius, and Tebow’s inability to read a defense, along with being highly inaccurate, is the reason he’s an announcer, not an NFL player today. You should have learned from Winston, but now you continue to make the same type of slurs about Cook. It’s sad, at least I can recognize talent. Hargreaves is a great player and will be a first round draft choice next year. Fowler is a great player and will also be a first round draft choice. I don’t think Fowler was a great player at UF, he didn’t dominate like Shane Ray, for example. But he’s got the tools to be a better player in the NFL, we’ll see if that comes true. The problem with you is that you keep throwing out statistics, but don’t realize how meaningless they are. You even saw Cook against UF, and he was dominant in the game, yet you still can’t see.

  56. Cook is an OK back, to say he is the best RB in college football is asinine at best. And the assclown has the gall to say we are the ones who “can’t see” or wear “colored glasses”. Where do these morons come from?
    “short order Cook”, now that is classic. LOL
    Taylor and Lane are studs and will shine in the new offense. Scarlett will probably be the #3 back and Cronkrite will probably red shirt.
    We are set at that position.
    It will be fun watching the new offense throughout the Spring and Summer.
    Go Gators!

  57. Some people never learn anything, do they? Now Taylor and Lane “are studs that will shine in the new offense?” It’s Groundhog Day, the same crap was said last year with Roper’s “new offense.” Taylor and Adam “I crapped my pants” Lane aren’t even considered to be in the upper echelon of backs in the SEC, so I guess being a “stud” is pretty meaningless. You can never know with a freshman, but I think it’ll be disappointing if Scarlett doesn’t rise to the top of the depth chart fairly quickly because it’s apparent that Taylor is nothing to get excited about. As for Cook, if he’s not the best back, then who is better? His power, speed, and elusiveness is as good as anyone’s, and he’ll only get better this year. I know who the pundits are going to say is better than Cook, Leonard Fournette. Fournette is bigger, stronger and has the same type of speed as Cook, but Cook is better at making people miss. But, obviously, I’m preaching to an audience that thinks someone that doesn’t wear Orange and Blue is an inferior player, and the reason UF is a mediocre team is because of coaching, not that other teams have better players. I suggest watching the NFL draft this year, maybe you’ll see that other teams ARE more talented than Florida, and that’s the reason it’s been five years since UF even won a division title.
    I expect the talent gap to narrow. For instance, there are so many great receivers in the 2016 class, UF is bound to get a great one. The key is getting a great quarterback, and UF better get with it in that area. Quarterbacks go the quickest, and many of the best are already gone. UF was left without a quarterback this past year, they better hurry up and get one oe they’ll be in the same predicament this year. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that is UF doesn’t now have a decent quarterback on campus, the five year drought of making a trip to Atlanta can become a decade very easily.

  58. aux2 – You should not expect an unbiased view on any fan site. Every fan – including you – obviously is going to have a biased view. If you are looking for people that agree with your biased views, post on a site where there are FSU fans. Otherwise don’t complain about Gator fans not agreeing with your biased opinions.

  59. Some semihole assclowns never learn anything. They keep coming to a Gator site spewing manure about how good the criminole players are. As is if we gave a hoot.
    First they went on and on about Shameous, and now they moved on to the short order Cook.
    Again he that feels obliged to toot his own horn has not much to toot about.
    “It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that is UF doesn’t now have a decent quarterback on campus”
    One of the most stupid things you have said.
    We haven’t seen Grier yet and Harris has been decent in a system that is unfriendly to QBs and offensive players in general.
    Besides Taylor and Lane and Fournette there is a RB at UGA and another at OSU that are better than short order Cook, probably more out there if I were to think about it a little harder.

  60. 305Gator I think you failed to understand what I said,despite the wrong consonant, the meaning was clear. The point was IF UF doesn’t have a good quarterback on campus right now, the five year drought of any trip to Atlanta can become a decade. As for the continuing excuse of why the quarterbacks have sucked, it’s a ludicrous one. As Kurt Roper said when he came, a good quarterback will thrive in any “system.” WE also heard the same nonsense after his hire about how Jeff Driskel was going to become a great quarterback because the latest new “system” was Taylor made for him. It’s not the “system” that is the reason UF quarterbacks have sucked since Tebow, it’s the quarterbacks. Urban Meyer and all the other coaches didn’t suddenly become stupid after Tebow left. WE will have to wait unil the season, like FSU, Georgia, Alabama, etc., to find out if Harris has improved greatly or Grier is competent, but it won’t be the “system” that turns them into a good quarterback. No “system” or coach can make Jeff Driskel a good quarterback, by the same token, no “system” or coach is going to turn Jameis Winston into a bad quarterback. I don’t care how many “stars” they have by their name. If Grier or Harris become a good quarterback, it won’t be because of the “system.” Let’s also not make any more excuses for why someone is a bad quarterback. I can envision the offensive line being the latest “excuse.” As seen with Winston, who was getting killed by a porous line going back to the Auburn game, until they switched Erving to center, a great quarterback doesn’t need excuses. If UF has a good quarterback this year, it won’t be because of the “system.” It will be because Harris or Grier are better quarterbacks than clowns like Brantley and Driskel.

  61. If Roper said that he is wrong. You put Peyton Manning in a spread option offense and he is not going to thrive. The same could have been said about Marino. Now in general a good quarterback are going to do ok in any system. If you put a good quarterback in the system that fits their talents, they will thrive. A bad quarterback will not thrive in any system. Coaching and the system can play a factor in how well a player plays. Harris did ok for a true freshman playing an SEC schedule. Grier we have no idea if he can play or not, because we have not seen him play.

  62. 863 why do you keep trying to reason with these FSUcks assclowns?
    What you say should be obvious to any unbiased person. We don’t know how good Grier will be and we can assume that Harris will do better under the tutelage of coaches who have proven they can develop QBs and who can run a competent offense. Like you pointed out he was a true frosh facing stiff competition. And like I say he was coached by offensive idiots.
    I think we will do just fine with the coaches and players we have. By that I mean we will improve from what we did last year, i am not predicting a trip to Atlanta just yet. Although anything is possible.
    Go Gators!

  63. Tebow can’t read a defense and is inaccurate in Ox-Tu’s top quality opinion.

    Tebow left UF with the SEC All Time Career Record Pass Efficiency Rating – 170.79, 66.4%.
    Tebow in 4 years, threw 88 TD’s to just 16 Ints against Top rated SoS – defenses.
    Tebow, by 2009 had a Nation Leading 30 consecutive game with at least 1 Passing TD.
    Tebow, while setting passing records, also broke Herschel Walker’s SEC Rushing TD Record by 6 TD’s.
    Tebow’s Sr class graduated with the All Time Best Career W/L Record at 48-7 with 2 BCS-NC’s.

    Shameous Jameous won a Heisman & BCS-NC against the weak/pitiful/embarrassing #69 SoS.
    Shameous Jameous threw more Int’s, vs Chumps in one season (18) than Tebow did in 4 years.
    Now we’ll see if Shameous can take an NFL team that was 4-14 without him as starter, to an NFLPlayoff win in just his 15th NFL start, breaking NFL Playoff Passing Records while doing so, and against the NFL’s #1 (Steeler’s) Defense.

    ROTF LMAO at your idiot claims of knowing technical football, or what drives the politics in the NFL.
    You are an absolute and total SCHMUCK imoho, but nothing personal is meant by that comment… lol

    News FLASH for the mouthy Ox-Tu Moe-Ronn: In the last 10 Years, in the no-nuttin’ / do’nuttin’ Alll Cupcake Conference, crappy FSUcks can’t even win the ACC-C half the time, while going 4-1 in the ACC-C games. Half of the time, 2006-07-08-09-11, they were irrelevant even among the Cupcakes. While UF plays in the Conference that won 7 Consecutive BCS-NC’s by 4 different teams. It’s a bit tougher to win in the SEC….
    In that same span of 10 years, UF was 6-4 vs FSUcks and UF won 2 SEC-C’s and 2 BCS-NC’s.

    PS — IF chit didn’t stink, then it would smell good,,, and so much for your STUPID/LAME IF’s…

    Grier has been practicing and going against the Gator’s Top 5 SEC defenses since he arrived here as an Early Enrollee a year+ ago. He showed what he can do in last years Spring game. Anyone who claims that there’s no film on Grier is simply wrong, or they’re being intentionally deceptive. And how any QB does on the field in a game, depends at least as much on the other 10 guys as it does on his own individual ability.
    With that FACT in mind, Driskel did better than any of the other 4 QB’s did with those other 10 in the last 2 years. Jeff didn’t get much help or consistency out of them most times. Tebow was here during the ‘Best of Times’ while Jeff has been here during the ‘Worst of Times,’ so keep that in mind when judging Jeff.
    Ox-Tu, could you show us your knowledge by listing the injuries that Brantley & Driskel had to deal with while at UF?

    Off the Field is Shameous Jameous 8 – 0 Driskel, and I’ll take that.

    PSS — Ox-Tu, make up your two-faced mind, in one post Tebow is inaccurate and can’t read a defense, and in another it’s UF hasn’t been any good since marvelous Tebow left….